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									Today, with increasing expenses, people find themselves asking, "Why
should I go to college? Is it even worth it?" Yes, college is expensive.
Yes, it requires a few years of your time that most think they would
rather spend working. But the truth, and the ultimate reason why a
college education is worth it, is that it is the key to a happier, more
secure future.

Some people don't see the need to get a college education. They think
that as long as they work hard and are talented enough, they can make a
good living without having to worry about student loans and 'wasting'
precious time. While there is nothing really wrong with a person being
hard-working and sincere without having a college degree, it is worth
mentioning that a college education will only supplement your knowledge,
provide a strong foundation for your future and give you something to
rely on when times are tough.

Let's take a look at what makes a college education worthwhile.

Better opportunities and a stable career - While many might consider this
as an 'obvious' benefit, the truth is not everyone realizes what it
implies. Not only is it easier to find a job with a college degree, but
employers are also willing to pay higher salaries to those with a college
education. People with college education are likely to progress in the
future with promotions and salary hikes. Studies have shown that most
people are disgruntled with their current work situation because they
want to improve their financial situation and even though they have years
of work experience, lack of a college degree keeps them from getting

Experience and life skills - Going to a college helps develop important
skills that are relevant to your career such as technical expertise,
communication skills and theoretical and practical knowledge. But that
isn't all. College education will go a long way in shaping you as a young
adult capable of thinking rationally, planning ahead, analyzing difficult
situations and making decisions. It is through college that you are
exposed to people from different walks of life, sharing the same views
and interests as you. You imbibe values and life lessons from your
surroundings. In college, you start to envision the life you want for

Growth and development - When you are in college, you might have to take
on a part time job to bring in extra money. During this time you learn to
juggle between college and earning money and maintaining a social life.
This phase in your life teaches you the importance of money and the value
of time. You go through a series of changes emotionally and mentally that
finally shapes you into a young adult.

Confidence and personal satisfaction - We live in a world of stiff
competition where everyone wants to get ahead in their lives. A college
education gives you the confidence to face the world head on.

So what about those who want to work and study? For those who have
personal and professional commitments, you always have the option of
online schools. There are some great colleges that offer degree programs
in the most competitive, in-demand fields. People are anxious about
online colleges because little is known about them, but let me tell you
that this is when research and reviews are helpful. College reviews give
you a fairly good idea about what to expect through student experiences
while studying there.

Take for example Stevens Henager College, an accredited college that
offers both online and on-campus degree programs in healthcare, business,
graphic arts and information technology. If Stevens Henager reviews are
anything to go by, the students seemed to be more than satisfied with
their programs and instructors. One look at a Stevens Henager review will
bring to light the fact that it makes a great option for serious, driven,
career oriented adults.

College is an integral part of life for many more reasons. Most people,
who choose to skip college, end up regretting their decision later.
Hopefully this article will make you realize the importance of education.

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