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					An Intro to Windows 7 Media
Microsoft Windows sculpted the lives of millions with its
  technological advances. Its personable element allowed
  people to discover and learn. It has even provided a way for
  any individual to tap their creative juices. And now, it is letting
  users possess powerful entertainment systems within their
  PCs with Microsoft Windows Media Center.

Entertainment, right at the fingertips is what Windows Media
  Center is all about. And with its latest upgrade, the Windows
  7 Media Center, one can experience the true meaning of
Windows 7 Media Center is generally, a performance and
  revisions upgrade of old versions. This version of the Media
  Center is a much-awaited upgrade from its predecessors.
  Performance improvements on extenders are right away
  visible when playing music, particularly, in trick play functions
  like fast-forwarding, rewind and skip.

From an application with limited entertainment capabilities and
   faulty functions, Media Center now lets users do more with
   media. Have the power to control media with this Windows
   hidden gem. Windows 7 Media Center is bundled with the
   Windows 7 Operating System.
With Windows 7 Media Center, one can:
• Watch and record TV. With cable TV or a TV tuner, high
  definition TV shows and movies can be watched, paused and
  recorded live with Windows Media Center, without the hassle
  of additional costs. Recordings can also be customized using
  the Media Center.

• Play DVDs and CDs. Windows Media Center allows playing of
  audio CDs and DVD movies. Data CDs and DVDs containing
  digital media files can also be played. And with a special
  Windows Media Center remote control, playing CDs and DVDs
  can be best experienced.
• Play songs in the music library. Media Center is a great place
  to hear music. With Windows Media Center, music files from
  the music library can be played. Playlists can also be created
  via the Media Center for parties and musical events.

• Show off photos. Aside from playing videos, Windows 7
  Media Center now allows picture viewing in fun ways. Be
  creative with Media Center. Create photo slideshows with
  music and share it.

• Share media. With Windows 7 Media Center, access to tons
  of media files is made possible. By connecting to a network,
  movies and TV shows can be seen anywhere as long as there
  as there are other Windows 7 PC within the vicinity.
• Listen to Radio. In Windows 7 Media Center, FM Radio has
  been made available. With a radio tuner connected to the PC,
  create presets and listen to radio stations.
• Internet TV. Internet TV is the newest feature of Windows 7
  Media Center. A variety of great TV shows are delivered to a
  PC over a capable internet connection, for free. This feature
  can bring all types of content to the PC. Be always on the go
  with the Media Center’s Internet TV.
With Windows 7 Media Center, improvements are endless. The
  latest version of the Media Center is capable of handling more
  song and show details. Almost anything is becoming more and
  more possible with Windows Media Center. So, sit back, relax
  and enjoy!

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