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									Buying Tips Domain Ber-PR

For bloggers to monetize the blog with paid reviews or
selling links certainly know that the capital to earn a dollar by 2
program is PageRank (PR),
mainly PR 3. May be very difficult and long to build a blog from scratch
to get the PR,
especially novice blogger who can not wait stroking dollars.

There is an instant solution if you have money, just buy PR domains.
Many stalls are selling online PR domain, please ask me ama mbah Gugel.
But for novice bloggers who do not know the ins and outs and twists turns
to PR to buy a domain,
it helps to read the following tips in order not to feel cheated or
disappointed because of
ignorance about who sold the domain.

When you buy the PR domain, try before buying,
first check the validity of these domains in checkpagerank, net.
Basically there are multiple domain status is Valid, Forged, Fake
PageRank and Dropped.
Here it is the difference:

A.) Forged Pagerank

* Domain Previously PR who have valid prior to the popularity of Google
or on its index lost
* Domains can be any age
* Not Occupying first place in google with ""
* "" which ranks first in the google pagerank who
have not the same as the domain which we mean
* In conclusion, forged pagerank actually has a value which is almost
equal to

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