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Beverly hills blepharoplasty


Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon provides reconstructive eyelid surgery, ptosis surgery, aesthetic eye surgery, eyelid malpositions, dacryocystorhinostomy surgery and eyelid skin cancer treatment in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles

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									                                                        Make you look younger and more
                                                        beautiful through an eyelid surgery

                                                      Eyelid surgery, commonly known as
                                                      “Blepharoplasty”, is used to extract excess fat,
                                                      skin, as well as excess muscles. The surgical
                                                      procedure is performed either on upper or
                                                      lower eyelids. As a person ages, the skin around
the eye stretches and fat gets accumulated, which may also affect eyesight. Sometimes, both upper and
lower eyelids may get affected. People go through an eyelid surgery that may make them look younger
and more beautiful than their actual age.

There are several types of eyelid surgery Los Angeles procedures such as:

      Upper eyelid surgery is used to remove excess skin present around the eye that may affect the
       inner corner of the eye.
      Lower eyelid surgery is used to eliminate puffiness under the eyes. This is caused due to aging
       and excess fat and skin getting accumulated near the eye which makes one look older.
      Asian eyelid surgery is also referred to as double eyelid surgery. It is designed specifically to
       improve the appearance of Asian people whose orbital septum structure somewhat varies from
       others. There is an eye layer that holds the fat back. An Asian eyelid surgery moves this layer
       towards the margin of the eyelids.

   A patient undergoing a lower eyelid surgery requires an incision to be made on the natural lines of
   lower eyelid. The fat deposited is then removed from the lower eyelid. In an upper eyelid surgery,
   the incision is made on natural eyelid lines to remove excess muscles, fat, or skin. In both the
   surgeries, the incision is then closed with the help of sutures.

   Some people may have weak eyelids or excess tear production which causes partial blockage of the
   tear drainage system and poor pumping of tears. Tears are very important for the eyes as they
   maintain health of the eye. A harmless orange dye is placed in the eye to check whether tears drain
   normally or not. A tube is then placed in the tear drainage system to see whether the tear sac is
   open. You need to ask your surgeon for complete information on tear duct surgery before
   undergoing any kind of procedure.

   It takes about 1 to 2 hours for this type of eyelid surgery. A patient may be given a local anesthesia
   during surgery where the patient remains awake but feels no pain. If general anesthesia is used, you
   are asleep during the surgery. You may take couple of weeks to recover after your surgery. Your
   doctor may also suggest the use of painkillers to reduce pain caused by the incision. You may also be
   asked to use iced eye pads to reduce the swelling as well as eye drops to prevent any infections.
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