International and Private School Education Forum _IPSEF_ of November 2011 by Rahima02x


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									U.K Department of Trade and Industry hosted International and Private
School Education Forum (IPSEF) in London on 2011. The past decade has
seen a continuous increase in the number of international schools such as
Canadian International School Bangalore. With this increase, the need to
address several issues associated with establishing and developing these
schools has become very important. IPSEF, a global conference, was
organised to provide an interactive platform for participants from
business, government, and educational sectors. Various keynote
presentations, networking receptions, workshops, and round tables, held
over the two days, facilitate knowledge sharing, and provide opportunity
for stakeholders to share present current trends and concerns. A diverse
group of participants including investors, financers, government
representatives, advisers, and international educational groups attended
the event. Major concerns and challenges in establishing international
schools in different countries were aired and discussed. Some of the main
topics which were covered include the global growth of international
school market, and suitable locations and strategies for setting up
successful international schools. The growth trend of international
schools was found to exceed 5% every year and this trend was expected to
continue in the coming years. The emerging international school market in
Far East and Latin America were considered to provide numerous
opportunities for investors, while, the existing market in India and
China were expected to take a downward plunge. Some of the other topics
which were addressed include staff recruitment, crisis management,
training and curriculum development. Continuous Professional Development
(CPD) programmes, and staff selection processes were given paramount
importance. Several crisis management strategies and various crisis
situations were analysed and discussed. Emphasis was placed on risk
assessment and preparedness for different situations. This two day
conference provided an opportunity for key stakeholders to form effective
partnerships. The international education practitioners and experts
gained a keen insight on strategies to address various aspects involved
in managing international schools.

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