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									Getting In Shape In The Holiday Season

You do not have to wait until after the holidays to start getting back in shape. As the winter chill
setsthe nights grow longer, it is tempting to just curl up inside the house. However, avoid that feeling,
and in
follow these tips to get yourself out and about.

Cool weather is actually ideal for exercising. The crispness of the air can invigorate you, enabling your
to exercise longer. Your body will not overheat and will feel more comfortable.

Make your exercise routine more interesting by trying something that is not common. For instance, take up tap
dancing. That would certainly keep your body moving in a fun way. Or, try a routine with a hula hoop.

If you have a treadmill at home but dread using it because it's boring, do your treadmill routine while
you television. You can easily fit in 20-30 minutes of treadmill work while you are watching your favorite
program, and you would be done before you know it. Try speeding up the rate on the treadmill to give yourself
an extra workout.

Look for opportunities to walk a little more during the day. For instance, use the stairs instead of
elevator. Park a little farther from your destination so you will have to walk a little farther. You may
want yourself a pedometer to gage how many steps you are taking during the day. If you find that you are not
to get
taking enough steps, walk a little more.

Do not forget to give yourself a reward for any milestone that you reach. A milestone can be dropping one
clothing size or losing a few pounds. Rewards will keep you motivated to continue further. Make your
short-term goals easy to attain so you can see steady progress.

Be patient with the results that you are expecting. You usually will not see any results for about a month.
takes time for your body to get adjusted and to show the results. So, do not be discouraged if you do not see
a difference on your scale after a couple of weeks. Give yourself at least four weeks.

When you are exercising in cold weather, be sure to wear clothes in layers. As your body warms up during
exercising, you can remove your extra clothing one layer at a time. This will prevent your body from getting
too cold to fast.

Since the days are getting shorter, sometimes you might find yourself exercising as it gets darker. If that
is case, be sure to wear clothes that have reflective properties. Vehicles on the road need to be able to
you as you jog or run. Wearing reflecting clothing will ensure that they see you.

If you know someone in your network of friends and family who is getting great results from his fitness
program, let that inspire you to do the same. Find out what makes his routines so effective, and see if
you apply that to your own routine.

Getting in shape should be a year-round effort. Do not just wait until the New Year to start. Begin your
fitness regimen today and you will feel good all through the holiday season.

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