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					Getting Help With Your Home Improvements

When you want to do a home improvement project you probably already know it will make your house look nicer,
but you might not know that it will raise your property value. However, you might not want to do the
improvements yourself, so how do you get them done? Here are some things to keep in mind when you are getting
others in place to help you with your home projects.

1. Have a real etate appraiser do an appraisal on your home, and get an idea of how much more value certain
projects will add to your house. You might be tempted to ask a real estate agent to do the appraisal, but
that a good idea. Appraisers are skilled at providing values; that is their only job and that is their
is not
of expertise. They are objective and will never try to get a commission off of your house sale.

2. Choose a project that you talked to the appraiser about, and designate it as "in progress". When you have
gotten a good idea of the options available for you, that's when it's time to decide what project you want
to You can play around with different ideas, but make a decision. A lot of people put off decision making,
but you can't get anything done unless you decide which project will be first.

3. Determine your budget for the project. Keep in mind that everything seems to cost more money than you think
it will, so budget on the high side and make sure you have a bit of money in case something goes wrong.

4. Determine how much time you want to dedicate to the task. If you are replacing your front door, that may
happen in one day, but if you are putting in a pool that can take much more time.

5. Call different companies and ask for estimates. Be polite and courteous, even if they don't. Remember, this
is your first experience with these companies and this can be a great time to start figuring out which
companies are worth hiring and which you want to avoid.

6. Have the job completed. Maintain good communication with the contractor you hired. Give him the space to do
the work; don't tread underfoot and ask too many questions or watch the workers all the time. However, it
appropriate to peek in and ask how progress is. Make sure the work always progresses, and doesn't start to run

7. Let the contractor know you may have more work for him if he can offer you a discount. If your contractor
is doing a great job, be sure to offer him praise. Then alert him that you may have other projects to be done,
and that you would love to hire him. Then ask for a discount on the next job. He may refuse, but he might say
If you don't want to do your home improvements yourself, you can still get them done. Use the tips in this
article to get you started, and when you are done with a job, go to the next one on the list!

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