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									                 3 TIPS ON HOW TO BE A SUCCESSFUL FREELANCER

As the economy continues to change and traditional jobs aren’t offering the long term stability that
they once did, more people are offering their services and products as freelancers. Whether it’s just a
part-time hobby or an interest that grows into a full-time career, being a freelancer has many
advantages, both financially and personally. Being a freelancer allows for a great deal of flexibility in
work and personal time.

Secondly, being a freelancer gives you the opportunity to use more of your talents and create your
own destiny. For many people, not having to answer to a boss or being able to think independently is
what appeals to them the most. Whatever the reasons you have decided to build a freelance career
or small business, here are some words of advice on how to be a successful freelancer.

Prepare yourself financially ahead of time.

For many, getting started in the world of freelancing can be a scary endeavor. The very idea
that you are in control of the earnings that you will make, the work that you will find and being able to
handle this plus managing household finances can be very sobering. Any successful freelancer will
share that it is best to keep a job for a period of time, during which contracts and work can be
attained. Then it’s a good idea to save the earnings from the freelance work until you have an amount
equal to at least three month’s salary. That will give you a buffer while you build up your clientele
once you take on freelancing full time. Some freelancers find it best to always keep a part time job to
fall back on when times are slow with their freelance work. So unless someone to support you fully,
prepare yourself ahead of time.

Develop a network of other freelancers.

When you first begin freelancing, this can become a very lonely time in your life. Gone are the
daily chats and lunches with co-workers, meetings and other social events that you may be
accustomed to with your day job. One of the quickest ways to foil a new venture is to get depressed
from suddenly being alone all the time. There are many great ways to develop networks within your
community and online. Find groups of freelancers or other small businesses that offer similar or
complimentary services or products to what you offer so that you can utilize these networks when
needed. You can gain a lot of helpful advice and insight from other freelancers that are successful.

Set measurable goals.

Whenever you are in the process of starting a freelance business or other new idea, it’s a
given that in order to be successful you must have measurable goals to attain. So when you
start freelancing, set some goals that you know you can achieve and then strive to do your best to get
there. An example of a measurable goal might include earning a certain amount of new clients each
month. Or you may want to set a number of projects you will complete each week. Whatever you
think you can realistically achieve, start there with setting your goals. Setting goals too high will only
discourage you. Remember, it will take a period of at least a year or more before your freelance
business will be operating smoothly and you will see the earnings you desire.

By following the above words of advice, your freelance business will be off to a great start and you
will soon begin to realize the success that you have set out to achieve. Remember to be patient with
yourself and seek out the advice of other successful freelancers from within your network whenever
you need to.


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