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Ideas For Smart Phone Mobile Tracking


									Window Phone Project:

IDEA: we want to make an windows phone app name Mobile tracking

It has two parts

    1) website
    2) Windows phone 7 application

First user come to over site make an account on website and must provide name, email ,IMEI number of
his mobnile phone .

Install our winbdows phone 7 app in windows phone .this windows phone application has an login inter
face user provide there login information that he provide in creation of account on website .

After verification user mobile is able configure our webserver and vice versa .

In windows phone application user can logout by providing the password .

Now user come to over asp website login his information it can be able to

    1)   User his phone desktop on website ,
    2)   backup sms,
    3)   send sms,
    4)   make calls from website
    5)   Trace it mobile location
    6)   Turn off mobile etc.
    7)   Our webserver would be able to locate or save the last location of mobile before turn off


When we left our mobile in home how we use it ?

If some one scratched ouer mobile how we trace it .

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