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					Preparing your old house for sale

If you're selling your house, you have to do several things to ensure its
ready for a smooth and easy sale. You can hire an estate agent, interior
stager or complete sales teams to sell your house - or you can do it

Houses are considered to be easiest to sell when they are clean, tidy,
free of clutter, and the walls are neutrally toned - some sites and
experts suggest painting your walls white, others suggest that you should
paint them with pale, neutral, matching colors. If this isn't possible,
it is important to make sure your walls are clean - removing clutter and
cleaning woodwork and painted walls, can give your room a much needed

If you're de-cluttering, you can also begin packing whilst doing so, but
considering some houses sell up to three months before you're planning on
moving OR up to a year after you've moved, its also important not to plan
to sell straight away, unless your house is in a highly sought after
area, and you've got a good, competitive price. If not, you might be in
for quite a wait on selling your house - and you also have to find a new
place to move to yourself.

Estate agents, and Realtors do a great job of selling houses, but in an
ever increasingly competitive market, you have to do very unique things
to sell your house - it has been reported that some people are offering
new cars, or paying the tax on your house for the first year of your stay
in the new house. The housing market is always expanding, but you can't
sell just anything - dilapidated houses can't simply be considered 'fixer
uppers' and all houses for sale have to meet ever increasing stringent
codes - or have new owners that will fix these to meet those codes.

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