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Cabin Crew

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									More tips , news for pilot and cabin crew at FLY GOSH

Hi and welcome to FLY GOSH. Thank You for downloading this cabin
crew Q and A tips. As every airline is different, it can never be possible
for me to answer the entire question being thrown to you during the
interview on your behalf. Same as those on personal question as
everyone has their own experience and background. What I can do is to
give you a general idea and some favorites question that you will most
likely be asked. I believe that you have a cabin crew interview coming
up or just to prepare yourself for future interview by reading these tips.
Whatever it is, I hope that I could help you be a better candidate and
wish you the best of luck in pursuing your dream as a cabin crew.

Why do you want to be a cabin crew?
I know most of you will say that you love to travel, see the world for
free, the money is good and so and so forth. But trust me, the
interviewer has heard this a million times. So you must say something
that stands out from the rest such as you love meeting people,
experiencing different culture and places, enjoy serving people and feel
satisfied if someone is happy with your service. You are very passionate
about flying and being a cabin crew is something that you have always
wanted since young. You are very professional and have the capability
to make it the best airline that everyone would love to fly whenever
they want to travel.

More tips , news for pilot and cabin crew at FLY GOSH
More tips , news for pilot and cabin crew at FLY GOSH

What do you know about our airline?
To answer this question, make sure you do your research about the
airline that you are applying as much as possible. Normally the airline’s
website will have vast information. Study things like what is their
history, who is the management team, their fleet, their destination,
stock price or as much as your brain could hold. This will show that you
are serious about joining them and not here just because there is an

How do you handle stress?
Mention that by doing research online or by talking to your friend who
are cabin crews, you understand that the nature of the job is a stressful
one. Remain calm is advisable and if you are unsure, just follow the
company standard operating procedure or guidelines. It is to give them
an idea that you are able to turn any stressful event into positive ones.
As for personal stress, you can mention whatever stress relief activities
that suits you for example exercising, listening to light music going to
the beach and etc etc.

What would you do if you are not successful this time?
Well you can say that being a cabin crew is your ambition since young
and you will do whatever it takes to become one. You will analyze your
mistakes (if you fail) during the interview and try to rectify or improve
on it. You will not give up and continue to apply till you are successful.

More tips , news for pilot and cabin crew at FLY GOSH
More tips , news for pilot and cabin crew at FLY GOSH

Why should we hire you?
Again mention about whatever past experience that you have that are
related to cabin crew. With your experience, you can definitely
contribute and provide the highest level of service to the passengers
leaving a good impression on them. This way, more and more people
will fly with that particular airline thus increasing their revenue and
profits. For those of you have first aid experience, you can also highlight
this. Key thing is to mention whatever positive you have about yourself
which you can contribute to the airline.

Tell us about your hobbies?
I guess everyone has their own hobbies so this question is pretty
straight forward. Just don’t mention anything which a cabin crew
should not have such as telling them u love tattoo and wish you could
do it on your whole body.

Do you like children?
When you fly, there will definitely be children on board. Some can be
naughty and mischievous. Just mention that you love to be around
children and it’s not a burden attending or to play with them so as to
make sure that they are not disturbing other passengers or inflate an
emergency vast accidentally. Say whatever you are comfortable when
dealing with kids.

More tips , news for pilot and cabin crew at FLY GOSH
More tips , news for pilot and cabin crew at FLY GOSH

Tell us about your current or your previous job?
Whatever previous and current job that you have, just mentioned those
that are related to cabin crew. They love to hear things like how you
solve a problem in a team, committed to your job (you don’t change job
often I assume) , how well you handle your colleague or customers,
have leadership skills and etc etc. The goal here is to convince them
that with your experience, it is useful and complement the role of a
cabin crew.

What languages can you speak?
Pretty Straight forward again. Not only you will travel to different parts
of the world but you will also have different nationalities on board. The
more languages that you speak, it will definitely be an advantage for

Tell us the aircraft that we fly?
Just research on what kind of planes/aircraft they fly.Dont be so
ignorant, for example telling them that you never even heard or know
what is a boeing or airbus.

Why did you choose our airline and not others?
You can say that though being a cabin crew is your ambition and you do
not mind working in any airline so long u achieve it. You can also say
that you chose to apply that airline because it is one of the best around
that region if not the world. Goal here is to show them that you are
being hired by the best airline and have no intention to resign and join
others. No airline or any company would like to train someone only to
lose it to a competitor.
More tips , news for pilot and cabin crew at FLY GOSH
More tips , news for pilot and cabin crew at FLY GOSH

What is your weakness?
Don’t mention bad things which of course could jeopardize your chance
of being selected like I am a heavy drinker or I hate talking to arrogant
ppassengers. You can say things like for example, you are a very driven
person and when you set a goal, you will do whatever it takes to
achieve them. Like in preparation for this interview, you study so hard
and spend so much time preparing that you neglect your love ones.
Notice how you turn negative thoughts into something impressive.

What is your strength?
This one is easy. Just say whatever good/positive things about yourself.
Generally it is always the usual ones like you are a friendly person, you
are willing to work hard, love working in a team and you are someone
who is very patient.

If there is no more vegetarian meal, what would you do for a passenger
that insists on veg meal?
Of course you don’t say no to a passenger immediately, just say that
you will try to check if there is any crew meal or veg meals left in the
premium section and more than willing to offer them.

Why do you think good grooming is important for a cabin crew?
Being a cabin crew is not just about serving passengers. You are a
frontline staff and by being presentable, you give a good image and
impression to both yourself and to the airline that employs you. No one
would love someone who is messy to attend to them. Besides, by
looking good, you will be more confident about yourself.
More tips , news for pilot and cabin crew at FLY GOSH
More tips , news for pilot and cabin crew at FLY GOSH

Can you work long hours?
Easy question and of course it is a big yes. Even if you fly short sector,
you may fly up to 6 sectors per day and if you are a long haul crew, it
can be as much as over 20+ hours.

How do you adapt to changes?
Well you can say that you are a very flexible person and by changing is
one way to improve one’s life. Working as a cabin crew is no longer a 9-
5 job where u work and see the same people daily. Every flight is
different and trust me, you will face all sorts of challengers. Since you
travel to many places, some food may not be your liking but we still
have to eat right? In order to overcome all these, we need to be
adaptable to whatever circumstances we encounter.

What would you do if someone disagrees with you?
You can say that you will try to understand what the problem is and
find a win win solution and most importantly, compromise. Some
airlines like Emirates hires cabin crew from more than a hundred
nationalities and there are definitely bound to be disagreement due to
culture and different upbringing. There is a saying that it is better to
find a friend than create an enemy. Makes life easier and I am sure you
will agree with me.

More tips , news for pilot and cabin crew at FLY GOSH
More tips , news for pilot and cabin crew at FLY GOSH

What do you dislike most in your current job?
You can say that you prefer to have different experience and exposure
instead of just working 9-5 Monday to Friday environment which is
boring. You are someone who is adventurous and like to try new things
in life.

Name 3 cities that we fly to?
Again do your homework on their destination as this is a bonus

What is your biggest achievement?
This is a personal question and I will leave it to your own experience.
Just say whatever achievement that you have achieved in your life or
for example you successfully being shortlisted among all the qualified

How do you feel about being away most of the time?
It is the job nature as a cabin crew (depending on which airline you join )
that you will be away for a number of days or miss important event.
Mention that you are all prepared and willing to sacrifice. On a positive
note, once you are a very senior crew, you can apply to have a ground
non flying position such as cabin crew manager or instructor.

More tips , news for pilot and cabin crew at FLY GOSH
More tips , news for pilot and cabin crew at FLY GOSH

Why do you think teamwork is important?
Working as a team is not a choice but a necessity when it comes to a
cabin crew job. Teamwork will definitely make things work faster and
more efficient. I am sure you heard about the saying “ Two head are
better than one ". Flying a 747 for example, there are as many as 14-17
crew members on board serving 400+ passengers. Sometimes it can be
a short sector and you have to finish your service before the captain
put the seat belt sign on and ready to land. You can see how important
teamwork is now to finish everything up and prepare the aircraft for a
safe landing.

If you were to do a task with someone would you chose a strong person
or weaker?
You can say that you do not mind anyone whether they are weak or
strong. If they are a weak person, you will lend your support and if it is
a strong one, you may give more ideas as to make that particular task a
successful one. No one is perfect in this world and it is how we work
and complement each other to achieve the task with flying colours.

Name 3 things a passenger expects from a cabin crew ?
Again this is a easy question. Before you answer, put yourself as a
passenger and in their shoes. I am sure you want someone to be polite,
courteous, friendly and to attend to whatever your request

More tips , news for pilot and cabin crew at FLY GOSH
More tips , news for pilot and cabin crew at FLY GOSH

What types of passenger do you like to serve?
Say that you have no preference in any kind of passengers that you
serve whether they are good or bad. Being a cabin crew, you need to be
an all rounder as we are prepared to meet all sort of people.

Are you a fast learner?
Since you love flying, you are more willing to learn and absorb things
faster. Just mention that you are flexible person and can adapt to
changes easily.

How well prepared are you for this interview?
Mention all the research you have done for example reading online
( well you did download this tips online, did you!! ), any website or
magazine regarding the airline that your are applying, talking to their
current staff or anything which is related to the airline.

Why should we take you over other candidate?
You believe that everyone is different and have their own personality
and capability. However with your past experience and interest, you
will perform your job better and have an edge over other candidates.

What do you see yourself 5 years from now?
Say that in 5 years time, you see yourself as a senior cabin crew and
would be willing to transfer and share your knowledge to new crew
joiners. You would continue to learn and improve as life is a continuous
learning journey.
More tips , news for pilot and cabin crew at FLY GOSH
More tips , news for pilot and cabin crew at FLY GOSH

What types of articles in the newspaper that are of interest to you?
You can say things that interest you are especially those that are
related to airline, cabin crew or just about anything on aviation. This is
to show them your interest and passion. When you work in something
you love to do, it is never a job anymore. Otherwise, you will be
dragging yourself each time you go to work. You read all the way till
here,I believe you are passionate about being a cabin crew.

What do your parents/love ones think about you becoming a cabin
You can say that they are very supportive and will be happy and proud
of you when you achieve your dream as a cabin crew.

If you have any question that you would like to ask me regarding cabin crew or
pursuing your pilot license,you are more than welcome to add me in Facebook
( ) and I shall respond/chat with you live via facebook chat.If I
am offline, you can always send your question to the same email add
above.Well,feel free to browse through the blog for information as much as I
enjoyed posting them.

More tips , news for pilot and cabin crew at FLY GOSH
More tips , news for pilot and cabin crew at FLY GOSH

More tips , news for pilot and cabin crew at FLY GOSH

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