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									Long time, people have read the force holding
the attitude of a mystic. Both believe that it
exists, I do not know of this mysterious force
from and at And in the end of this mysterious
power? Only one answer: that is, from the man
himself, is issued by a person's energy field
through the brain power of thought. The power
of thought is there, from the body's energy
field, but this energy field with the acquired
desire to continue to produce weakened.
Reduce the desire to maintain the peace of
mind, and do good things can increase the
energy field. (Can be said that virtue is the
source of the human energy field cultivator to
practice what is the nature of mind and virtue
of the cultivator.) (People's ideas (beliefs) are
more specific, the greater the strength, which
is why people often say, " Xinchengzeling
"truth. Buddhism often say," sub-Sincerity and
Respect one more point of interest is very
Sincerity and Respect to the very interests ".
idea why the daring people to do things the
easy success, because the bold decisive act
specifically confidence in the firm, the layers
of concerns, like intellectuals, as long as the
idea is, the more simple the better, the more
simple the more likely to succeed, while a
suspicious nature, indecisive people to do
things very difficult to succeed) human life is a
consumption energy processes, such as
artificial control, the human energy field will
only be reduced rather than enhanced. (Cranky
most exhausting, which is the consumption of
blood, energy consumption, so calm repose,
calm the mind is the best way to restore its
own blood (energy), once again coming out of
closed-door practice is often easy to make a
comeback, because his practice gather a lot of
internal forces --- the mind power) a person of
energy is limited, different people the strength
of the energy field is different, but like-minded
people, energy is able to phase and (Such as
the concentration of a Buddhist reciting) the
specific function is the energy places the
power of thought, to make ordinary people can
not do. But the specific function in the hair of
power must be highly focused, or the skill will
be greatly reduced. Issued against the power of
thought in the hair of power was the energy of
ultra-place, then not only will not be
successful, and have actually likely to cause
harm. Body used to protect their own health,
and foreign produce the energy field of force,
constitute the energy field, adhering to the
body of yin and yang. The people forming
Bing yin and yang to the chemical and
biological weapons by the five elements of
quality, so a new life was born. Constitute the
life forms of the five elements, leaving the life
forms able to show dynamic, that is, yin and
yang. ?? So-called five elements is wood, fire,
earth, gold and water. Corresponding to the
five internal organs of the body: Wood governs
our liver, Fire governs our heart, Earth governs
our spleen, gold lung, water main kidney. Five
internal organs is also each have the Lord, that
is, the liver stores soul, the heart possession of
God, spleen meaning, lung Tibet soul, kidney
chi. The main five virtues: Liver Ren heart
officiating spleen letter, lung ', Kidneys Chi.
The main five emotions: Liver anger, Heart hi,
thinking spleen, lung sad, kidney main fear.
This is the form all the elements of the human
energy field, the role of the yin and yang,
which play different role in the human body. ??
Energy field that everyone has, but there is
strength and whether it directly with the
people adhering to the yin and yang qi. Strong
yin and yang and the five elements of sound
energy field is strong and prosperous and
perfect yin and yang weak incomplete and the
five elements of weakness and lack of energy
field. (------ This energy field is said in
Chinese medicine "righteousness") the
person's energy field can produce a force, both
always surround around the human body, plays
to maintain the health of the role of
(righteousness memory, evil can not be dry),
but also according to different things external
have a different force. Protect themselves,
when at rest, moving outward to produce
energy. This energy field in the external effect,
and the force of the principle is the same, sub
is weak, and cooperation is strong. Each
produce a read, all depends on the heart, the
heart is the organ of desire, therefore, have the
energy field can be said to be controlled by the
heart to heart desire more, this energy field is
also more dispersed , external force generated
by the smaller, the weaker for the protection of
their own force. Conversely, if the less the
heart of desire, the cohesion of this energy
field, the stronger the greater the external
energy, while for the protection of their own
energy to the greater. --- So, the realm of
people talking about selfless desire, clean
indifferent to the case of (Buddhism Zen Zen)
energy field is the strongest energy to fend off
against the strongest, this time issued by the
enemy ideas tend to have an incredible effect.
A person's every move, every word, an idea all
this energy places to produce the exogenous
force. A person's every move, the force
generated by the words and deeds are obvious,
the ideas of a thing, a sort of exogenous role,
but an invisible force, it the form of a wave
into space, and are not subject to time
constraints. do one thing leads to success
(single-minded, half-hearted is not easy to
achieve this goal.) issued by the body's power
of thought is very magical, a a matter will
have an idea, but once the idea is the
formation of the decision, the body's energy
field will be based on this idea out through the
brain to produce a force, this force is the
power of thought. However, because different
people have different energy fields, coupled
with the different people focus on things is not
the same, so the force issued by the energy of
places there is a considerable difference, and
some strong, some weak. ------ The energy of
the people is certain, therefore, what to do, you
are going to be very costly should everyone
must be careful. You want to get rich, you
have to promotion, or health, you have to
weigh the pros and cons and make a choice.
Why some people grabbing power and money,
the body suddenly die because of his long their
inner energy is depleted and no way to detect
the     reason.    Fear,     anxiety,     sadness,
discouragement, and will in a short period of
time to consume their own energy, so we must
try to avoid these unpleasant feelings. ) Folk
have been circulating this proverb: man Mo to
do good conscience, raise my feet gods.
Darkroom guilty conscience, Kome, such as
electricity. In order to caution people not to
think (obscenity is also the most exhausting)
and do not do bad things, otherwise, a
punishment by the gods. Why is this so? That
is a person No matter what kind of information
will be sent out, and that is this thing, whether
good or bad thing. This information will
always exist in the space of as long as you do
something bad, your information will be
issued with your unique imprint and space
exist, the injured party will also send a
message carried out to find, once found, the
remaining energy of the contest. Know the
people and things, the injured party will do
everything possible and, in order to retaliate
against you. Without the people and things to
be known, will be issued by the person's
energy places the power of ideas in the space
contest. So, do not think you have done things
others do not know, as a victim of retribution,
the leak is your own message sent. Read the
applied force is read by exogenous energy, it is
a force that can be read by the body. (In our
unit, I found some very strange phenomenon,
all parents, especially mothers of children
living learning concern the more severe (such
children tend to learn very good), these
mothers to middle-aged body is quite bad, and
those the child's parents is not got the idea
body is very good, this is probably the
intention of these parents cast much about it.)
blessing and prayer is also a well-wisher
exogenous energy, the same effect in the body
of well-wishers. The reason why religion has
always existed, the reason is because of the
magical power of the existence of the religion
flourished. Only a long time, people do not
know the real reason for formation of this
magical force, so it is myth. (------ Yes, the
curse is to consume a lot of energy, and
blessing prayer will increase its own energy ---
this is also a blessing for the purpose of
religion has been able to more prosperous a)
Take the people's faith, Taoism, Buddhism,
Catholicism and Islam. All these sects,
although different beliefs, but they all have
one thing in common, that is to ask people to
be sincere, letter, good. Standing access to be
material point of view, honesty is the right
person to be honest, the letter is to speak
credibility, good to people, and more to help
others. The perspective of a religious faith is to
be pious, to believe in your faith, should
always keep the good side. So, you will be
protecting supernatural power. Think about it?
If a man is honest, trustworthy, often to help
others, you'll get good praise and blessing, if
there is difficult, you get a lot of prayer, then it
will form a powerful force to increase its
energy field, thereby reducing disease and be
exempted from the disaster. This is all the
energy in the work, rather than divine. Here,
someone might say, many people of faith and
to avoid disease and disaster, it is because
everyone inevitably the illness and death of the
life, so if it is not the protection of this energy,
the consequences will only be worse.

So from this perspective, a rich man, you
should always charity, do good things, grace to
the people, the people will love you, bless you.
On the contrary if you are selfish, heartless,
that the people will curse you, your wealth or
your body will soon decline. In fact, we
observe carefully can easily find the wealthy
in China, especially some upstarts, most of
them never or rarely do good, they rely on tax
evasion, swindling or other improper means
started, so they tend to decline very ; and
foreign       well-known       enterprises,   the
entrepreneurs can be a long time is not bad,
because their income is much used in public
utilities, users and love of ordinary people.

I said: the loss for the Road, Day Road loss
"loss" is built on the basis of survival must
abandon the extra greed, this is followed for
the Road by the "loss". "Loss" did not lose
because of "loss", but conversion to another
carrier, and thus not tired material. Lost greed
substances, the sublimation of the body and
mind and a strong energy field, which is
somewhat lost there must be obtained Were
foreign objects, tired, and the inevitable
physical and mental fatigue, adverse health,
right to life, the time, the quality of life decline.
Tired, not external things in the health benefit,
life, time, and improve the quality of life, to
protect their own energy will enhance the (---
Most taboo hesitate, thinking state of mind is
suspicious, exhausting --- this is the most
adverse health) In fact, the intention of the
reason is very simple, the words of Lu Xun, is
condemned to die a natural death. If a person
has all kinds of evil would have been a number
of people curse, this curse is the exogenous
role of an energy, if this energy exceeds the
protection of the person's own energy, this
person will have an effect, or acting on the
material, or act on the people, to make it
lighter by pathogenic, heavy loss of life. Of
course, if the person's own energy field is quite
strong, there are a lot of support, it is possible
this person does not produce a significant role,
but may occur in future generations who, this
is the folklore of the future generations
reported. The human consciousness is a kind
of invisible energy, also known as the power
of thought. Launch in the space of this energy
through the human consciousness, the
formation of a different intensity of the energy
wave, it can affect and change the shape and
direction of development of the existence of
things, you can also change things. Only the
size of this energy varies from person to
person, the idea of strong, you can change the
existence of objects can affect the
consciousness of others, control other people's
thinking. (------ Why the history of the
development of a certain law, many seem
human factors, but in fact is an inevitable law.
To get the most concerned about the stock, to a
certain price when the stock price high, short
forces (ideas) will gradually dominate, so we
would have thrown the hands of the shares;
when the share price to a certain price, number
of forces (ideas) will dominate, so the bull
market will arrival slowly and therefore to
judge the bull or bear market, the most
fundamental way is to look at what kind of
power of thought to occupy a dominant force
in, of course, the state policy, leadership
speech will affect your power of thought.)
analogy, if a person is all kinds of evil, but
powerful, even hated, but could do nothing.
Then there will be many people suffer in the
subconscious hope that the person be punished,
then these people will be common space
launch the kind of energy, and the formation of
a joint force exists in the form of energy wave
space being. Strong and weak period of the
person's own energy field, once the person to
protect its own energy field in the weak period,
then there is space energy wave will direct the
attack, this energy can play a role in the aid of
any form , or a serious illness, or due to car
accidents and other accidents resulting in
death. (And thus to ensure good health is to
keep their own righteousness, and will not be
cursed alien force injury. Of course, people do
not always maintain the energy is not a
recession, illness and death is a natural law, no
one can violate this law to do so everything
can not go against the laws of nature, which is
contrary to the "potential", or is suicidal.)??
With the changing of human choice, there will
be a different sense of the energy mix, while
this combination of the results may be random,
it can direct the development of the human
effect. Means that human development
forward, due to the different choices of the
human, resulting in numerous spells "or prayer,
and thus there will be countless different
results, select the man himself! This is the
"Road" is a choice! Select the correct benefit
humanity results, choose the wrong and
harmful to human results! ...

Parasitic soul in the moment of the birth of
life???? Of human soul, is a debated topic in
the face of ancient and modern researchers. I
believe the existence of the soul, unable to be
present science to explain and experiment is
sufficient evidence, do not believe that the soul
of the people dismissed as superstition and
pseudo-science. Not believe the existence of
the soul, the mysterious phenomenon occurs in
humans and the natural world, and also take no
scientific evidence to justify and explain the
mysterious phenomenon occurs in humans and
the natural world, and believe that the
existence of a soul the people asked the
speechless, had to take the science can not
explain it to stall. Here, I have no intention to
judge between the two is right, because both
parties take no sufficient evidence to prove his
point is correct, it is believed on this topic in
the theory is not enough to convince the crowd
before , but also follow their own point of view,
to continue a matter of opinion. Mysterious
phenomenon in humans and the natural world
and many of the riddle, then I have a strong
interest in research and exploration of these
mysterious phenomena, although unable to
fully be scientific evidence to explain, but for
the existence of the soul, I believe. So I
believe that, since human beings there are so
many mysterious phenomenon, it is not
science can not explain to deny its existence.
Science is in constant development and
improvement of, for unknown fields, known
phase of the science itself has its limitations,
so, I suggest that people accustomed to hold a
scientific point of view to negate everything,
change inherent in the traditional concept of
the correct the scientific attitude, acceptance
and understanding from the field of the
unknown voice Otherwise, with the progress
of human science and technology, once some
of you once dismissed as superstition and
pseudo-scientific view was proved to exist and
the right, then you face to the merciless
ridicule of history. Why the human body
would die, before the death to maintain the
survival of the body and show the vitality of
what is it? That is the soul - the human spirit
awareness activities. The human body is just a
body, before pregnancy and after birth, there is
no spiritual awareness activities. At this stage,
purely somatic growth stages, just to create the
apartment after the birth of the soul of hosting,
with the end of the pregnancy in October, the
growth of various organs of the body is
complete, the new life was born. The so-called
life, human life is a spiritual awareness as a
body, without the mental awareness of the
body, could not be called life. So, with the first
instance of crying in infants, the combination -
the soul of a life separated from the space,
combined with the new-born body in the new
life was born with, thus, a spirit of awareness
activities. So, from a philosophical point of
view, since the real existence of human flesh,
there is the existence of the soul. The living
being is a combination of soul and body, life,
death is the separation of soul and body. On
the question of the soul, with the Chinese
theory of yin and yang to explain the more
appropriate person Bing Yin And Yang
forming chemical and biological weapons by
the five elements of quality, so a new life was
born. Constitute the life forms is the quality of
the five elements of leaving the life forms able
to show the vitality of the yin and yang of the
gas. Constitute the elements of the human soul,
the five elements of the Lord God, soul, soul,
Italian, Chi. Once the individual life, death, the
five elements away from the body, then the
existence of a wave-shaped test and space, and
are not subject to time constraints. Why is the
soul of parasitic new body, but not before the
memory, it is not take memory away from the
soul of the body and soul in the parasites on
the body with memory. The human brain is
responsible for memory, like a notepad, the
process of life is a memory process, with the
aging of the human body, the body is no longer
suitable for the soul live soul will eventually
isolated away, life death notepad destroyed.
Once the soul dwelling in the next body, a new
memory process began. Human living space,
full of energy, while the nature of the energy
space is not the same, the five planets in the
universe, the role of the unified energy of the
universe, each produce their own energy, and
interaction. Human life on Earth is a variety of
energy interaction, due to space energy in
changing the time, different time, different
place, the energy interaction is different, in a
form is different, also the strength of different.
This energy is life-giving at the same time,
people with energy under the action of
consciousness and soul. The space-time energy
is constantly changing, different time and
different geographical, implies a different form
of the energy mix, while this energy is the five
elements. The five elements of energy in a
variety of the yin and yang dynamic action,
when the strong weak, which determines the
birth of life by adhering to the energy is strong
or not. Life, was born in a different time and
space was given a different soul, the
composition of the soul is the five of God, soul,
soul, Italian, Chi, given to God, soul, soul,
Italian, Chi energy, the life manipulation to
show dynamic is the yin and yang of this
power. Maintain God, soul, soul, Italian, Chi
interrelated meridian is also the power of the
yin and yang channels. Different people, birth
time and place determined by the energy of the
space moment occurred changing so
endowments of different energy, this is
different, the real cause of the consciousness
and the soul is not the same. Legend someone
has a memory of his past life, I think it is there,
but this memory is not a soul dwelling in a
new body to bring, but this part of the people
with extraordinary information receiving
capacity. Although the same soul dwelling in
different bodies, but there is a connection
between their different life, the memory of
their past life, issued from past life because
each person's life course, are constantly
launched into space with their own life
information, but these lives exist in the space
among, and are not subject to time and space
constraints, this information sensitive to
capture the, which they were born has a past
life memory. ?? Spread in the community of
the Book of Changes column forecasting
method, is the birth year, month, day,
accompanied by attribution to the man to
predict good and bad fortune. This indicates
that a person ever since the moment of birth
onwards, as life, given the life of the soul, has
all the information of their own life and
spiritual awareness activities, which in later
life course, leaving behind their life trajectory.

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