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     Writing Effective Clinical Evidence Reports: Trial Data, Medical
     Literature, and Marketing Info

     Course "Efficient Writing Effective Clinical Evidence Reports:
     Trial Data, Medical Literature, and Marketing Info" has been
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     pre-approved by RAPS as eligible for up to 1.00 credits towards
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    Date & Time:                                                                        Instructor Profile:

     Tuesday, May 8, 2012                10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT
                                                                                                      Joy Frestedt
     Duration: 60 Minutes                Instructor: Joy Frestedt                              President and CEO, Frestedt
     Location: Online                    Price : $245.00   (for one participant)

                                                                                        Joy Frestedt, PhD, CCTI, RAC,
                                                                                        FRAPS. Dr. Frestedt is the President
    Overview:                                                                           and CEO of Frestedt Incorporated, a
    This presentation takes a step-by-step approach to writing a Clinical               novel virtual Contract Research
    Evidence Report (CER) including how to write up a review of:                        Organization network of over 50
                                                                                        experts and highly skilled staff
                                                                                        meeting specific needs in regulatory,
       l   The clinical trial data
                                                                                        clinical and quality affairs. Dr.
       l   A well-designed literature review and
                                                                                        Frestedt has over 30 years of
       l   Marketing information showing appropriate post market                        scientific, clinical and regulatory
           surveillance                                                                 experience in the health care,
                                                                                        pharmaceutical and medical device
    We will also discuss when the review and reports should be                          industries especially running clinical
    completed to aid your product development/stage gate or claim                       trials, conducting laboratory
                                                                                        analyses and assisting firms with
    substantiation process, and how to create standard procedures in
                                                                                        strategic decisions involving clinical
    your clinical quality systems to outline the required steps.
                                                                                        research programs, regulatory
                                                                                        strategies and the development of
    Why should you attend:                                                              quality systems to compete globally.
                                                                                        She has held key positions including
    You should attend if you have asked one of these questions: What is                 vice president of scientific,
    the value of a comprehensive and detailed literature review? Once all               regulatory and clinical affairs at
    the articles are collected, how do you analyze the information in                   BridgePoint Medical and Humanetics
    manageable pieces? How do you assess the quality of the                             Corporation as well as key
    information you have collected? How do you summarize the findings                   management positions with Johnson
    to ensure you have represented both the positives and negatives                     and Johnson’s Ortho Biotech,
                                                                                        Medtronic, Mayo Clinical Trial
    and then how do you incorporate this information into your clinical
                                                                                        Services, AstraZenca
    evidence report?
                                                                                        Pharmaceuticals and Orphan
                                                                                        Medical. ...more
    Areas Covered in the Session:

       l   How to conduct a comprehensive and detailed literature                      Suggest a Topic        More Webinars
                                                                                         Your Necessity is our Priority
       l   Methods to evaluation of the literature acquired
       l   Development of a scientifically valid clinical evidence report
       l   Incorporating the evidence into clinical evaluation reports
       l   When it is most beneficial to conduct the review
       l   How to include the process in your clinical quality systems

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    Who Will Benefit:

       l   Directors of Clinical Affairs
       l   VPs & Directors of Regulatory Affairs
       l   Manager of Quality Systems
       l   VPs, Vigilance and Safety Reporting
       l   Clinical Research Coordinators & Associates
       l   Document Administrators
       l   Corporate Librarians

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