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Kids Clothes


									                            Kids Clothes
Nauti Nati Girl Short Sleeves Dress With   Benetton Baby Girl Floral Half Sleeves
Sailor Collar - Red (0-3 years)            Bodysuit - Green

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Little Kangaroo Girl Denims With Purse -         Youshine Hair Rubber Bands

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                        Baby Girl Dress

Nauti Nati Girl All Over Flower Print         Barbie Girl Lurex Silk Party Dress With
Smocking Sleeveless Dress - Pink (3-8         Ruched

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Nauti Nati Girl Layered Skirt - Yellow (3-8   Barbie Girl Denim Skirt With Assymetric
years)                                        Ruffle Goingacross Front - Black (2-10

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                New Born Kids Suits

Babyoye Signature "Mummy's Lil Chef "   Benetton Baby Mickey Mouse Bodysuit -
Girl's Bodysuit - Yellow                Aqua Blue

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Babyoye Signature "Treasure Hunt"       Benetton Baby Girl Floral Half Sleeves
Boy's Bodysuit - Red                    Bodysuit - Pink

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            Kids Pyjamas & Bottoms

Little Kangaroo Girl Checks Capri With   Mom's Pet Baby Stripes Diaper Legging -
Cap & Beaded                             Blue

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Mom's Pet Baby Plain Diaper Legging -    Little Kangaroo Boy Elasticated Knit
Pink                                     Capri - Black

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             Kids Cloth Accessories

Benetton Girl Woven Belt - Pink (2 years)          Dora On Pink Polka Bow

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      Bow Shaped Slide-In Clip- Pink              Youshine Hairband with bow

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