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                          April 2010                                                                   Volume 1, Issue 4

                           Oprah Pledges To End America’s Deadly Obsession
Oprah’s Pledge
A Special Thank You                                  While South Carolina politicians debate how to tackle the ever
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                                                     growing danger of texting while driving, Oprah Winfrey has started
Frequently Asked Ques-                               her own movement to halt what she calls “America’s New Deadly
tion                                                 Obsession.” With cell phone related accidents and deaths at an all
Shelly’s Big News                                    time high, Oprah is urging drivers across the nation to sign her No
Page 2                                               Phone Zone Pledge. You can join her campaign to stop the deadly
                                                     phenomenon by visiting Oprah.com and clicking on “No Phone
Guest Spotlight
Mother’s Day Contest–                                Zone” to sign the pledge. Since the end of March, more than
Win a Prize!                                         152,000 people have signed.
Observations from the
Island of St. Thomas
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FREE Accident Book!                    Here is the deadly truth about driving while using a cell phone:
Page 4                              Approximately 500,000 people are injured and about 6,000 people are killed
                                    yearly because of distracted drivers using their cell phones!
                                    The National Safety Council reports that cell phone distractions while driving cause
Two Locations                       approximately 1.6 million car accidents a year!
To Serve You:                       Reports indicate that drivers are four times more likely to have a crash while talking
                                    on a cell phone eight times more likely to crash if texting while driving!
Goose Creek                         A University of Utah study found that texting while driving slows a person’s reaction
(Main Office)                       time by 30%!
103 Laurel Avenue
Goose Creek, SC 29445
                                    19 states and Washington D.C. have already banned texting while driving!
                                    23 states are currently debating legislation to ban texting while driving! Including
Mt. Pleasant                        South Carolina!
(By Appointment)            Let's all do our part to decrease road dangers. Encourage your friends and family not to
222 W. Coleman Blvd.           text while driving.
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

Tel: 843-297-8485
Toll-Free: 877-533-1046                             Thank You For Your Donations!
Fax: 843-297-8497
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Practice Areas:                                     the Cinderella Project, which provides prom dresses and accesso-
    Personal Injury                                 ries to local high school girls who cannot afford their own dresses.
    Auto Accidents                                  We would like to thank those of you who participated. Your kind
    Work Injuries                                   donations helped turn several teens into princesses!
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    Dangerous Drugs            We would also like to extend a special thank you to the anonymous person who
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                                            perienced workers compensation attorney
F.A.Q.’s                                    immediately to discuss your rights. As        The number of accidents you are involved
                           Q: How soon do you may already know, the insurance             in will affect your premium, which means
                           I have to report company represents your employer, not         the more accidents you are involved in,
                           my work injury you, and they will certainly look for any       the more "at risk" you are for an increase
                           to my employer? reason to reject your claim. If your claim     in your insurance premiums. Typically,
                                            is denied by the insurance company, it is     only accidents occurring within the past
                           A: You only advisable to consult with an attorney.             three years affect premium rates.
                           have 90 days                                                   Have a Question for Shelly? Just send
from the date you realize you are injured Q: If I file a claim, will my premiums          it to info@leekelaw.com.. Type “Ask the
to report the injury, or you may lose your go up?                                         Attorney” in the subject line. Or if you
right to benefits.                          A: If the accident was not your fault,        need to speak to a qualified personal
If you suffer a serious injury, you could   your insurance premiums should not in-        injury attorney you can call us at 843-
face permanent impairment or work re-       crease. However, insurance companies          608-8811 to schedule a FREE consulta-
strictions, so you should contact an ex-    base their premiums on risk factors.          tion.

                                                             Attorney Shelly Leeke Ties the Knot
                                                           As many of you know, on Saturday March 13th, my fiancé, Jason Walter
                                                           and I got married in Charleston. It was a great day with a small ceremony
                                                           of close friends and family, just what we’d hoped for. Thank you for the
                                                           many best wishes I have received from so many clients, friends and col-
                                                           I believe one of the best parts of the whole wedding experience was com-
                                                           ing back to the office and seeing that the week I was away went by with-
                                                           out a glitch. With such great assistance from Mary, Kristen, Sarah, Suz-
                                                           anne, Chiquetta, and several others, while I was in the Caribbean, the
                                                           office was smooth sailing. I bet many of you didn’t even realize I was
                                                           I have to admit, while I had a great time on our trip, I was very happy to
                                                           be back home and back to work. A whole week without a phone and lim-
                                                           ited access to email allowed me to read a few books and relax, but also
                                                           made me appreciate just how much I love my work!!

  Cases In the News:
   Mom with                                    spitting match with her child the previ-   pleaded guilty to not being in proper
                                               ous day. The woman was charged with        control of a vehicle. He was ordered
   Sword                                       aggravated assault and having a weapon     to pay a fine, in addition to other
   Runs                                        on school property.                        costs. He also gained three more
   Through                                                                                points on his license and is now
   School                                      Man in Doghouse                            barred from driving for six months.
                                               After Driving Dog
   The mother of a
   Tennessee elemen-                           A man from England has been fined
   tary school student
                                               after taking his dog for a stroll while
   was arrested after drinking a 40-ounce
   bottle of malt liquor before brandishing    driving next to him in his car. The
   a sword in her child's school. The reason   man was allegedly driving slowly on
   that the woman gave for her behavior        a country road while holding his                   This is one of my dogs,
   was that she wanted to confront the par-    dog's leash through the car window                 T.T. He is a six year old
   ents of another child who had been in a     as the dog ran alongside. The man                  Chihuahua. Pretty fe-
                                                                                                  rocious looking, huh?

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 Guest Spotlight: How not to lose your Injury Case.
 Guest Spotlight: Dr.
                                                       Mother’s Day Contest
 Chris Tierney
 Dr. Chris
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 literally. can be a
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 ders, or in between your shoulder blade
 continue to experience them.
 become injured or overworked they be-
               Winter Safety Tips:
 come tight, achy and mayneck, shoul-
 When the muscles of the develop
 ders, or or tender points. These “knots”
 “knots” in between your shoulder blade            We will draw names for the winner. The winner of the con-
 will often refer or overworked the be-
 become injured or send pain up theyneck           test will be posted on our website, LeekeLaw.com, on June 3,
                Never may develop
 and into the achy and leave animals outside if temperatures drop
 come tight, head. Two of the more com-                                                 below freezing.
                                                   2010. sure it says to enter is May 31, on the label. before
                feel points. These Artificial Tree makeThe deadline“Fire
 “knots” or tender the headache pain are
 mon areas toWhen buying an“knots”                                                      Resistant” 2010. Hurry,
                                                    HOW TO ENTER:
 the base of the skull and/or in the tem-
 will often refer or send pain up the neck         it’s too late to nominate your mom!
               Water your live treeThe   often      E-mail Kmrayner9@gmail .com with
 ples into the head.
               the head near the eye).
 and (side ofInspect lights for damage or wear. Cracked sockets,                        frayed or bare wires and loose con-
                                                    your contact
          nectionscommondescribe thea fire or electrical shock. info and the name of the
 headache may be on one side or on both
 sides.of the more                cause
                     may areas to feel
 Two Patients frequently
                                                    mom you would like                  doorways, and the
 headache as Keepare the treepressure or from fireplaces, radiator’s, to nominate as exits.best mom.
                pain your base of the
 the headacheachy, sharp deep 3ft. away
 throbbing. These symptoms may come
               in the use outdoor lights       Observations on Driving in the U.S. Virgin Island
 skull and/or Only temples (side of the outdoors
 and go throughout the day or be constant
 head near the eye).off all lights may be you goThe Thomasthebe chosen at random and will be
               Turn   The headache when        of St. winner will house.
                                                     to bed or leave
 all one long.or on both sides. Patients
 on day side Medication either over the
 counter or prescription may provide
 frequently describe the headache as                posted on our website on June 2, 2010.
 some temporary relief but or throbbing.
 achy, sharp deep pressure never address       As a car accident attorney, I am always
 the real cause of the problems. Chiro-
 These symptoms may come and go
 throughout doctors who are trained day
 practors arethe day or be constant allto      interested in various rules of the road
 look for these problematic muscles.
 long.                                         when I visit new places. While spending a
 Once identified the muscles are treated
 to provide long term relief. counter or
 Medication either over the Often
                                                     Spring Cleaning Checklist
                                               day on the island of St. Thomas, I picked
 stretches andmay provide some tempo-
                                                               things that you about the
                                               up on a few ensure differentand your family have a healthy and safe
                                                In order to
 prescription easy at home rubber band                     traffic rules:
                                               island’s it is important to check these items while cleaning your home:
 exercise prevent these types of head-
 rary relief but never address the real         Spring,
 aches of thereturning. If left untreatedare
 cause from problems. Chiropractors
 doctors who headaches may last for
 these muscle are trained to look for these           Staying you drive on this Holiday Season in an
                                                    In St. Thomas, Positivethe left side of
                                                -smoke detectors to make sure that they are in working condition
 year. Life’s too short, Once identified the
 problematic muscles. feel better today.            the road, but the steering wheel is on the
                                                -fire extinguishers for proper care and Crisis:
 muscles are treated to provide long term           left side of the car, just like in the states;placement
 relief. are seeking treatment or home
 If you Often stretches and easy athave               Suicide windows to see if they can during the holidays.
                                                -doors and and Depression Rates increasebe easily opened To avoid the
 rubber band exercise prevent Tierney at
 questions, contact Dr. Christhese types                                    blues law and drivers can seats
                                                    There is no open container this season wobbly tips:
                                                -bikes for loose screws, soft tires, andtry theselegally drive with an open
 843-552-5353. He returning. If left un-
 of headaches from is a Chiropractic            -medicine cabinet for prescription that are expired and can be
                                                    alcoholic beverage in a vehicle;
 Physician at BP Chiropractic, which
 treated these muscle headaches may last                   away
                                                thrown 1.Suggest a $25 gift giving limit
 is located in Northshort, feel better2616
 for year. Life’s too Charleston at to-             DrivingMake for new Family enforced, or using driving fast is nearly im-
                                                          2. grill
                                                -barbecue lawsup a not strictly Tradition. although it the first time
                                                                    are leaks or holes before
 Ashley Phosphate Road..
 day.                                                     3.Get enough sleep, don’t skip meals overeat.
                                                     chemicals inthe many steep hills and winding happy.
                                                                       the house to make sure that roads;
                                                -allpossible withonthe everyday things that make you they are stored properly
 Dr. Chris Tierney is a Chiropractic Phy-                 5.Turn off the TV & children
                                                and out of the reach ofcomputer and have family time outdoors.
 sician at BP Chiropractic in West Ash-                   6.Be more open happy about than there are permanent
                                                    There are thankful and air taxi cabsthe good things in your life,. residents of
                                                          7.Remember that money doesn’t always equal happiness.
                                                    the island!!

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