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									Five Skin Care Tips

Your skin is what you live in every day of your life, and you want to make sure that it reflects your
inner while maximizing your outer appearance. Though it is tempting to think that your skin will always
remain the same, it is a fact that age, weather, stress and a host of other factors can leave your skin
looking less than perfect. Here are five simple things that you can do on your own to keep your skin supple
and youthful.

Before cleansing your skin in the morning and at night, open the pores with hot water. This will allow your
cleanser to get into the areas beneath the surface, removing grime and build-up from your environment. If you
wear makeup, this is particularly important.

After cleansing with soap or solutions that are free from chemicals and additives as much as possible, close
the pores once again by splashing with cold water. This will inhibit the ability of outer elements to re-enter
the pores of your skin. Is is a good idea to also apply a light moisturizer at this point to protect your
skin harsh sunlight and pollutants.

It is easy to routinely exfoliate your skin at home, without the need for professional treatments. This
simply the process of removing dead skin cells by gently scrubbing. It can help to use natural ingredients
such as salt and citrus, as well as organic elements such as coffee grounds. Chemical exfoliating processes
are available at salons, but you can avoid the need for these by doing a consistent exfoliating regime at home
on a regular basis.

Vitamin E is well known for aiding in maintaining healthy skin. It has powerful antioxidant properties
thatonly protect the skin but also help to repair damage already done. It neutralizes free radicals that
damage collagen, and cause dryness and wrinkles. Vitamin E is best when received directly from foods that
contain it naturally, but you can also get extra amounts of it through supplements and topical gels. Gels
particularly touted for anti-aging effects, such as decreasing wrinkles, reducing age spots and softening
the overall. It is also known to reduce the pain from cold sores caused by the herpes virus.

Aloe-Vera is one of nature's natural healing plants. The inner gel of the plant is able to aid in opening
the of your skin so that the nutrients can be absorbed. It is useful in repairing skin damage, wounds and
reducing scars. It can help with dry or cracked skin, act as a barrier to toxins in the environment, and
even relieve sore and aching muscles. It can also be very beneficial to treat skin conditions such as sunburn,
eczema, acne, wounds, herpes and insect bites.

Use these simple and easy techniques to keep your skin healthy and pure. You can keep a youthful appearance
and feel good about your overall health when you take good care of the skin that you live in.

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