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									As we age, our nutrition begins to change. In other words the utilization
of food is oftentimes changed. A deficient nutrition could happen from an
insufficient intake due to a lack of sufficient appetite resulting in a
small food intake. Also, the lack of good healthy teeth or proper
dentures may affect the type of food that are being selected, leading to
a habit of avoiding foods that require chewing, such as meats and
vegetables, thus a deficiency in proteins, vitamins and minerals.

The amount of hydrochloric acid in our stomach, which helps in the
digestion of protein, and the enzymes of the pancreas are frequently
decreased as we age. Therefore, the food that is ingested is not
properly digested to make the absorption possible.

Our body reacts to age by re-balancing different areas in our body. Being
aware of what our body needs are in order to perform the right
maintenance is important. By doing this, you can continuously look and
feel younger, despite your age. nutrition as we age graphic

Premature aging is preventable by adopting a healthy lifestyle. The
degenerative diseases typical of people of advanced age can often be
treated, but are much more easily prevented by living a healthy

The first thing that needs to be consistent is maintaining the right
dietary needs. As your body ages, it is in more of a need for balanced
and healthy meals. If it doesn’t have the right nutrients moving through
the body, it can cause more severe problems at a faster rate. As you age,
your body stops growing and instead needs to keep a consistent level of
nutrients. Make sure that your body is getting the right supply of
vitamins and supplements for maintenance work.

Some of the major supplements that older and aging people need are
calcium, fiber, iron, vitamin C, protein, vitamin A and folacin. These
specific vitamins help with adding strength and extra energies that your
body needs in order to continue moving things consistently through its
body. Knowing which supplements you will need to re-balance your body can
help with you feeling healthier and having more energy.

Physical activity also needs to remain as one of the important parts of
aging. It is easy for your body to lose bone density, muscle mass and
have pains that are more consistent throughout different places in your
body. By staying active and exercising on a consistent basis, it will
help your body to not lose the muscle, tissue and bone that it needs in
order to stay healthy with energy. There are several places where one can
go in order to find how to stay at the best health while aging. Each of
these places can offer specific exercises in order to help relieve pain
and keep the bone density and muscle mass at a consistent level.

A good diet becomes even more important as our immune system tends to
weaken naturally as we age. The immnune system defends the body against
bacteria, viruses, infections and other invaders. Fruits and vegetables
are among the best sources of nutrients needed for a strong immnune
system. If you eat right, your immunity stays strong regardless of your
aging couple graphic

Another thing to keep in mind is that senses will begin to change. Smell
and taste begin to weaken. There are several specialists that can help
you to feel comfortable and give you the right tools if this starts to
happen. You can always change food flavors that you eat in order to help
with smell and taste. It is important to make sure that the change in
your senses doesn’t get in the way of your normal and comfortable living.

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