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Chongqing places


									Short overview of basic information - Chongqing

Name                Ch. Name   Short description                              Price, Entrance       Child      How to get there/
                                                                              price                 friendly   Travel Time
Three gorges Tour   长江山峡游      A scenic ship cruise on the Yangze River of    Approx. around        No         3-4 days; Normally,
                               several days duration, normally offered by     800 RMB – 1260                   Chinese travel
                               Chinese travel agencies, with touristic        RMB (Based on the                agencies offer this
                               guidance suggestions of viewing angles         class categories of              tour
                                                                              the rooms)
Dazu Rock           大足石刻       A series of ancient rock carvings, stressing   High Season (Mar.1    No         From Chongqing: 2h
Carvings                       the Buddhistic, Confucian and Taoistic         to Nov.30):                      driving
                               influence, The carvings of the Baodingshan     CNY120 for
Open:                          and Beishan are recommended;                   Baodingshan
08:40 to 17:00                                                                CNY90 for Beishan
                                                                              CNY170 for
                                                                              combined ticket of
                                                                              the two sights
                                                                              Low Season (Dec.1
                                                                              to Feb.28/29)
                                                                              CNY90 for
                                                                              CNY70 for Beishan
                                                                              130 RMB for
                                                                              combined ticket of
                                                                              the two sights
Chongqing Zoo                  Modern, well stocked Zoo with many             20 RMB                Yes        Take bus No.403,
                               national and regional animals incl. Giant                                       404, or take the bus
Open:                          Pandas and South China Tiger, there are                                         No. 412, 413, 416,
8:00am-17:00pm                 possibility to take a photo with the Pandas,                                    419, 223, 226, and
Ci Qi Kou (Porcelai   瓷器      Ancient village, During Ming and Qing           -                 Yes   Take bus 202, 220,
Village)                      Dynasties, it was famous for its porcelain                              237, 467, 503, 808,
                              production, can                                                         843 and get off at
                                                                                                      Ciqikou Main
Jiefangbei Square     解放碑     Jiefangbei stands in the most prosperous        -                 Yes   Metro line 2 – get off
                              downtown center of Chongqing. Jiefangbei,                               Linjiangmen ; Take
                              or the People’ s Liberation Monument,                                   Bus No. 271, 181A,
                              formerly known as the Monument of                                       348, 361, 371, 402,
                              Victory in the War of Resistance,It is the                              405, 462, 465, 502
                              centre of the city marked as Chongqing’s                                (Air Condition) or 602
                              commercial heart.                                                       and get off at
                                                                                                      Jiefangbei stop;
Chaotianmen           朝天门     The heart of Chongqing ‘s city centre, a nice   -                 Yes   Metro line 1,
Square                        few on the two rivers, Yellow river (黄河)
                              and Yangze river (长江)
City night Scenery    重庆夜景    -                                               -                 Yes
Chongqing             人民大会堂   Chongqing's Great Hall of the People (and       5 RMB             Yes   Take buses: 104, 105,
People‘s hall                 the People's Square in front of the Hall) is                            112, 181, 122, 132,
                              an architectural symbol of Chongqing City.                              261, 265, 421
Open:                         Its construction began in 1951, but its
8:00-18:00                    design is traditional and mirrors those of
                              China's ancient classical dynasties. It
                              somewhat resembles an enlarged version
                              of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing
Sichuan Opera         川剧      Established in 1955, the theatre focuses on     Between 120-200   No    Take bus No. 105,
Theatre; No. 76,              attracting talents and creating new works.      RMB                     109, 114, 401, 402,
Jintang St.                   The most representative innovated                                       405, 601, 413 or 466
Yuzhong District              program is named Jinzi (gold), it is much                               and get down at
                              popular and gained higher reputation. The                               Qixinggang Stop.
                           theatre has visited most large Chinese
                           cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing,
                           Shenzhen, etc, and offered performances
                           either on official or commercial status in
                           Poland, US, France, Switzerland and
                           Germany, and so on.
Chongqing Hua              A temple complex including a Buddhist           10 RMB   No    Take bus: 808; 843
Yan Tourist Spot           monastery and a large golden Buddha
                           overlooking the whole place. Tucked in a
                           green valley on a small lake, surprisingly in
                           the middle of an urban built up area of
                           Chongqing City.
Hong Ya Dong               Near Jiefangbei, a recreation of the old        -        No    Take metro line 2 to
                           Chongqing, clinging to the side of the                         Lin jiang men; walk to
                           mountain with many small shops. A tourist                      Hong Ya Dong
                           place but you can find recreations of old
                           local crafts here and genuine local food
Liziba Park        李子坝公园   On the banks of the Jialing River, this is a    -        Yes   1.Take Bus No. 104,
                           newly developed park housing many                              116, 215, 248, 251,
                           original and relocated historical buildings                    265, 802 or 808 and
                           when Chongqing was China's wartime                             get off at Liziba Light
                           capital. It includes old bank buildings,                       Rail Station stop;
                           government offices and the residences of                       2. Take Light Rail Line
                           local warlords. Some military pillboxes are                    2 and get off at Liziba
                           also preserved here                                            station.

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