How to Pay Bills With PayPal

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					    How to Pay Bills With PayPal
    Paying bills rarely requires the use of checks these
    days. There are a number of ways to pay bills
    without ever using a check. You can pay most bills
    using PayPal. There are a number of different
    methods for paying bills with PayPal. Different
    types of bills will likely require different ways of
    accomplishing the goal.

o   1 Get a PayPal debit card. The card will allow you to use your PayPal balance just as a bank
    balance would be used through a bank debit card. The PayPal card can also be used like a
    credit card to pay bills online. The debit card is free to PayPal account holders.
o   2 Use your PayPal debit card like a credit card to pay bills online. Often utility bills,
    insurance bills and other smaller bills can be paid this way through the website of each
    company. Some companies also allow a card to be kept on file and the amount withdrawn
    from it each month automatically. For bills that don't have websites, you may be able to pay
    the bills in person with your debit card just as you would with a credit card.
o   3 Make sure you have a PayPal balance that covers the amount of the bill before you
    attempt to pay it. If you don't have enough in the account, you can still pay the bill by setting
    up a backup funding source in your PayPal account. It can take a few days to verify a bank
    account if the account isn't already on file with PayPal. Once you have backup funding, the
    extra amount beyond your PayPal balance comes from your bank account.

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