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									Cables Wires and Chords Galore

One thing that often gets overlooked during the process of purchasing pieces, parts, and
components for your surround sound system is the importance of cables to the overall
sound of your system. It makes absolutely no idea to buy top of the line speakers and
excellent quality components only to use substandard el cheapo cables with which to
connect them to one another. Unfortunately we see this every day and it causes problem
with the quality of the sound that leads over time to a total and complete dissatisfaction
with the quality of sound your system provides.

There are other considerations when it comes to cables such as aesthetics, which will also
affect the price when it comes to your system. I strongly encourage you to seriously
consider what level of cabling and wires you can and cannot live with before you
purchase your surround sound or home theater system, as both tend to be very wire and
cable intensive. There are however things you can do to tame the tangle before it
overtakes your home and one of my first recommendations is to seriously consider the
value that going wireless would add to your system.

Wireless speakers eliminate the need for a good portion of the wires and cabling that are
typically part and parcel of the lot when it comes to good sound systems. Going wireless
for me is far preferable to drilling holes into the walls and running the wires through and
having a rat’s next of speaker wires overhead in my home is simply not an option. Of
course everyone has different priorities when it comes to their surround sound or home
theater systems and some people aren’t all the considered about wires and cables. If you
are not one that bothers then that is no problem either.

Unfortunately the wires and cables in a home theater or surround sound system are not
limited to the speakers alone and while going wireless for the speakers is often financially
feasible it’s an entirely different ball park to go wireless for the whole kit and caboodle.
For this reason there are all kinds of nifty tips and tricks for taming a mess of wires and
keeping things organized and tidy behind the scenes. Among my favorites are these new
power strips that allow you to color code and label which cord goes where. These strips
are also great because they offer surge protection for your costly electronic equipment.

In addition to having the power strips labeled and organized you can purchase PVC
piping and run all the cords down one tube in order to reach the power strip. You can also
paint the tube in order to blend in with your wall if you are concerned about the aesthetics
of the tube. I personally like this option for keeping all the chords in one spot rather than
having them run haphazardly along the back of your other electronic components. It
simply looks neater and more organized and your friends and family will be impressed at
your cleverness for thinking of it.

If you have a certain disdain for over organization or having things too terribly tidy you
can always opt for these Velcro ties that you simple use like the old sandwich bag ties.
They can keep several chords together so that you aren’t constantly having to work
around them and yet allows you easy access to the chords should you find a sudden need
for access or get the urge to rearrange or change settings and situations.

While it doesn’t take rocket science to tame the wild tangle of chords that sometimes
invade of entertainment space, it often helps to have a few tricks up your sleeve when
confronting the seemingly endless stream of wires that are part of the average home
theater or surround sound system. Hopefully you will find that some of these suggestions
and tips will be helpful in your home.



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