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					Florida Attorney General - Volume 6, Issue 35                             

                                      Publication of the Office of the Attorney General • Volume 6, Issue 35 • August 29, 2008

                                                                   Weekly Message from Attorney General
                                                                   Bill McCollum

                                                                   This weekend, we will celebrate Labor Day as an
                                                                   opportunity to recognize the extraordinary efforts of
                                                                   our state's workers. Our nation has officially been
                                                                   celebrating Labor Day since 1894, and I believe it
                                                                   is important to take time to recognize and
                                                                   appreciate jobs well done by countless Floridians.

                                                                   As Florida's Attorney General, I want to draw
                                                                   specific attention to the public servants in our state
                                                                   who work tirelessly in a variety of areas from public
                                                                   safety to education. These government employees
                                                                   take care of our seniors, help keep our
                                                                   neighborhoods safe, and keep our state's legal
                                                                   system operational. They protect justice and
                                                                   peace, health and safety, and so many other
                                                                   necessities of our daily lives. Additionally, within
                                                                   the Attorney General's Office, many work to save
                                                                   money and protect resources for our state and its

                                                                   I am honored to have many exemplary public
                                                                   servants working in the Attorney General's Office
                                                                   and I know there are many others working in state
                                                                   and local government agencies throughout Florida.
                                                                   These men and women deserve our sincere
                                                                   appreciation for the hard work and dedication to
                                                                   our state and its citizens.

                                                                   I would also encourage our citizens to remember
                                                                   that although Labor Day is symbolically recognized
                                                                   as the end to summer, this year's hurricane season
                                                                   has not ended and is instead becoming more
                                                                   active. Every Floridian should make sure they have
                                                                   a disaster plan and can obtain more information
                                                                   from Enjoy this
                                                                   holiday with your families and please remain

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Florida Attorney General - Volume 6, Issue 35                          

                                      An Orange County jury has returned a guilty verdict against a man for traveling
                                      to meet someone he thought was a 14-year old girl, intending to have sex with
                                      her. The jury deliberated for approximately 90 minutes before convicting William
                                      Elias Martin, Jr. under the CyberCrimes Against Children Act of 2007. Martin
                                      was arrested and prosecuted by the Attorney General's CyberCrime Unit and
                                      his is the first jury conviction obtained by the CyberCrime Unit against a traveler
                                      under the new law.

                                      Attorney General McCollum announced his office has reached a $150,000
                                      settlement with Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLC and its
                                      affiliated entities resolving concerns over disclosure issues related to bandwidth
                                      use policies. Comcast will reimburse the state $50,000 for the costs of its
                                      investigation and will contribute $100,000 to fund future investigations on behalf
                                      of Florida consumers.

                                      Attorney General McCollum announced that his office has reached a settlement
                                      with a company involved in billing for cell phone content. Massachusetts-based
                                      m-Qube is a billing aggregator, meaning it acts as an intermediary between
                                      wireless carriers and third party content providers. The settlement requires the
                                      company to modify its business practices, submit to monitoring by the Attorney
                                      General's CyberFraud Section, and pay half a million dollars to the Attorney
                                      General's Office, in part to cover fees and cost.

                                      The Florida Crisis Response Team (FCRT) has deployed more than 25
                                      responders to areas throughout Central Florida, according to the Attorney
                                      General's Statewide Crisis Response Coordinator, Cheryl Ricciardi. The FCRT
                                      provides emotional support and advocacy, training and planning for
                                      communities in the aftermath of hurricanes and other disasters.

                                      Attorney General Bill McCollum announced that his Seniors vs. Crime offices
                                      are reopening throughout the state to help residents avoid storm-related
                                      scams. The offices, staffed by volunteer Senior Sleuths, are often able to step
                                      in when residents are having problems with potential scams, particularly in the
                                      clean-up and repair in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Fay.

                                      The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), Department of
                                      Corrections (DC), the Attorney General's Office, and the Florida Association of
                                      Crime Stoppers again teamed up with Florida sheriffs and police chiefs to
                                      create a new deck of statewide cold case playing cards. The third edition
                                      features 52 of Florida's unsolved homicide and missing person cases.
                                      Beginning today, the decks will be distributed to inmates in all 67 county jails
                                      and to supervised offenders reporting in through the state's 156 probation
                                      offices. Each card features a photograph of the victim and factual information
                                      about the case.

                                      Attorney General McCollum announced that the final participant in a multi-
                                      million dollar mortgage fraud scheme has been convicted by a Polk County jury
                                      after only 45 minutes of deliberation. Samuel Green faces up to 60 years in
                                      prison for his role in the scheme which spanned more than two years and
                                      involved loans in Hillsborough, Lee, Pinellas and Polk counties. Green and his
                                      co-defendants were prosecuted by the Attorney General's Office of Statewide

                                      A Broward County therapist has been taken into custody on charges she stole
                                      more than $19,000 from the Florida Medicaid program. Marley Cueto allegedly
                                      falsified numerous claims to the Medicaid program for services she never
                                      provided. She was arrested by law enforcement officers with the Attorney
                                      General's Medicaid Fraud Control Unit.

                                      A Pensacola caregiver has pleaded guilty to one felony count of abusing a
                                      disabled adult. Kimberly Pleasant will be sentenced to one year of house arrest
                                      and 18 months of probation at the completion of that sentence. Pleasant,
                                      formerly employed by United Cerebral Palsy of Northwest Florida, was

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Florida Attorney General - Volume 6, Issue 35                          

                                      prosecuted by attorneys with the Attorney General's Medicaid Fraud Control
                                      Unit under the authority of the State Attorney's Office for the First Judicial

                                      Attorney General Reaches $150,000 Settlement with Comcast

                                      Attorney General Reaches CyberFraud Settlement With Cell Phone Content
                                      Billing Company

                                      Third Edition Deck of Statewide Cold Case Playing Cards Unveiled

                                      Attorney General Praises Canady Pick for Florida Supreme Court

                                      Orange County Jury Convicts Orlando Man of Traveling to Meet "Child" for Sex

                                      Participant in $13 Million Mortgage Fraud Scheme Convicted by Polk County

                                      Broward County Therapist Arrested for Falsifying Claims to Medicaid

                                      Caregiver Pleads Guilty to Abusing Disabled Group Home Resident

                                      Florida Crisis Responders to Focus on Brevard County

                                      Seniors vs. Crimes Offices Open to Help Residents Avoid Storm-Related Scams

                                      Attorney General Bill McCollum's bi-weekly audio message for this week is
                                      available online at the following link:

                                      Attorney General Bill McCollum issued a statement praising the appointment of
                                      Charles Canady to the Florida Supreme Court.

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