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									3rd of March 2011
   A hard process of Web Production
   Internet users are expected to behave ethically online.
   It is a play with rules and rights.
   A Web Production is a hard and long process.
   Every website should be clear and easy to use.
   We need to think of the proper language and size of the letters so
    everyone is able to read it.
   Think of what is the website about and keep the topic. Eliminate
    everything that is not relevant.
   Everyone can use our page, read it, enjoy it, leave a comment, but
    nobody can copy any part of it.
   Data Protection Act 1998 – We cannot use someone else’s details.
   HTML – mark-up language used in web production.
   W3C – The World Wide Web Consortium is the main international
    standards organization for the World Wide Web (called www or W3).
 Use only   reliable resource of information on your
 Always separate your own opinion from the real
 Never copy text of some other website or book of
  other author and use it as yours
 Always quote every piece of information
* W3C - World Wide Web Consortium
* Give a chance of using your site to blind people
* No red colour
* Big letters
* Navigation
 No bullying on the Net
 No bad language
 Publication ofsomeone else’s pictures and videos
  on the Internet without their permission is illegal
 Data Protection Act 1998
 Any musicwhich is not a production of your own
 can not be ever used as a background of your
 Phornography, sexual abuse and   pheadophilia on
 the Internet is illegal
 Downloading   tracks, videos, movies etc. is illegal
 ‘hackers’ thatare breaking the blocks or
  someone’s password are outlaw
 Using someone else’s personal details (i.e. name,
  address, mobile) for making fun or any other
  reason is offence
 Breaking thelaw at any stage can cause you to go
 to court and pay up to thousand dollars
 A page  should be set up for good of users
 Every user should have a right to leave a comment
  and tell their own opinion, share topics, exchange
  ideas, ask questions
 Photoshop is not ethical
                    many rights
 Internet users have
 Everyone must respect each other online in the
  same way as they do in real life
 Remember: you are not anonymous on the

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