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									                                                                                  vol 31 / no 3

                           Novita News                                  Issue 3, 2008

                                     Connecting kids with their worlds

                                                        Melissa and Deanne in front of the Novita Christmas tree.

What’s Inside?
Madison and Chloe   Inspiring Paralympians   Max-a-million            2008 ‘A Thousand
Terrific Two        Jay and Grace            reasons to smile         Thank Yous’ Cocktail
                                                                      Party Award Winners
Seasons Greetings From The
Chief Executive
    Welcome to the Christmas edition          including a formal black tie          Wallman’s Lawyers.
    of Novita news. I am pleased to           function and a major public event     Congratulations
    report that Novita has achieved           to engage our clients, staff and      again to the award recipients.
    much throughout the year.                 supporters. More announcements
                                              will be made in the new year and      We also presented Novita Star
    A new vacation care program               we look forward to celebrating this   and Rising Star Awards to
    known as ‘Teen-Zone’ specifically         special occasion with each of you.    several corporate supporters for
    designed for teenagers with                                                     their outstanding support of the
    a disability will commence in             Speaking of special occasions,        organisation throughout the year.
    the summer holidays. Also,                Novita held its annual, ‘A
    from February 2009, we will be            Thousand Thank Yous’, cocktail        As we enter the festive season, I
    providing new early intervention          party in November. This event         would like to formally express our
    services for children aged 0              proved to be an excellent             appreciation to all our sponsors,
    – 6 years, diagnosed with autism          opportunity for Novita to express     auxiliary members, corporate
    spectrum disorder. This service           its appreciation to corporate and     supporters and volunteers for
    will provide these children and           community supporters, and also        supporting Novita throughout
    their families with a broad range         present awards to clients who         the year. We look forward to
    of therapy services specifically          have achieved their personal best.    continuing our life-changing work
    tailored to meet their individual                                               into 2009 and beyond.
    needs.                                    The Honourable Jennifer Rankine
                                              MP Minister for Disability,
                                                 ,                                  On behalf of Novita, best wishes to
    The new year promises to be a             presented Novita client, Tom          you all for the festive season and a
    very special occasion for Novita.         Goodman with the Minister             happy new year!
    It will be our 70th birthday and          for Disability – Community
    we plan to celebrate it in style. An      Achievement Award and Novita
    exciting calendar of events has
                                              client, Daniel Bird was awarded
    been planned to commemorate
                                              the Wallman’s Lawyer’s Academic
    this milestone of 70 years of                                                   Glenn Rappensberg
                                              Achievement Award presented
    ‘caring for kids with disabilities’,                                            CHIEF EXECUTIVE
                                              by Chris Wellington, Partner

    Celebrating 70 years of SA service
    In 2009 Novita will celebrate             While the nature of the services      tie dinner to be held in June, a
                                                                                                                           70  y

    70 years of serving the South             provided has changed throughout       community event - Walk With Me
    Australian community.                     the years, Novita’s responsiveness    - to be held in October and the
                                              to the needs of children hasn’t,      introduction of some special 70th
    From humble beginnings in                 with innovations such as assistive    Novita ambassadors.
    1939, when it formed as the               technology and medical advances,
    Crippled Children’s Association           including the therapeutic use of
    to care for children with polio, the      botox, all used to help make a
                                                                                    Novita News is published by Novita Children’s
    organisation has grown to become          positive difference to the lives of   Services PO Box 2438 Regency Park SA 5942
    a world leader in the disability field.   children with a disability.
                                                                                    Matthew Magarey
    During that time Novita has               To celebrate our 70th anniversary,    T 08 8243 8391
    provided assistance to thousands          several celebrations are planned      The opinions expressed in Novita News are those of the individual
    of children and their families.           during the year, including a black    authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Novita Children’s
                                                                                    Services or the editor, unless stated. While every care has been taken
                                                                                    in the preparation of Novita News, the information contained within is
                                                                                    of a general nature only and does not constitute advice. No liability
                                                                                    is accepted for any errors it may contain or any damages or loss that
    On the cover:                                                                   may arise from the use of the information provided.

    Deanne and her Mum Melissa sit next to Novita’s Regency Park                    Articles from Novita News may be reproduced in other forums,
                                                                                    provided the information is reproduced in full, with written
                                                                                    acknowledgement of its source.
    Christmas tree, kindly donated by Jarrett Services.

2          Connecting kids with their worlds
                                                                      Madison and her twin sister Chloe with their Mother Sarah.

This Christmas identical twins Madison and Chloe will celebrate by playing together for the first
time in their short lives.
Delivered by emergency caesarian        unaided, or communicate joy like          These small but steady changes
three months premature, the girls       her sister Chloe, however, with the       make Sarah’s heart soar.
weighed less than one kilogram          help of Novita she is making great
each. Chloe rallied, but within         progress.                                 ‘Initially, Madison couldn’t do
hours their Mother Sarah, was told                                                much. She’d lie on her back and
she should say goodbye to baby          Since Novita came into their lives,       Chloe would get frustrated that she
Madison as the valve between her        Sarah says Madison’s progress             couldn’t play with her,’ says Sarah.
heart and lungs was not opening         has been ‘phenomenal’.                    ‘Her quality of life is so much
properly, resulting in a lack of                                                  better now.’
oxygen to her brain. Leaving            Novita has provided Madison with
Madison in a coma.                      a standing frame and a pair of pink       Sarah says her family wouldn’t
                                        custom-made ankle foot orthosis           have coped without the support of
‘I sat next to my tiny                  to help her stand and play at the         Novita. ‘It brings me so much joy
daughter and prayed and                 same level as her sister, who has         to see my girls playing together. To
hoped. I told her I would               recently learnt to walk.                  me, Madison is still my beautiful
never ask her to do anything                                                      little girl who is every bit as special
again if she would fight as             Bath time is now a source of fun          as her sister.’
                                        thanks to a special bath seat and
hard as she could,’ says
                                        Madison is learning how to sit, in        Won’t you please help Novita support
Sarah.                                                                            children like Madison?
                                        a ‘corner seat’ provided by Novita.
                                        She has improved movement and             Your donation could purchase a new
Madison survived, however, due
                                        can roll independently, thanks            therapy toy for the Novita Toy Library,
to the complications of the twins                                                 or fund the home therapy visits Sarah
                                        to her Novita therapist and daily
sharing the same placenta, she                                                    eagerly looks forward to each fortnight.
                                        physiotherapy with her Mum. Her           It could even help us provide a standing
was left with cerebral palsy, which
                                        fine motor skills have improved so        frame like the one that has allowed
affects the way her brain controls                                                Madison and Chloe to play ‘peek a boo’
                                        much that she can now pick up
her body.                                                                         for the first time in their short lives.
                                        a tiny piece of pasta between her
                                        fingers.                                  To make your donation please phone
She has a complex series of                                                       Novita on 8243 8234 or visit our website
disabilities; she cannot stand or sit                                   

                                                                                 Novita Children’s Services                    3
    Going for Gold
    Paralympian Jay Dohnt
    South Australian Swimmer                 learn how to walk using prosthetic
                                             legs. Later, as Jay attended
    Jay Dohnt believes the
                                             hydrotherapy and learnt to swim,
    harder you work the luckier              Novita then provided him with some
    you get. This self-confessed             specially crafted knee braces which
    fitness fanatic wakes up at              were made to help protect his
    4am every day to complete                knees as he knelt poolside.

    a tough schedule of 10                   While Jay was undertaking
    swimming sessions a week                 a hydrotherapy program, he
    and has his sights set on                developed a love of swimming
    Olympic gold.                            and a desire to compete at the
                                             Paralympics.                               Jay Dohnt poolside at the Beijing Paralympics .

    His hard work has paid off in many
                                             Jay believes mental strength has
                                                                                       What is
    ways. Jay has been awarded the
    Lions Club Children of Courage           been the key to his success. He
    Award, the Pride of Australia
    Courage Award and has been
                                             is philosophical about the loss of
                                             his legs and his achievements.            Hydrotherapy?
    named South Australian Athlete of        ‘If losing my legs was meant to
                                             happen, maybe it was meant to             Many of Novita’s clients incorporate
    the Year. Following on from Jay’s
                                             happen to me because I have the           hydrotherapy into their regular therapy
    success at the Paralympics in
                                             ability to deal with it and just get on   as it has many benefits, including
    Beijing, where he won a Bronze
                                             with things,’ he says.                    helping to reduce muscle spasm and
    Medal in the 400 Metre Freestyle
                                                                                       promoting muscle relaxation, allowing
    event, he has been awarded the
                                             While in Beijing, Jay received many       a greater range of movement.
    Lions Club Children of Courage
    Award.                                   inspirational ‘Hero Messages’ from
                                             Australia. Although this humble           More than 230 children use Novita’s
                                             young man believes he is just             heated pools each week either in
    Hard work is not new to Jay, who
                                             doing what he loves, it was these         group sessions or in an individual
    had to learn to walk again after
                                             messages that motivated him as he         session with their therapist.
    having both his legs amputated
                                             waited to compete.                        Hydrotherapy provides children with
    below the knee after contracting
                                                                                       an environment that helps them to
    meningococcal disease at only 13
                                             Jay wants to continue swimming            safely learn new skills. It is also an
    years of age.
                                             and has his sights set firmly on the      excellent way to work on sensory
                                             London Paralympics in 2012, where         activities and promotes water exercise
    It was while working with the
                                             he wants to win a gold medal. Not         for fitness in later life.
    Rehabilitation Team at the Women’s
    and Children’s Hospital that Jay first   one to let an opportunity pass, he’s
                                             also thinking about swimming the          Hydrotherapy also:
    became involved with Novita, which
                                             English Channel while he’s there.         •increases the blood supply to the
    was instrumental in Jay’s recovery.
                                             Jay would also like to become a            muscles and increases
                                             motivational speaker and write a           muscle strength and endurance
    Novita first provided Jay with a
                                             book about his experiences.               •increases heart rate which
    wheelchair to begin his journey to
                                                                                        improves general fitness
                                                                                       •increases metabolic rate and activity,
                                                                                        leading to increased ease of joint
                         ‘If losing my legs was meant to happen,
                                                                                        movement and flexibility
                         maybe it was meant to happen to me                            •decreases sensitivity of sensory
                                                                                        nerve endings, which reduces
                         because I have the ability to deal with it
                                                                                        pain sensitivity for children who are
                         and just get on with things.’                                  rehabilitating after surgery.

4         Connecting kids with their worlds
  Grace’s 2012 Paralympic Equestrian Dream

  Paralympics equestrian                            and physiotherapy, through an               Grace was identified as a potential
  Grace Bowman says Novita                          outreach program in her hometown            paralympian talent early in her
                                                    of Kadina, to help her deal with the        career but wasn’t expecting to
  set her on a new path and                         challenges of using a wheelchair.           compete until the 2012 games.
  gave her new ‘shoes’ to                           Later, when she returned to school,         She was ‘fast tracked’ by the
  walk with, following a horse                      Novita worked with her principal            National Coach to compete in
  riding accident in 2002.                          and teachers to ensure she would            2008, an event she describes as
                                                    be able to move around easily and           ‘the toughest thing I have ever
                                                    have access to the same facilities          done’.
  ‘They were fantastic, they saved
                                                    as her classmates.
  my mum and dad so much stress
                                                                                                ‘I couldn’t believe I was there
  and money – we relied on it,’ says
  Grace.                                            ‘They helped me start a                     amongst not only the best
                                                                                                equestrians in the world, but the
                                                    new life and I am grateful,’
                                                                                                best athletes in the world. The
  Novita Children’s Services entered                she says.                                   Paralympics Village was amazing;
  Grace’s life six years ago when she
                                                                                                there were 8,000 people there and
  was in the Women’s and Children’s                 That new life included a new love           I had never seen anything like it.’
  Hospital recovering from a horse                  for horses that saw her become the
  riding accident that left her with a              youngest equestrian in the 2008             Grace was able to share the
  severed spinal cord.                              Paralympics in Hong Kong, where             experience with good friend and
                                                    she successfully represented                paralympics swimmer, Jay Dohnt,
  Initially Novita provided her                     Australia in three dressage events.         who she met when they were both
  with a fully funded wheelchair
                                                                                                in hospital at the same time. ‘I
                                                                                                met Jay when he had just come
                                                                                                in and was about to have his
                                                                                                legs amputated. He has the best
                                                                                                attitude and is a true inspiration
                                                                                                and a truly great person.’

                                                                                                Like Jay, Grace says her mental
                                                                                                strength is what keeps her
                                                                                                motivated. ‘The accident didn’t
                                                                                                change me,’ she says, ‘I am the
                                                                                                same person I was before my
                                                                                                accident, only now I just sit down.’

                                                                                                Grace Bowman has just finished
                                                                                                her Year 12 exams and hopes to
                                                                                                move to Adelaide and study Sports
                                                                                                Psychology while continuing
                                                                                                to train for a place on the 2012
                                                                                                Paralympics Equestrian Team.

                                                                                                Asked if she believes she will
                                                                                                represent Australia at the event
                                                                                                in London, her answer is simple:
                                                                                                ‘Definitely,’ she says.

Grace and Yarra Valley Mount Batton training in preparation for the 2008 Paralympic Games .

                                                                                              Novita Children’s Services           5
                                                                    Max laughing with his mum B-J at Barker Kindergarten.

Max-A-Million reasons to smile
Successful                             uses a gastrostomy (stomach                    Max is learning to use his ‘Talky
                                       tube) instead of eating.                       Board’ to ask and answer
communication is the                                                                  questions, comment and get
key - on many levels                   His need for stimulation,                      information. Currently the
- to keeping Max a                     coupled with his thrill-seeking                board is used by his parents,
happy young boy.                       nature, has required a relentless
                                       search for inventive ways to
                                                                                      specialists, kindy staff and
                                                                                      friends to help determine what
                                       meet his needs and get him                     Max is trying to communicate.
Born in 2004, Max has dystonia
                                       communicating.                                 They rely on Max’s eyes to gaze
– athetoid cerebral palsy which
                                                                                      or focus on one of the board
eventuated at the time of his
                                       Max currently doesn’t have                     symbols such as ‘yes’ and ‘no’,
birth. At just two weeks old, a
                                       functional speech, but he can                  ‘good’ or ‘bad’, ‘watch TV’, ‘go
magnetic resonance imaging
                                       communicate in many other                      to bed’, and ‘play with toys’ to
scan detected an injury to
                                       ways thanks to the support                     establish what he wants.
the part of his brain that co-
                                       of his family, Novita Speech
ordinates movement and a
                                       Pathologists Amanda and                        ‘His inability to communicate
specialist at the Women’s and
                                       Tamara, and his determination.                 verbally is particularly difficult
Children’s Hospital told Max’s
                                                                                      for all of us,’ says Max’s Mum
parents about Novita. A few
                                       Using facial expressions, body                 B-J, who presented Amanda
months later Max became a
                                       language, vocalisation, ‘Big                   and Tamara with the initial
                                       Macs’ (switches/buttons with                   concept of the ‘Talky Board’
                                       recorded messages) and his                     and worked with them on its
Max has been admitted to
                                       ‘Talky Board’ (a whiteboard                    development. ‘Yet he is striving
the Women’s and Children’s
                                       combining both symbols and                     to do all the same things as
Hospital 35 times. He requires
                                       words) Max now has greater                     other four year olds.’
assistance in almost every
                                       opportunity to tell his family,
aspect of his life as he is unable
                                       friends, teachers and specialists,
to walk or sit independently and
                                       what he wants, thinks and how
                                       he feels.

         Connecting kids with their worlds
Amanda and Tamara see Max                                                             ‘I feel like an advocate for Max’s
and B-J at least once a week                                                          needs, it’s very much within my
and stay in touch through email                                                       role to ensure he participates
and phone conversations. ‘Good                                                        well in school. I have organised
communication, trust and respect                                                      to attend school meetings and
are the cornerstones of the                                                           support Max and B-J,’ says
good relationship we have with                                                        Amanda.
Max’s therapists,’ says B-J. ‘This
has enabled us to talk openly,                                                        B-J is hopeful that Max will one
to challenge concepts, push                                                           day be able to sit at a computer
boundaries and aim for innovative                                                     communication system, operate
solutions.’                                                                           a mouse through the calibrated
                                                                                      movement of his eyes, print his
‘Novita has opened                                                                    homework and use email. ‘I’m
                                                                                      also hopeful that he will use
up a world of                                                                         his experiences to embrace
communication                                                                         compassion and assist others
possibilities for                                                                     wherever he can,’ says B-J.
us, inspiring our
imaginations and                                                                      ‘Novita has been
nurturing our                                                                         a huge part of our
inquiring minds,’
                                      Using his ‘Big Macs’, Max can                   family. We have been
says B-J.
                                      press buttons to project a
                                      recorded message such as ‘yes’
                                                                                      supported on what
                                      or ‘no’ to talk with friends and                has been a tough
In 2005 Max’s Mum, Dad, Aunty         participate in games. ‘When you                 journey and have
and Grandfather attended the          see him happy at kindy, you think,
                                                                                      learnt so much. We
‘It Takes Two to Talk’ program        “brilliant, success”,’ Amanda says.
at Novita. ‘Max’s parents have                                                        have formed strong
worked really hard, they’re highly    Max’s next big challenge is his                 relationships with
trained now,’ says Amanda.            successful integration into school.             Max’s therapists
                                      ‘Our job is never finished. Max will
Committed to Max and his              leave a lasting imprint on his kindy,           and greatly value
family, Amanda and Tamara have        now we hope to emulate that at                  their passion and
worked extensively towards Max’s      school as well,’ says Amanda.                   commitment.’
successful integration at Barker

‘Max has had a very successful
introduction into kindy. We
integrated Max’s communication
methods and techniques so that
all the teachers and kids get a
chance to use symbols and can
communicate with him. He’s happy
and loves kindy,’ says Amanda.

Max wants to participate with his
kindy friends like any other four
year old. He likes to join in group
time and be involved in outside
                                                                  Novita Speech Pathologists, Amanda and Tamara
                                                                  communicate with Max using his ‘Big Macs’ and ‘Talky Board’.

                   By supporting Novita, you are supporting South Australian kids like Max
                                                                                          Tom Goodman
Novita Award Winners                                                                      Wins Minister’s
                                                                                          Achievement Award
                                                                                          The Minister’s Achievement Award
                                                                                          is presented to an outstanding
                                                                                          Novita ‘all rounder’ who has
                                                                                          demonstrated a commitment to
                                                                                          personal independence, taking
                                                                                          part in community activities and
                                                                                          really ‘connecting with their world’.
                                                                                          The Award was presented by
                                                                                          the Minister for Disability, The
                                                                                          Honourable Jennifer Rankine, MP    .

                                                                                          The 2008 recipient is Tom

                                                                                          While Tom has cerebral palsy it has
                                                                                          not slowed him down.

                                                                                          Tom completed Year 12 at
                                                                                          Pembroke School, where he
                                                                                          resided as a boarder, demonstrating
                                                                                          his determination to live as
                                                                                          independently as possible.

                                                                                          He is also a keen and accomplished
     Novita Award Winners Tom Goodman and Daniel Bird celebrate their success in 2008 .   sportsman, and a world traveller.
                                                                                          He has travelled the world alone to
                                                                                          meet his parents in locations such
                                                                                          as Dubai and Hong Kong.
    Daniel Bird Wins Wallmans Award
                                                                                          In his younger years he managed
    The Wallmans Lawyers                          all his energy into achieving the       to ride his bike to school. More
    Academic Achievement Award                    grades he needs to succeed              recently, he has succeeded as a
    recognises the consistent                     in Year 12. He is so focused,           cross country runner and tennis
    academic excellence of a                      he has even put his sporting            player - he has even mastered a two
    Novita client over the age of 10.             activities on hold for the year.        handed serve. Additionally, Tom is
                                                                                          a member of the Australian Junior
    This year’s winner is Daniel                  He is a brave and optimistic            Paralympics Soccer Squad.
    Bird.                                         young man who is willing to
                                                  share his experiences in order          As part of his Year 11 studies, Tom
    Daniel completed Year 12                      to advocate for others living           elected to do work experience
    this year at Charles Campbell                 with cerebral palsy, and to help        at Novita. He organised his own
    Secondary School, and he has                  them to succeed – just as he            transport, undertook administrative
    study at University firmly in his             has.                                    duties and assisted with client
    sights for next year.                                                                 related tasks at Novita’s Paradise
                                                  Daniel is an inspiration to             office. Tom was diligent, hard
    Daniel has cerebral palsy. He                 everyone who knows him.                 working and a sheer delight to have
    has faced a number of learning                The Wallmans Lawyers                    in the office.
    and physical challenges.                      Academic Achievement Award
                                                  is well-deserved recognition for        Tom and his mother have shared
    Daniel tires easily and often                 his outstanding efforts.                their story with parents of children
    needs to sleep before being                                                           attending a Novita early intervention
    able to tackle his homework;                  The Wallmans Lawyers                    program. His story of determination
    such is his dedication to his                 Academic Achievement Award              and achievement is an inspiration to
    studies.                                      was presented by Chris                  other families.
                                                  Wellington, Partner, Wallmans
    Despite these obstacles, Daniel               Lawyers                                 Clearly Tom Goodman is a young
    has persevered and is putting                                                         man with limitless potential.

8         Connecting kids with their worlds
 Novita Star Awards
 The 2008 Novita Star Awards acknowledge the outstanding contributions of
 some of Novita’s generous long-term corporate sponsors. This year, the Telstra
 Foundation and the Lions Club, District 201 C1 both received Star Awards.

 Telstra Foundation
 Awarded a Novita Star
 The Telstra Foundation has been awarded with a Novita Star
 for their support in the development of the E-Mentor Program,
 aiding teenagers with acquired brain injury.

 Presented by Novita President, Professor Andrew Downing, at Novita’s Annual
 ‘A Thousand Thank Yous’ Cocktail Party, Telstra Group Manager Corporate
 Responsibility, Maria Simpson, accepted the award on behalf of the Foundation.
 ‘It’s wonderful to receive such positive and public thanks for the work the               Maria Simpson from Telstra accepted
 Telstra Foundation does to help connect children with each other and their                   the award from Professor Andrew
                                                                                                          Downing from Novita.
 communities,’ she says.

 The E-Mentor Program connects teens with acquired brain injuries with their peers and the wider community
 through specially trained Novita ‘e-mentors’. Teens and their mentors communicate via innovative electronic
 communication techniques such as mobile phones, SMS, e-mail, internet chat rooms and online forums.

 The e-mentoring relationship helps these teenagers develop the skills, knowledge and motivation they need to
 participate fully and successfully in their personal, academic and professional lives. By providing a variety of
 communication options, teens with any disability, in any location, have full access to the program.

 ‘The E-Mentor Program is a fantastic example of how telecommunications can be used to help solve complex
 social issues,’ says Ms Simpson.

 Novita Chief Executive Glenn Rappensberg says teenagers living with disabilities can often find themselves
 feeling lonely and socially isolated. ‘Thanks to the generous support of the Telstra Foundation, Novita Children’s
 Services is now reaching out to these teens through the E-Mentor Program,’ he says.

                                       Lions Club District 201 C1
                                       Awarded a Novita Star
                                       Novita has honoured the Lions Club, District 201 C1 with a
                                       Novita Star for helping to make the dreams of mobility a reality
                                       for many Novita kids.

                                       Also presented by Novita President, Professor Andrew Downing, at the ‘A
Vaal and Ray Dix from the Lions Club   Thousand Thank Yous’ Cocktail Party, the partnership was deemed as a perfect
    accept the award from Professor    example of community spirit at its finest.
       Andrew Downing from Novita.

District 201 C1 has made a significant contribution to the Australian Lion’s Mobility Foundation through their annual
community fundraising initiatives, including Lion’s Christmas cakes and mints. The Foundation works towards
ensuring children with disabilities can access a walker that best meets their needs.

                                                                                  Novita Children’s Services                9
In recognition of the contributions of our newest corporate partners, Novita awarded four
Rising Star Awards at the annual ‘A Thousand Thank Yous’ Cocktail Party.

 Sorby Adams                                                   AV Style
 Sorby Adams Wines joined the                                  AV Style has supported Novita
 Savings & Loans Mighty River                                  for the past three years,
 Run as a participant in 2007                                  providing audio-visual and
 and has since donated more                                    staging requirements at all our
 than $12,000 worth of wine to                                 major events, including Convoy
 the event. In addition, Novita                                for Kids and the Savings &
 is pleased to announce that                                   Loans Mighty River Run. In the last year alone, AV
 Sorby Adams Wines has committed to supporting                 Style has donated more than $10,000 in ‘in-kind’
 this exciting event for the next two years. Owner and         services to our kids. Managing Director, David Jose,
 Winemaker, Simon Adams, was there to accept the               was there to accept the Rising Star Award on the
 Rising Star Award on the night.                               night.

St Peter’s College                                             CMV Group
 Earlier this year St Peters                                   The CMV Foundation
 College students sold                                         began its relationship
 wristbands in different House                                 with Novita just this year,
 colours to students at their                                  with a $30,000 cash
 Sports Day Carnival to raise                                  donation to our much
 money for Novita’s kids. This                                 cherished event, Convoy
 successful initiative raised                                  for Kids. Now a major sponsor, CMV has confirmed
 $2000. Headmaster, Phillip Grutzner, accepted the             its support for Convoy for Kids in 2009. CMV also lent
 Rising Star Award on behalf of the College.                   a helping hand by distributing Convoy information
                                                               throughout their service centres.

      Events calendar
 Carols by Candlelight
 Sunday 21 December
 From 8pm
 Entry via gold coin donation

 Get into the true spirit of Christmas as you join hundreds
 of families in Elder Park to light a candle and sing your
 favourite Christmas carols, while raising money for Novita,
 the Cora Barclay Centre and the Women’s and Children’s
 Hospital Foundation.

 Did you know - Almost two tonnes of candles
 are melted by Carols by Candlelight every year.

10      Connecting kids with their worlds
                   Social hour

                                                               Members of the Rainbow Committee with guest
Auxiliary members presented Years of Service                   MC, Michael Keelan, guest speaker, Joyce
awards at Novita’s 2008 Auxiliary Conference.                  Dorothy Warren OAM and guest auctioneer,
                                                               Sharon Grey from Jock Gilbert Real Estate.

    Novita Bingo
    Bingo locations and session times

    British Workingmen’s Club
    11 Davis Street, Wingfield

    Tuesdays        •   7.30pm to 9.30pm
    Thursdays       •   10.30am to 11.30am
                    •   12.30pm to 2.30pm
                    •   7.30pm to 9.30pm

    Marion Sports and Social Club
    Sturt Road, Marion                                         Magarey Medallist Russell Ebert, John Inge,
                                                               former SANFL Coach Doug Thomas and Magarey
    Wednesdays • 11.30am to 1.30pm                             Medallist Barrie Robran at the Novita Sports
    Fridays    • 7.30pm to 9.30pm                              Challenge Foundation’s Roast for Doug Thomas.

    Regency Park Centre
    171 Days Road, Regency Park

    Wednesdays • 7.30pm to 9.30pm
    Fridays    • 7.30pm to 9.30pm
    Saturdays  • 6pm to 7pm
               • 8pm to 10pm
    Sundays    • 1pm to 3pm
               • 4pm to 5pm
               • 6pm to 8pm

                                                     Novita Bingo Team dressed        Novita Bingo Team dressed
For more information contact Liz on (08) 8243 8240   for The Festival of the Boot.    for Talk Like a Pirate Day.

                                                                              Novita Children’s Services            11
                                                                             Novita Children’s Services is a recognised
                                                                             leader in the provision of therapy,
                                                                             equipment and family support services to
                                                                             more than 1300 South Australian children
                                                                             living with disabilities and acquired brain

                                                                             While it costs millions of dollars to provide
                                                                             our life-changing services, they are
                                                                             provided free of charge to the children
                                                                             and young people we serve.

                                                                             Novita receives almost 55 per cent of its
                                                                             funding from the South Australian and
                                                                             Australian Governments. The remaining
                                                                             funds are generously donated by our
                                                                             loyal supporters and the South Australian

                                                                             Your donation will help Novita to continue
                                                                             to ‘connect kids with their worlds’.

Contact details

             Novita Children’s Services
             PO Box 2438
             Regency Park SA 5942

℡            Call
             08 8243 8243


             171 Days Road, Regency Park

             1300 NOVITA (1300 668 482) or

Donations of $2 and over are tax deductible.
Please make cheques payable to Novita Children’s
Services ABN 47 993 053 341
Novita Children’s Services will record your personal information for the
purposes of communicating with our supporters. Your information is
strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to any third party. Please
contact our Marketing Department on 8243 8229 if you have any                                           Novita News December 2008
queries.                                                                                                         ARBN: 132 952 106

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