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If you want to market successfully, you need to communicate successfully. The biggest
communication mistake businesspeople make is telling their prospects any and everything about
their business or company. The same holds true when communicating with the media. When
you're being interviewed, producers and writers don't have time for your life history, they want a
good story.

Communicate your message in the shortest amount of time with the greatest impact. This is an
important business skill, as well as a media skill. A media interview is not a conversation. Both
sides have an agenda. You want to generate interest in your company; the producer wants good
ratings. It's not much different when you speak with prospective clients. You want to interest
possible clients, and they want to know what's in it for them.

So, with that in mind, the following are my top ten marketing success secrets for businesses. The
trick is not to implement all of these, but, through trial and error, to find out which work best for

1) Yes online exposure is crucial, but don't ignore the traditional media. Being featured in the
news is the best way to gain credibility and validation and reach your target market.

2) Position yourself as an expert in your field, not simply as a business owner or entrepreneur.

3) Write and send out press releases to the media, but also write press releases to post on the
internet and reach your audience directly.

4) Post your releases on free press release sites, or use the most inexpensive option on a fee-
based press release distribution service.

5) Write articles giving valuable tips, secrets and, information about your field and post them on
article sites.

6) When writing press releases or articles, don't focus on your product or service, focus on
solving your customer's problems.

7) Shoot short videos of you talking about your area of expertise and post them on Youtube and
other appropriate sites.

8) Search for blogs in your business arena or field of expertise and comment on them. Don't
promote, but communicate.
9) Find appropriate social media sites and connect directly with your target market.

10) Create a blog. Make it interesting. Post on a regular basis. Tell a story. Solve problems. Ask
questions. Be creative. Have fun with it. Communicate with your audience.

Never forget that your marketing comes down to your story. The most powerful brands have
established themselves by developing an effective compelling story. Remember, your message
defines your marketing. So, that's your starting place. Find your story, then start at number one
and start building your own, unique successful marketing machine.

By Anthony Mora