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									  Texas Department of Insurance
  14 Annual Fraud Conference          Texas Department of Insurance
                                      14th Annual Fraud Conference
                                          EXHIBITOR PROFILES
          February 28 – February 29, 2012  Austin, Texas  Commons Conference Center

AUTOMOBILE         Profile
THEFT              The Austin Police Department Auto Theft Interdiction Project (ATIP), with the assistance of
INTERDICTION       the Texas Auto Burglary and Theft Prevention Authority, has successfully implemented a
PROJECT – AUSTIN   variety of strategies to reduce auto thefts, recover stolen vehicles, and prosecute offenders.
POLICE             ATIP uses a variety of strategies to combat auto theft through investigation, enforcement
DEPARTMENT         techniques, analysis, prevention, and educational strategies. ATIP also provides a
                   neighborhood liaison to organize activities and programs to educate citizens on ways to
                   prevent auto theft and vehicle burglaries.

                   Contact Information
                   Diana Amaro
                   P.O. Box 689001
                   Austin, TX 78768-9001
                   (512) 974-5713

BAUER              Profile
INVESTIGATIONS     Bauer Investigation is a full-service nationwide investigative agency with international
LLC                capabilities. Our highly professional investigators have an average of 12 years of
                   experience and are well equipped to handle the intricacies of surveillance, SIU, background
                   investigations, activity checks, and AOE/COE investigations.

                   Contact Information
                   Phone: ( 800) 881-1024
                   Fax: (800) 881-1034

CLAIMS             Profile
VERIFICATION INC   Founded in 1978, CVI is one of the largest independent investigation firms in the country
                   serving the insurance industry exclusively. Today our operations include eight fully staffed
                   regional offices strategically located throughout our U.S. coverage area. Our founding
                   principles of integrity, ethics, and quality investigations set the standard others strive to

                   CVI attracts and retains the highest caliber of investigative professionals, and employs an
                   exceptionally large and diverse team with a wide variety of educational backgrounds and
                   experience. Our investigators are career professionals and CVI is committed to helping
                   each and every one achieve success as leaders in the industry.

                   Contact Information
                   Bill Howe and Randy Davis
                   6700 N. Andrews, Ste 200
                   Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
                   (888) 284-2000
  Texas Department of Insurance
  14 Annual Fraud Conference

ECCENTEX          Profile
                  Eccentex Investigative Case Management Software offers robust tools with simple ways to
                  track investigations and effectively manage case loads. The software will manage
                  correspondence, contacts, documents, profiles, and follow ups, which are all kept together
                  in one case file. The application makes it easy to set up access rules for sensitive data,
                  determine user permissions, and document each stage of an investigation, creating a
                  detailed history report. Investigations software users save a lot of time with automated
                  reports, templates, archiving, and alerts.

                  Empower your employees with an effective investigations-handling system that enables
                  their best performance and simplifies caseload management. Eccentex Dynamic Case
                  Management application makes it easy to store electronic and physical exhibits, track and
                  report case-related expenses, create and search case files, schedule tasks, and
                  communicate across departments, business locations and remote offices. Whether used for
                  eDiscovery, criminal investigation software, fraud and abuse, or other legal or audit and
                  compliance management purposes, system users can work with investigations cases,
                  update documents and set up calendar events in real time, from any location.

                  The Investigation case management applications are built on the Eccentex AppBase cloud
                  platform (PaaS) which is flexible and allows our clients to create a system that meets their
                  specific standards. Business users can easily adjust workflow requirements, modify
                  application permissions for each user and set up user roles. The application is always
                  current with automatic updates and in sync with the organization's goals.

                  Investigative case management solutions are primarily designed to manage risk, fraud, and
                  compliance across the enterprise. Examples of investigative case management cases
                  include: eDiscovery, fraud and abuse, audit tracking, regulatory and compliance, M&A, and
                  IT governance.

                  Contact Information
                  Greg Taylor
                  6101 W. Centinela Ave, Suite 140
                  Culver City, CA 90230
                  (512) 966-0299

Global Options    Profile
                  GlobalOptions is a full-service investigation firm providing investigative and compliance
                  services throughout the United States. GlobalOptions performs surveillance, claim
                  investigations, background checks, internet mining/social networking investigations,
                  alive&well checks, and medical canvassing utilizing our own investigators. We are one of
                  the largest privately-held companies in our industry, offering structured programs for
                  insurance carriers, self insureds, third-party administrators and FORTUNE 500 employers
                  across the country.

                  Contact Information
                  Jeff Cesario
                  801 Warrenville Road, Suite 360
                  Lisle, IL 60532
                  (630) 242-0601
  Texas Department of Insurance
  14 Annual Fraud Conference

HOSPITAL          Profile
CANVASS.COM specializes in locating information pertaining to your claimant and
                  their medical history and the alleged injury. All assignments are completely customizable.
                  Our reports are time-saving and cost-effective. Minority owned. When records count, you
                  can count on us!

                  Contact Information
                  Trent Simon
                  P.O. Box 50957
                  Denton, TX 76206
                  (800) 783-7718

ICS MERRILL       Profile
                  ICS Merrill is the Investigative Services Division of EMSI, which has a 35-year history as a
                  leading provider of medical information, risk management, and investigation services to the
                  insurance, mortgage, legal, clinical, and business communities. Employing one of the
                  largest and most experienced group of employee investigators, ICS Merrill is the preferred
                  provider of investigative services for many national and international companies. ICS Merrill
                  services include surveillance and activity checks, corporate surveillance and investigations,
                  dependence reporting, medical and sports facility canvassing, total disability reporting,
                  subrogation services, international investigations, death claim services, and claims
                  investigations. For more information, please visit our website at

                  Contact Information
                  Angelique Niles
                  9485 Regency Square Boulevard, Suite 400
                  Jacksonville, FL 32225
                  (888) 932-7364

ISG VALUE         Profile
                  ISG is a national market leader and industry pioneer delivering a unique suite of medical
                  and antifraud-related insurance management services to employers, third-party
                  administrators, insurance claim markets, the disability industry, and group health

                  Contact Information
                  Jason Turk and Sam Smith
                  55 Ferncroft, Ste.100
                  Danvers, MA 01923
                  (214) 883-9467
  Texas Department of Insurance
  14 Annual Fraud Conference

MISSION           Profile
INVESTIGATIONS    Full-service, licensed investigative agency servicing all areas of Texas. Specializing in
                  injury fraud and liability claims with more than 30 years of experience.

                  Contact Information
                  Dan Phillips
                  P.O. Box 160665
                  San Antonio, TX 78280
                  (210) 342-3200

NATIONAL          Profile
INSURANCE CRIME   The National Insurance Crime Bureau is the nation's leading not-for-profit organization
BUREAU            exclusively dedicated to preventing, detecting, and defeating insurance fraud and vehicle
                  theft through data analytics, investigations, training, legislative advocacy, and public
                  awareness. The NICB is supported by more than 1,100 property and casualty insurance
                  companies and self-insured organizations.

                  Contact Information
                  Mike Massey and Ron Sillavan
                  320 Decker Dr., Suite 100
                  Irving, TX 75062
                  (832) 426-6978

M ANAGEMENT       The Polonious Investigation Management System brings enhanced organization, tracking
SYSTEMS           and automation to SIU case management. The solution provides real-time information,
                  dashboards, and timelines that improve operational effectiveness and maximize resources.

                  Contact Information
                  Rick Shepherd
                  777 So. Flagler Dr., Suite 800, West Tower
                  West Palm Beach, FL 33401

TEXAS             Profile
DEPARTMENT OF     TDI staff will answer questions about consumer outreach activities and distribute free
INSURANCE –       consumer publications on auto, homeowners, renters, health, and life insurance, and
CONSUMER          preventing insurance fraud.
                  Contact Information
                  Ed Attra
                  333 Guadalupe
                  Austin, TX 78701
  Texas Department of Insurance
  14 Annual Fraud Conference

VERACITY          Profile
RESEARCH CO.      Veracity Research Company Investigations takes pride in providing you with investigative
INVESTIGATIONS    partnerships in all aspects of insurance fraud. Ready to answer your questions, our highly
                  trained nationwide staff is not only committed to providing you with superior investigations,
                  but also dedicated to saving you time and money.

                  Contact Information
                  Ned Punte
                  PO Box 814646
                  Dallas, TX 75381

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