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With self belief anything and everything is possible


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     April 2012           Business Newsletter

 Dan Skinstad – “Sick and tired of being sick and tired”
After six months kayaking the Icelandic seas, Dan Skinstad wants to inspire others to live beyond their fears.
Speaking during an Express Sales Summit on 21 January 2012, Skinstad, who has cerebral palsy, told of how he
grappled with his disability before embarking on the expedition.

Dan Skinstad is a young aspiring Lawyer who         Early in 2011 after a series of serendipitous   In September 2011 the pair emerged victorious
is one of three boys in a sports mad family.        occurrences and chance meetings, Dan and        having completed what many had thought to
Dan suffers from a rare form of cerebral palsy      his friend and paddling partner, well known     be impossible.
known as spastic diplegia which meant that          solo adventurer, Riaan Manser, embarked on
for the majority of his life he has had to settle   an epic and ambitious adventure with their      Since arriving back Dan has spoken to a
with being an enthusiastic spectator when all       aim being to circumnavigate the land of fire     number of audiences and the media about his
he really wanted to do was play competitive         and ice more commonly known as Iceland on       adventure. He is currently in the final stages of
sport with his brothers and friends.                a double kayak.                                 being admitted as an Attorney.
                                                                                                    Dan has a lively, charismatic and warm persona
For years he had to bottle up the stress and        This daring adventure spanned six months        and through his experiences, aims to spread
anguish that his physical condition causes          and roughly 2300 kms where the pair had to      the message that with self belief anything and
him which resulted in a very low self esteem.       conquer the savage elements, their fears and    everything is possible.
His usually bubbly persona was often clouded        insecurities and severe homesickness among
over by the negativity that he felt towards         many other challenges.                          Express Employment Professionals

A few years ago Dan decided that he was “sick
and tired of being sick and tired” and decided
to do something positive to better his life, his
                                                          With self
physical condition, his self esteem and the
way others perceived him.                           belief anything and
                                                         is possible

                                  Dan Skinstad and Riaan Manser                                     Dan Skinstad and Carolyn Diaz at the Express
                                                                                                         Sales Summit on 21 January 2012                                                                                                  Contact: 0861 166 853
  Express Employment Professionals Earns Top Awards
         at International Leadership Conference
Express   Employment Professionals South          instrumental to the growth and sustainability    “We would like to express our gratitude for
Africa earned top honours at the staffing         of South Africa. Since taking over the helm      the support of our communities, clients
firm’s 29th annual International Leadership        in 2008, it has seen consistent growth every     and the efforts of our staff that made these
Conference in San Antonio, Texas.                 year. She has helped Express grow by 277% in     awards possible,” Express Employment
                                                  four short years, and has developed a strong     Professionals.
The Express Durban South, Richards Bay and        staff component at Head Quarters.
Midrand offices were awarded the Circle of
Excellence, which recognizes top performing       Nearly 1,400 Express franchisees and
offices in the Express system.                    their staff attended the company’s annual
                                                  international leadership conference from 22-
The Directors Award was received by Carolyn       25 February. The conference featured three
Diaz, Express Head Quarters. This award is        days of workshops, networking and training
given to individuals who have grown and           on staffing and workplace issues such as
developed to higher levels and continue           leadership, customer service, retention and
to model the Express culture. She has been        team building.

                                                           Our achievers

       William Stoller (USA) Carolyn Diaz (SA) Robert Funk (USA)                 William Stoller (USA) Hilda Walker (SA) Robert Funk (USA)

     William Stoller (USA) Annelie Laubscher (SA) Robert Funk (USA)              William Stoller (USA) Brenda Delport (SA) Robert Funk (USA)                                                                                                  Contact: 0861 166 853
                     Administrative Staf fing Ser vice Of fering
                                        Good people with proven skills
Y our assistant is absent and you need a          Express tests workers’ skills before we send       Working with Express can save you time,
replacement fast? No problem.                     them to you. We take extra time to interview       money and energy since we recruit talent
                                                  and pre-qualify candidates to our own high         every day.
Need to hire two really good debtors clerks       standards. So when you call, we have the right
right away? Got it.                               people ready to go to work.                        Staffing solutions
                                                                                                     We have the resources and expertise to staff a
Want to try out a new office manager on our       You can obtain a variety of pre-qualified skilled   variety of administrative positions, including:
payroll? Done.                                    workers, request background screening and
                                                  criminal checks — for part-time or permanent       •	        Receptionists
When it comes to administrative work, you         placements.
either have the skills or you don’t.                                                                 •	        Data	capturers
                                                                                                     •	        Executive	assistants
                                                                                                     •	        Filing	clerks
                                                                                                     •	        Program	administrators
                                                                                                     •	        Project	coordinators
                                                                                                     •	        HR	assistants
                                                                                                     •	        Typists
                                                                                                     •	        Debtors	Clerks
                                                                                                     •	        Creditors	Clerks
                                                                                                     •	        Bookkeepers

                                                                                                     For more information contact your local
                                                                                                     Express office, or visit the website on

    The Changing Face of Labour Broking in South Africa
The   industry as a whole should not be           of vulnerability of employees placed by labour     Cape Town research revealed that of the 3.4-
blamed and punished for a few labour              brokers and that it embraced the ILO notion        million jobs created since 1994, about 1.2-
brokers exploiting workers. It is a valuable      of “decent work”. At that time labour brokers      million jobs were created in the financial and
contributor to the fiscus and to the creation      were placing more than 500 000 temporary           business services category. Of these close to
of jobs’ The Confederation of Associations in     assignees daily across all industries. Of these    a million positions were filled through labour
the Private Employment Sector (CAPES). The        31% achieved permanent appointments.               brokerages and security services. Things have
future of labour brokers in South Africa is a     Moreover, labour brokers also facilitated more     changed, not least the fact that now some
controversial debate that fluctuates from total   than 20 000 learnerships annually. At the time     42% of temporary assignees gain permanent
banning to the greater regulation but few of      organised business also mentioned that it          employment. SA’s jobless rate stands at
the sector’s critics acknowledge that as long     was not averse to the idea of joint and several    23,9%, with about half of its young people
ago as August 2009 CAPES placed a written         liability of labour brokers and their clients,     unemployed.
submission to the Parliamentary Portfolio         but that this should be limited to vulnerable
Committee in which it accepted the principle      employees. More recently University of             Business Report

                                   Private Employment Ser vices
Did you know?
Private Employment Services provide a stepping stone:                       Private Employment Services create skills:
In South Africa, just 15% of workers were in jobs before accessing agency   70% of agency workers (Internationally) undergoing training are
work; the figure rised to 61% afterwards.                                    younger than 35 years old where as only 50% of permanent workers
Agency work does not substitute permanent contracts:                        trained fall into this age group.
74% of user organisations would not consider hiring permanent workers       Private Employment Services reduce the time-lag between
as an alternative to taking on agency workers and 62% of them would         recovery and job creation:
not have created jobs if they had no access to private employment           There is a one-on-one correlation between the evolution of the number
services.                                                                   of agency workers assigned and the evolution of GDP.
Unemployment and agency work rates follow inverse patterns:
The higher the agency work penetration rate, the lower the                  The Confederation of Associations in the Private Employment Sector -
unemployment rate.                                                          CAPES                                                                                                   Contact: 0861 166 853
            Do you see growth potential in 2012?
 W   ith so much uncertainty surrounding            33.3% of our poll respondents said their
 whether this year will hold success, decline, or
 stagnation for businesses, we wanted to know
                                                    companies’ growth would remain steady, but
                                                                                                      The two top
 what our readers foresaw happening over the
 next 12 months.                                    While this is good from the viewpoint that
 So, in our February 2012 poll, we asked you,
                                                    things won’t be getting worse, it doesn’t
                                                    bode well for employees who have seen their
 considering the current economic trends,
 how you perceived your company’s growth
                                                    pay remain stagnant and job responsibilities
                                                                                                     are losing their
 potential for 2012.
                                                    Business leaders need to take these issues
                                                                                                     employees are
 The results were fairly positive considering       into serious consideration since the two           higher pay
 that 26.7% said their company would see a          top reasons organisations are losing their
 decrease in gains.                                 employees are higher pay somewhere else
                                                    and feeling overworked.
                                                                                                   somewhere else and
 40% of leaders said they expected to see                                                                 feeling
 exponential growth within their businesses         Express Employment Professionals
 over the course of the year.                                                                         overworked

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