Video Email Marketing Tips and Hints

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					Video Email Marketing Tips and Hints

Using video as a creative marketing tool is easy, fun and inexpensive. Unlike the message driven
marketing of big corporate spenders you do not have to talk incessantly about your product to try
to sell it. Spewing out yards of unwanted facts and figures that leave everybody bored to tears is
not what consumers want. If you remember nothing else about good video email, just keep this
one thing in mind. We love to buy and we hate to be sold. Now that individuals and
entrepreneurs use video to communicate with both customers and business associates, there are
just a few basic video production fundamentals you should know. This of course also leads to
some other important questions.

How do I get started on the road to profits in this wonderful land of video marketing? What are
some of the guiding principals of a good video? Why do some videos soar and others come
crashing down?

Streaming video is the fasted growing communications and marketing tool I have seen in my
lifetime. In less than 3 years mostly via word-of-mouth YouTube has become wildly popular. Do
people love video? How about 10 billion views per month! Does it sound like maybe we need
our video fix on a regular basis?

Getting started with video email can be very inexpensive. For as little as $9.95 per month you
can sign up on a month to month service plan. There are very few companies that provide a great
product and service so do your homework. After experimenting with several different
manufactures of web cams Logitech has come out on top as the hands down winner in my book.
Prices range from $20 for a basic unit to $130 for a higher quality web cam with a few more

Video emails that are extremely popular seem to have a number of similar characteristics. First
and foremost of course are some easy video production basics. Lighting, background and what
you are wearing. It is not so much the fashion as it is the look. A solid white shirt for instance
will wash you out making you look pale and bland so wear colors. The same thing applies to the
background color. Once again, white will not look as good as a solid medium blue or green

The most important video email marketing secret ingredient is comedy. Make it entertaining with
a hint of product information or usage and you could have a potential mega hit on your hands.
One excellent example is the K-TEC Inc. Will it Blend videos where they throw things like golf
balls, glow sticks and iPods in their blenders increased sales dramatically. You can do any
number of funny or comical video emails that capture and keep your consumers attention on
your product or service.

How To videos are not only popular but also build great customer loyalty. Strengthen your
relationships and solidify your status as an expert with your customers by using these quick, easy
to make videos. They can be short to the point instructional videos on just about anything related
to your business or to your consumers interests.

Sending out video about special or current events and seasonal greetings is an especially
powerful marketing tool. Go ahead, be bold, dress it up and make it entertaining. Put on some
bunny ears or send out a safety tip that is apropos to the latest news. Of course do not forget
birthdays, special occasions and anniversaries.

Video email marketing is easy, fun and inexpensive so get started today profiting from video.
Just remember to keep it short, usually under 3 minutes. Make it memorable, with an even
mixture of fun, dash of zany and a pinch of usefulness. Use common sense with lighting,
background and dress or you will bomb out before you have a chance to be seen and heard. Last
but not least, stay connected, build that relationship and look like an expert with this awesome

By Alan Woods