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									Strategic Marketing Tips: Good Design Is
The Foundation of a Strong Marketing

A good design goes a long way. Time and time again countless businesses spend their hard,
earned dollars on delivering their message. The problem is their message is clouded and the
designs used to deliver their message is just down right ugly. Many businesses don't realize the
importance of a good strong marketing message and the importance of a bold, elegant design.
Many companies spend the majority of their dollars on various mediums of delivery but fail to
procure a strong marketing centerpiece. A good strong design and message are essential to the
success of any marketing plan.

Good Titles, Body Copy and Slogans are a huge part of good design. After all a solid
marketing campaign must first start with a solid message. This means, being able to describe the
product in terms of strengths and benefits. What is it that the buyer will get out of using your
product. In other words what's in it for them? Why Should they buy your product or visit your
establishment, nightclub or restaurant in the first place?

Chose your designer and your images carefully. Make sure your chosen images and design
portray the message you are trying to get across. The images and designs chosen also serve as a
representation of your professionalism and the quality of your product or service. A strong
professional design with crisp images and a clear message also portrays your business as being a
respectful professional business. That being said, low quality blurry images and ugly designs are
a huge mistake. To the customer it says, you simply don't care enough about your product or
your service to invest in a photo shoot or invest in a good designer. Worse yet, a poorly designed
marketing brochure or bad unprofessional images indicate that your product or service will most
likely be of similar poor quality. Lets face it, if you don't seem to care about your product why
should your potential customer?

A good design will help bring in new customers so invest in a good designer and if need be
invest in a decent photo shoot as well. Make sure you make your wishes clear to your designer.
The better you can communicate your desires and ideas the closer your designer will come to
fulfilling your dream design. If you aren't completely sure what you want it's OK, but try to
figure out what your overall message should be. If you need the designer to come up with the
design all on their own or you want to partially brainstorm a few ideas with you make that clear.
A good designer will usually be very creative, inventive and may even be somewhat of an expert
at coming up with catchy titles, copy and slogans. They may suggest changes to make your
words stand out more.

Design need not be constricted to visual design alone. Radio ads also need to be designed.
Their body and copy need to be designed to fit the length of time and the message must be clear
concise and memorable. A well designed radio ad will stand out from competing radio ads by
utilizing a catchy way of attracting a listener's attention in the beginning, using a memorable
middle and ending and of course it will contain a strong solid overall message. For nightclubs the
choice of the music bed is also of the utmost importance. You want the music bed to tell a story
about the kind of music that can be expected at the club. It needs to be memorable, sound fun,
energetic and hit on the customers emotions, making them want to listen to your message and
come to your nightclub or event.

Whether designing for Print Ads, Flyers, Brochures, TV Advertisements, Radio or the internet
one of the most important tenets is to ensure that your designs stand out from the crowd. That
they are designed better and portray a stronger more desirable message to all potential costumers.
Well designed nightclub flyers, Radio Ads and Multimedia will boost sales and be worth more
than the money you invest in them. After all what's the point of handing out 5,000 flyers if they
are so damned ugly that no one keeps them? Or placing a radio ad that's not very memorable and
just gets drowned out amongst the countless other ads? Lets face it even the well designed flyers
occasionally get tossed, so what does that say about the ugly ones? Overall, well designed flyers,
brochures and advertisements will definitely yield much greater results and bring in a much
higher return on your investment. So if you invest your money in advertising make sure you
spend it wisely by investing in good design.

By Emir Santana

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