South Riding, VA Orthodontist, Dr. Anisa Omar, Offers Traditional Metal Braces For Teens

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					South Riding, VA Orthodontist, Dr. Anisa Omar, Offers Traditional Metal
Braces For Teens

South Riding, VA, 26-APR-2012- East Gate Orthodontics is pleased to
announce that Dr. Anisa Omar offers teens the orthodontic solutions that
will help them achieve their goals for a beautiful smile. The South
Riding VA Orthodontist provides teens with options such as traditional
metal braces that will be adjusted over the period of time required to
achieve straight teeth. The doctor also gives patients the education and
training needed to maintain their beautiful smile indefinitely.

When interviewed recently Dr. Omar shared her commitment to providing the
most effective care to her patients. "My goal is to give patients the
state-of-the-art orthodontic care that will meet their long-term needs. I
make sure that patients are confident and comfortable with the procedures
that will be done to achieve their goal for a beautiful smile and strive
to build lasting relationships with each patient."

During the initial consultation, Dr. Omar will perform a thorough
examination on the patient to identify the issues that must be addressed
prior to an orthodontic procedure and/or the type of orthodontic
procedures that will be required to achieve the straight teeth desired.
The doctor will discuss the options available to the teen and the
estimated length of time that braces will need to be worn. In addition,
she will provide information to the family about the steps that will be
taken to maintain the beautiful smile once it has been achieved.

Dr. Omar recommends that parents have their children assessed prior to
their teen years so that any dental issues can be addressed. Early dental
care will prepare the mouth and teeth for braces and the teen will feel
more confident when they are undergoing the procedure of getting their
teeth straight. The doctor offers traditional metal braces that have
evolved to be more comfortable and easier to adjust than the braces used
several years ago.

To get more information about the traditional metal braces and other
options offered by Dr. Anisa, South Riding VA Orthodontist, visit today. Individuals and members of the
press interested in getting more details about this press release will
find contact information below.

Dr. Anisa Omar

East Gate Orthodontics

25401 Eastern Marketplace Plaza, Suite 195

Chantilly, VA 20152

Telephone: 703-542-6336



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Description: Dr. Anisa Omar, South Riding VA Orthodontist, provides teens with options that will give them the beautiful smile they seek. The doctor offers traditional metal braces and other solutions that will fit the teen's lifestyle and activities while achieving the goal of straight teeth more effectively. Dr. Omar focuses on the individual needs of her patients and develops orthodontic programs that help teens develop habits that will give them a beautiful smile throughout their life.