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									Proven Article Marketing Strategies
As a marketer or online businessperson, you have probably researched over and over again what
works, or what strategies have been proven great. That is part of being in business on the internet.
Research and testing is a part of the gig. However, you may not have heard of some of these great
article marketing strategies that have been proven to work time and time again. Here are some of the
best strategies you will ever utilize to make your business greater.
Success Comes In Numbers -
The truth is that simply submitting one or two articles is not going to get you very far. Article marketing
should be thought of more like a campaign. You have to get some good numbers up to start seeing
activity coming from those articles, and most people have experienced a jump in activity at around 30
articles out. There is a simple formula to this: the more articles you use in your campaign, the better
your business from those articles will be. In fact, many people make article marketing their primary
source of advertisement. Using this strategy will help you gain traffic, credibility, and profits.
Be Subtle -
When you're submitting your articles to article marketing databases, you do not want to submit flat-out
sales-type articles or ones that are full of hype. First of all, most sites will not accept them and
secondly, consumers who are genuinely interested will probably click off of them. When people know
that you are flat out trying to sell them something, they will not appreciate it! You will have much
better results if you provide lots of information in your article and keep the mention of your product or
service to a minimum. One to two sentences should be plenty.
Another thing that a lot of people do is compare several products or services with their own, so that
consumers can see the many benefits of their products versus the other products. The link back to
your site that goes in the byline of your article should be plenty to get the consumer to check out your
product, especially if they see that your product has tons of great benefits.
Use Keywords Properly -
You would be surprised to know how many people don't have a firm grasp on SEO. They place
keywords within the article as many times as they can within the text they have. That is another no-
no. A good number of keywords is about 1 time per 100 words. This makes the article SEO friendly
as well as easier to read for the consumers. When the same word is repeated over and over, it can
really be confusing and choppy for the writers to read. Using the proper number of keywords will help
the article read better and place better in search engine rankings.
Using these tips and ideas is a great way to make your articles a great success for your article
marketing campaign. This means better success and more profit! You just can't beat that!

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