Chapter 13 Titrimetric Methods Precipitation Titrimetry by ert554898


									Chapter 13: Titrimetric Methods:
    Precipitation Titrimetry

   CHE 321: Quantitative Chemical Analysis
         Dr. Jerome Williams, Ph.D.
             Saint Leo University
•   Titration Basics
•   Primary Standards
•   Standard Solutions
•   Titration Curves
               Titration Basics
• Titrimetry includes a large group of analytical
  methods based on determining quantity of known
  concentration required to react completel with

  – Volumetric               Gravimetric
  – Coulometric              Redox
  – Amperometric             Spectrophotometric
                Titration Basics
• Know the following terms.

  – Standard solution (titrant)
  – Back titration
  – Equivalence point
  – End point
  – Titration error
  – Indicators
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                   Primary Standards
• A primary standard is an ultrapure compound that
  serves as the reference material for a titrimetric

• Requirements for Primary Standards
   – High Purity         Modest Cost
   – Stable              Absence of hydrate water
   – Soluble             Large Molar Mass
                 Standard Solutions
• A standard solution used in titrimetric analysis will be

   –   Stable
   –   React rapidly with analyte
   –   React completely with analyte to see end points
   –   Undergo selective reaction with analyte that can be
       described by balanced equation
               Standard Solutions
• Overall accuracy of titrimetric analysis limited by
  accuracy of the concentration of standard solution
  used in analysis.

• Two ways to determine concentration
   – Direct methods
   – Standardization
                Titration Curves
• Two types of titration curves routinely encountered
  in titrimetric methods; they are sigmoidal curve and
  linear segment curve.
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Fig 13-2a, p.351
          Suggested Problems
• HW Set 10: 13.2, 13.3, 13.5, 13.9
• HW Set 11: 13.11, 13.14, 13.15, 13.21, 13.23

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