78 - Issuance of Construction Drawings of X-Reg. _ Fall by obaidjee


									 NESPAK-MML-MMP-ACE Joint Venture
 CONSULTANTS                                                                                  R.E, ICB-03, Javed House No.1,
                                                                                              Javed Town, G.T Road,
FOR                                                                                           Mianchannu
DETAILED DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION SUPERVISION OF                                               Ph. 0652661387
REHABILITATION AND UPGRADATION OF BALLOKI BARRAGE                                             Email: re03lbdc@gmail.com

  Ref. No. LBDC/ICB-03/KN/78                                                       Dated:      December 12, 2011

              From:          Resident Engineer                           To:   Chief Resident Engineer
                             Contract No. LBDC/ICB-03                          LBDC Consultants
                             Khanewal.                                         Lahore.

                                      LOWER BARI DOAB CANAL IMPROVEMENT PROJECT (LBDCIP)
                                                   CONTRACT NO.LBDC/ICB-03
                                             ISSUANCE OF CONSTRUCTION DRAWINGS
                                             FOR X-REGULATORS & FALL STRUCTURES

             Reference:                Contractor’s letter No. LAC/MN/GEN/LBDC/ICB-03/129 Dated 13-09-2011

             Please refer to contractor’s letter no. quoted above vide which the contractor has submitted his
             plan to take up the work on the following structures for which the respective Diversions on
             LBDC at RD528+850, RD 572+800 & RD 602+800 are under construction and expected to be
             in operation during coming canal closure of 2011.

                           S. No.            Description                         Location
                              1.             Construction of X-Regulator         RD 528+850
                              2.             Construction of X-Regulator         RD 572+800
                              3.             Construction of Fall Structure      RD 602+800
             The contractor has to start construction works for the above structures just after the operation
             of said Diversions during January 2012 for which he has to arrange requisite quantity of steel
             sheet for Sheet Piling & Gate/Gearing works of subject structures in advance for approval of
             the Engineer.

             It is therefore requested that Construction Drawings of above structures may kindly be issued
             at the earliest possible time in order to avoid delay in completion of the works.


             (Sarfraz Ali Abidi)

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