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Selling HP Converged Infrastruture Solutions
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                                             Question: 1
Which business benefit will your customers realize by using HP Smart Grid technology?

A. Customers can run multiple protocols and make changes without having to bring down their servers.
B. Customers can use the same architecture to run and manage multiple workloads across servers, storage
and networking.
C. Customers can extend the life of their data centers while using much less power and cooling.
D. Customers can decrease the time-to-delivery of technology services from months to hours.

                                              Answer: C

                                             Question: 2
If your customer needs to improve connectivity and bandwidth allocation online, which HP technology
would you recommend?

A. HP Virtual Request Pools
B. HP Matrix Operating Environment
C. HP Data Center Smart Grid
D. HP FlexFabric Network

                                              Answer: D

                                             Question: 3
What is the benefit to both you and your customer of using the Converged Infrastructure Maturity Model

A. It gives the customer access to an exclusive set of benchmarks and best practices of their competitors
derived from primary research conducted by the HP Sales and Marketing Division.
B. It allows you to identify key pain points and top IT infrastructure gaps, enabling you to build an
actionable plan toward a Converged Infrastructure.
C. It provides video demonstrations that outline specific customer benefits that can be derived when the
solution is deployed in an actual customer environment.
D. It is a self-assessment tool that the customer can use as a replacement for extensive consulting

                                              Answer: B
Adobe Apple Cisco CompTIA HP EMC IBM Microsoft Oracle Juniper                                        2
                                             Question: 4
Arrange the boxes in order to build the CI-MM five stages of maturity.

                          Answer: <map><m x1="4" x2="128"
                         y1="241" y2="279" ss="0" a="0" /><m
                               x1="133" x2="260" y1="243"
                         y2="274" ss="0" a="0" /><m x1="267"
                           x2="391" y1="243" y2="274" ss="0"
                              a="0" /><m x1="398" x2="523"
                         y1="242" y2="273" ss="0" a="0" /><m
                               x1="529" x2="657" y1="242"
                         y2="275" ss="0" a="0" /><m x1="341"
                         x2="464" y1="4" y2="38" ss="1" a="0"
                             /><m x1="341" x2="465" y1="51"
                          y2="82" ss="1" a="0" /><m x1="339"
                            x2="464" y1="95" y2="131" ss="1"
                              a="0" /><m x1="340" x2="466"
                         y1="144" y2="173" ss="1" a="0" /><m
                               x1="339" x2="465" y1="191"
                          y2="222" ss="1" a="0" /><c start="3"
                         stop="4" /><c start="1" stop="3" /><c
                             start="0" stop="2" /><c start="2"
                             stop="1" /><c start="4" stop="0"
Stage1: Compartmentalized/Legacy
Stage 2: Standardized
Stage 3: Optimized
Stage 4: Service-Oriented
Stage 5: Adaptively Sourced and Shared infrastructure
Adobe Apple Cisco CompTIA HP EMC IBM Microsoft Oracle Juniper            3
Adobe Apple Cisco CompTIA HP EMC IBM Microsoft Oracle Juniper   4
                                             Question: 5
The Converged Infrastructure Maturity Model process helps to evaluate your customer's IT organization by
investigating the resources used to plan, manage, and improve the delivery of IT services to their business.
Which domain is this?

A. Technology and Architecture
B. Culture and Staff
C. Demand, Supply and IT Governance
D. Management Tools and Processes

                                              Answer: A

                                             Question: 6
Which HP array is well known for reducing storage administration time by 90%?

A. P9500 Disk Array
B. 3PAR Storage
C. Enterprise Virtual Array
D. P4000SAN

                                              Answer: B

                                             Question: 7
Once the customer understands the potential impact of HP Converged Infrastructure, which HP Network
service would be the most appropriate for helping the customer build a strategy and a business case for
adopting Converged Infrastructure?

A. Business Benefits Roadmap
B. Visioning Workshop
C. Assessment Service
D. Packaged Implementation

                                              Answer: C
Adobe Apple Cisco CompTIA HP EMC IBM Microsoft Oracle Juniper                                        5
                                             Question: 8
As part of the fundamental set of solutions for HP Instant-On Enterprise, which solution will help
customers rethink how their company's data is gathered, stored and used?

A. information Optimization
B. Application Transformation
C. Converged Infrastructure
D. Enterprise Security

                                              Answer: A

                                             Question: 9
HP's StoreOnce D2D backup system offers which significant advantages over traditional tape solutions?
(Select two.)

A. Acts as a long term archive for infrequently accessed data
B. Offers huge savings in tape media and tape drive costs
C. Allows media to be moved offsite to 3rd party service providers
D. Provides faster backup and recovery windows
E. Provides job security for back-up administrators.

                                            Answer: B, D

                                            Question: 10
What is the biggest difference between HP Critical Advantage and HP Proactive Select?

A. Critical Advantage includes hardware and software, while Proactive Select only includes hardware.
B. Critical Advantage is integrated with Mission-Critical Partnership, while Proactive Select is not.
C. Critical Advantage includes reactive support, while Proactive Select does not.
D. Proactive Select includes 24x7 Access to HP technical experts, while Critical Advantage does not.

                                              Answer: B
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                     HP2-E39                                           HP

Selling HP Converged Infrastruture Solutions

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