Asia Regional Office –
Micronutrient Initiative India (MII)
11, Zamroodpur Community Centre
Kailash Colony Extension
New Delhi-110048
Telephone: + 91 11 4686 2000
Fax: + 91 11 4686 2048

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									                CURRICULUM VITAE – ANUBHAV GARG


Family Name: Anubhav
First Name: Anubhav Last Name: Garg
Address: 330/11, Behind Irrigation workshop, In front of New Girls H. Sec. School Sihora
Postal Address: 330/11,Behind Irrigation Workshop Sihora -483225, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
Telephone Home: +07624 -231408
Telephone Mobile: +09826350809
Email 1:
Marital Status: Unmarried
Date of Birth: 21/October/1982
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: India
Present Nationality: Indian
Languages and Fluency Level: Hindi and English


Bachelor in Commerce (Statistics, Income tax, Business Management, Auditing, Taxation,
Sales Tax), G.S. College of Commerce &Economics, Jabalpur M.P. (Rani Durgavati
Vishwavidyalaya, Jabalpur)
Mar-Apr. 2002

Masters in Rural Development – (Rural Industrialization, Cooperation, Rural Finance and
Marketing, Rural Administration and Panchayat Raj, Human Resource Development)
Department of Rural Development, Rani Durgavati Vishwavidyalaya, Jabalpur M.P.
Mar-Apr. 2004

Post Graduate Diploma in Human Rights (Role of NGO‟s in Human Rights, Human Rights
Education, Training and Teaching, Role of Judiciary Public Interest Ligation and Media, Legal
Aid Remedies and Reforms) Indian Institute of Human Rights New Delhi
Mar-Apr. 2006

Bachelor in Journalism & Communication (History of Media, Editing Production and News
Media Application, Audio-Visual Communication, Principal of Advertising and Public Relation)
Department Of Journalism and Mass Communication, Rani Durgavati Vishwavidyalaya,
Jabalpur M.P
Mar-Apr. 2010

Current Organization : Micronutrient Initiative India (MII)
Designation -            Divisional Coordinator
Tenure                   15th May, 2011

Description of Duty and Responsibility –

      To Support to the district level micro planning process, training of functionaries and
       assisting in implementation.
      Monitoring the delivery mechanism and district and sub district levels on an ongoing
       basis and working towards strengthening the same for sustainable improvement in
       vitamin A coverage by focusing on provision of technical and programmatic support for
       the Bal Surcaksha Maah and delivery of first dose through routine health delivery
      Monitoring of all micronutrient program s being implemented in the assigned district and
       sharing of information with the nodal functionaries at district level on monthly basis.
      Linkages with state and district officials involved in the implementation of VAS program.
      Facilitate coordination and joint planning between Health and ICDS.
      Liaise with vitamin – A stockholders at their District/Divisional level (Govt. Deptt.
      Participation in relevant district level Task Force/informal working groups.
       Monitoring vitamin –A supplementation (also supply issues) at the district level
       including review of report, surveys, coverage etc.
      Assisting in completion of coverage data at district level and supporting analysis and
       planning for corrective action based on such analysis.
      Solve bottlenecks as they occur.
      Organize technical or programmatic workshops as and when required.
      Work closely with the state women and child development department „s ICDS program
       and state Health & family welfare Department in areas of convergence so as to benefit
       the VAS program in the state as well as to contribute towards building sustainable
       systems. Which will be able to continue the VAS successfully in the future and achieve
       universal coverage.

Asia Regional Office –
Micronutrient Initiative India (MII)
11, Zamroodpur Community Centre
Kailash Colony Extension
New Delhi-110048
Telephone: + 91 11 4686 2000
Fax: + 91 11 4686 2048


Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals (ISAP), New Delhi
Designation                  State Head- SGSY, Madhya Pradesh
Tenure                      July, 2010 to 10 may 2011

Description of Duty and Responsibility –

      To operate SGSY- Skill Development Program for 5 Livelihood Schools in Madhya
       Pradesh, India.
      To create 2000 livelihoods in Madhya Pradesh India, 1500 livelihood by March 2011 in
       the Pilot Phase.
      To attain a minimum placement of 80% placement ideally intake of candidates interested
       for agricultural job opportunities.
      To approaches to be made among 12 districts of MP as mentioned in MoU with Ministry
       of Rural Development.

Organization                 SAMARTHAN Centre for Development Support, Bhopal
Designation                 District Coordinator, Sehore, Madhya Pradesh.
Tenure                      November, 2009 to July, 2010

Description of Duty and Responsibility –

      To coordinate a project on Calming Rights of Children to water ,Sanitation and Hygiene,
       Project Area: Sixteen GPs of Sehore block, District Sehore, MP, India funded by Save
       the children Finland and Water Aid International.
      To promote campaigning for sanitation and hygiene at villages, in the community as well
       as in schools and anganwadis, mobilize the community to adopt hygienic and safe
       sanitation practices, organize programs for children, special meetings in Gram Sabha.
      To organise Programs like pre-election voters awareness campaign, special meetings in
       Gram Sabha on village development planning.
      To represent the organization in various forums, developing and executing strategies for
       raising human and financial resources, Interaction with government department
       functionaries and networking with print and electronic media to create visibility of

Organization                  Naandi Foundation, Hyederabad
Designation                   Programme Coordinator Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh
Tenure                        August, 2008 to November, 2009

Description of Duty and Responsibility –

      To coordinate Six, Mid Day meal Hi-tech Central Kitchens at to state Madhya Pradesh
       and Rajasthan (Chittorgarh, Bhilwara, Kota, Jabalpur Bhopal, Indore).
      To maintain daily financial accounts, reports, monitor cocking activity, visits in Schools
       for inspection of proper delivery of food in time.
   To liaison with the District Administration, Department of Education, Municipal
       corporation to speedup payments and grain from Department of Food Corporation India.
   To ensure about better storage, cleanliness, safety in Hi-tech kitchens and quality of food.

Organization                  PRATHAM, Gujarat Education Initiative, Ahmadabad
Designation                   Program officer for Read India Programme
Tenure                        January 2008 to August 2008

Description of Duty and Responsibility –

      To monitor and document execution of program as per agreed systems and processes.
      Collaborate with govt. education officers at state and district level to ensure smooth
       functioning and sustainability of the program.
      Review, redesign and design trainings of teachers systems and processes for efficient
       implementation of the program and to ensure sustainability of the program in the long

Organization                  Xavier Institute of Development Action and Studies, XIDAS
                               Jabalpur (M.P.).
Designation                  Liaison officer/ Ass. Training Coordinator/field officer in NCLP
Tenure                       July 2004 to December 2007

Description of Duty and Responsibility –

   1. To liaison with District Administration, Banks, Labour Department, follow –up training
      programmes by helping trainees to obtain loans etc. From Government Department,
      NABARD especially consist in speeding up administrative work, by peaceful and
      transparent in Rural Entrepreneurship Development Programme.

   2. To train the SHGs, Federation, PRI members, NGOs Representatives, CBOs,
      Government officer on Micro finance systems, Rural Decentralization and Participatory
      Planning, Child Rights, Capacity Building of Youths, Empowerment of Gram Sabha,
      Preparation of training calendar, session plan, study material, post training evaluation,
      writing proceedings of training and workshops.

   3. To guide Student‟s of MBA (Rural Management) for research, assist in action research
      projects, Prepare concept of research, Questioner, Survey, Data collection, analyses
      study‟s, Reports etc.

   4. To assist in writing Project Proposals for funding agencies, evaluation reports of ongoing

   5. Lead a project NCLP for child labours, support declining indigenous knowledge,
      resources and skills to update artist and generate sustainable livelihood opportunities in
      five Transional Education Centres, arrange facility like skilled /craft training, education,
      supplementary nutrition, Health care in Urban slums, Funded by ILO and Ministry of
Organization -        Association for Community Transformation (ACT), Jabalpur, M.P.

Designation             Team Supervisor in Research at Mandla and Dindori
Tenure                  1 January 2003 to 1 July 2004

Description of Duty and Responsibility –

   1. To supervise Investigator team.
   2. To make Coordination in Team during interaction with Community in Investigation.
       Research Study on “Reproductive child Health” District level household survey two District in
       M.P. Mandla and Dindori , Sponsored by Ministry of health and family welfare New Delhi ,
       Monitor by International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS) Mumbai.
     District level household survey two District in M.P. Mandla and Dindori (Reproductive
      and child health Projects) Sponsored by Ministry of health and family welfare New Delhi
     Socio & Economic Survey Power grid corporation MPEB Seoni District) for
      Displacement People of the site selected for 765/400 KV, Seoni-substation in MP for
      Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. In 2004 for Research work (R & R). Madhya
     Action Research on Rehabilitation of People Affected by Bargi Dam in Jabalpur, Mandla
      and Seoni Districts of Madhya Pradesh.

     Watershed Project Evaluation Funded by Rajiv Gandhi Watershed Mission in 2007 -
      Ongoing Measures taken for sustainability for Formation of W.S. Committee, capacity
      and skill development District Katni Madhya Pradesh
     Action Research on Tribal Development Fund project feasibility for Tribal Development
      Programme in Bijadandi Block, M.P. Funded by NABARD (tribal Development Fund)
      District Mandla, Madhya Pradesh
     Socio-economic Survey Developed master plan for integrated development project
      funded by Sir Dorabji Tata trust and Ratan Tata Trust. Disrtict Katni, Madhya Pradesh
     Experience- Several researches work about instructional project.


     Participated in the National workshop on Self Help Groups: Is anything wrong? What can
      be done? With Prof. Malcolm Harper, during November 9 –10, 2005 at XIDAS,

     Participated in the National Workshop on Development of Minimum Acceptable
      Standards (MAS) for the Indicators developed by IIFM-ITTO India Project for
      Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) in India at State and Forest Management Unit
      (FMU) Level, during August 1 –3, 2005 at XIDAS, Jabalpur.

     Participated in the Livelihood of Displaced people: A study from Rani Awantibai Sagar
      Pariyojana in Madhya Pradesh National Seminar-III, during December 4 –5, 2004at
      XIDAS, Jabalpur.
       Participated in the National Seminar on Ecotourism Sustainable Development March 8-
        10, 2007 at XIDAS Jabalpur.

       Participated in the National Seminar on "Organic Farming for Sustainable Development"
        ,15 to 17 November 2007 at XIDAS, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India. The seminar is
        aimed at examining in-depth the advantages and constraints of organic farming for
        promoting sustainable development and analyze different methods and mechanism used
        for production, marketing, etc.

       Participated in Annual Forum of Development Practitioners: Promoting Local
        Governance and Decentralization in India, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, 24 October 2007:
        The Decentralization Community of Solution Exchange (an initiative of the United
        Nations Agencies in India) is organizing its Second Annual Forum at Bhopal from 25-27
        October 2007.
                                                         th   th
       Participated in the Visioning Workshop on the 6 and 7 of December 2007 at Auroville.
        The workshop brought together over 100 participants from all over India and provided an
        opportunity for face to face interaction, deliberating on emerging ICTD issues and
        challenges, sharing members‟ focus of work, and strategizing on the future course of
        action for the ICTD Community. The forum, attempted to explore and share various rural
        development endeavours by augmenting inclusive and participatory learning. The
        proceedings of the Visioning Workshop were broadcast live by our local partners
        Auroville Radio Pondicherry.

       Participated in the National Symposium on Change Management, April 17-19, 2008,at
        XIDAS,Jabalpur M.P.
       Participated in the Action Group Workshop on Developing Agricultural Value Chains - 6
        October 2008, New Delhi, Organized by Food and Nutrition Security Community, UN
        Solution Exchange India.
       Participated in the Training of Trainers on “Empowerment of Community Based
        Organization Dated- 23-27November 2009, Organized by Madhya Pradesh Rural
        Livelihood Programme and SAMARTHAN, Bhopal
       Participated in the Regional Consultative workshop of Decentralization Community
        Solution Exchange MGSIRD, Jabalpur, This series of consultative meetings is part of our
        endeavor to decentralize the functioning of Decentralization Community as well as a step
        towards establishing the concept of “ownership of the Community by members”.          In
        addition to the session on formulating suggestions for the chapter on Decentralized
        Governance. 11 November, 2010

Coordinating Training Programs

       Conducted many non-sponsored programs for social welfares in the different

        Development fields.
       Training Program for community mobilization different subjects

      Process Documentation, Photo Documentation, and Proceeding & Reporting in
        Training Program.


      Networking with the Government and Non Government Officials.
Computer Skill:

      CIP, MS (Dos, Win, Word, Excel & Power Point)
       Tally Computer Accounting (4.5,5.4)
Language Proficiency

Hindi, English, and Communication ability in the local rural dialects.

Members of Professional Society:

1. Founder member of PRAYAS Participatory Rural Approach and youth Amplification for
   Society (An NGO for Rural development), Jabalpur M.P.

2. Academic Council Member in       Institute of Management & Development Action

  (IMD),307-b, Malwa Tower10, old Palasia,a.b. Road ,Indore (M.P.),

Several In-House Publications

      Developed A Primer for illiterate Panchayat members for SRC Indore.
      Training package of Different Training methods.
      Training package of Participatory Rural Appraisal.
      Modules of Self Help Groups and Panchayat Raj.

The information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge which I place for favor kind

   Place: Jabalpur                                                       Anubhav Garg
   Date: 1/11/2011


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