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					Maharshi Dayanand University

   Syllabus and Courses of Reading for
  B.E. Computer Science & Engineering
           (Semester VII & VIII)

             Session - 2010-2011

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BE Elective Papers of VII & VIII Semester                                1    2                              Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak

     ELECTIVE PAPERS FOR BE 7th & 8th SEMESTER                                                             Unit-II
HUM-451-E                LANGUAGE SKILLS FOR ENGINEERS                            Vocabulary : Methods of building vocabulary-etmological
L T P                                         Class Work        : 50 marks        roots, prefixes and suffixes; Commonly used foreign words
4 - -                                         Exam.             : 80 marks        and phrases; spelling; words often confused synonyms and
                                       Practical/Presentation : 20 marks          homonyms; one word substitutes; verbal idioms.
                                              Total   :         150 marks                                  Unit-III
                                            Duration of Exam.    :   3 Hrs.       Punctuation and Machanics : End Punctuation; internal
    The real challenge before the students starts when they corss                 Punctuation; Word Punctuation.
    the threshold of the college after completing their degree. They,                                      Unit-IV
    all of a sudden, find themselves competing for job/P.G.
                                                                                  Comprehension : Abstracting; Summarising; Observation,
    Degrees, through various entrance tests and interviews.
                                                                                  Findings and Conclusions; Illustration and Inductive Logic;
    Verbal ability forms a major portion of these tests. Without
                                                                                  Deduction and Analogy.
    sound language skills and its semantic-syntatic know-how,
    the students with engineering background find themselves                                               Unit-V
    almost under-prepared for such tests. With this difficulty of                 Presentation : Oral presentation- Extempore, discussion on
    students in mind, this course is proposed to make them                        topics of contemporary relevance, Interviews.
    technically proficient in handling the language skills required           Sanding :
    in comptitive exams. The course would expose students to
                                                                                  1. Working with words by R. Gairns and S. Redman,
    almost all veriety of items, the common run of such tests as
                                                                                     Cambridge University Press, London.
    CAT, GMAT etc. And in the context of LPG, this cutting edge
    comptence becomes imperative, and no professional                             2. Meanings into Words-Upper Intermediate Students Book,
    education can afford to overlook this aspect.                                    Deff/Jones, Foundation Books (Cambridge University
                                                                                     Press), Delhi.
Course Content :
                                                                                  3. A Practical English Grammar by A.J. Thomson and A.V.
                                                                                     Martinet, OUP, Delhi.
    Remedial English : Parts of speech, Gerunds, Participles
                                                                                  4. Examine your English by Margaret M. Maison, Orient
    and infinitives; Clauses; Sentence-constructions (unity;
                                                                                     Longman, New Delhi.
    avoidance of choppy and rambling sentences, logic and
    consistency, concisness, sequencing of ideas); Sentence                       5. A Practical Guide to Colloquial Idom by W.J. Ball.
    errors-agreement between verb and subject, pronoun and                           Longman.
    antecedents, sequence of tenses, problems involving modifiers                 6. A guide to correct English by L.A. ill, Oxford.
    (dangling and misplaced modifiers); Shifts in point of view-                  7. Structural Essentials of english by H.whitehall, Longman.
    consistency of number and person, tense, mood, voice and
                                                                                  8. Advanced English Practice by B.D. Graver, OUP, Delhi.
    subject; Parallelism; Omissions and mixed constructions.
BE Elective Papers of VII & VIII Semester                           3    4                               Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak

    9. Public Speaking, Sudha Publication Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi.          PHY -453 E              LASER TECHNOLOGY
    10. Group Discussion, Sudha Publication Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi.
                                                                         L       T       P                       Class Work : 50 marks
Scheme of Examination :                                                  4       -       -                       Exam : 100 marks
(A) Theoretical :                                                                                                Total : 150 marks
                                                                                                                 Duration of Exam: 3 Hrs.
    The pattern of the exam would be more or less like the pattern
    of the competitive exams. (i.e. Objective Type) like CAT-G-
                                                                                 Conditions for Producing Laser, Concept of coherence
    MAT etc. as far as the units I, II, III and IV are concerned.
                                                                         Special and temporal, Population Inversions, Einstein coefficient
    Unit-I, II, III : (30, 20, 10 Marks respectively)
                                                                         Gain and Gain saturation, Saturation intensity, Development and
         The first section of the question paper will have 110           Growth of a Laser Beam, Exponential growth factor, Threshold
    objective type questions with no choice at all. These 110 (60        Requirement for a Laser.
    + 40 + 10) questions will converall the first three units. (I, II,
                                                                                 Inversion and two-level systems, steady-state inversions
    III) of the syllabus and would carry 30, 20 and 10 marks
                                                                         and three and four-level systems. Transient Population Inversions,
    respectively. The questions may be in the form of multiple
                                                                         factors effecting population inversion Laser Amplifiers.
    choices, fill in the blank, supply the right word/choice, choose
                                                                                 Excitation or Pumping Threshold Requirements Pumping
    the right alternative, do as directed etc.
                                                                         Pathways, Specific excitation Parameters Associated with Optical
                           Unit-IV 20 marks
                                                                         and Particle Pumping.
    The question from this unit will test comprehension                          Helium-Neon Laser, CO 2 Laser, Ruby Laser,
    competence (in the form of various elements mentioned in
                                                                         Semiconductor diode Laser.
    the unit) of text given.
                                                                         Recommended Books :
(B) Practical (Presentation) :                                           1.      Laser Fundamentals by William T. Silfvast Cambridge
    There will be an oral test carrying 20 marks. The presentation               University, Press.
    part of the section i.e. Unit-V will be covered in this test.
    Hence, there is no need to include this unit in theory exam.         2.      Introductory University Optics by John Beynon, (PHI).

    Three hours for a group of 15 students are required for this         3.      Laser-B.B. Laud.
    test. Test can be in the form of aqny of the activities mentioned
                                                                         4.      Optics -A.K. Ghatak (TMH).
    in the Unit-V.
    A panel of examiners appointed by the University will                Note : Eight questions will be set and students will be required
                                                                                to attempt any five questions in all. All questions will carry
    evaluated the presentation.
                                                                                equal marks.
BE Elective Papers of VII & VIII Semester                              5   6                             Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak

CSE -303 E                COMPUTER GRAPHICS                                Unit-V: Representing Curves and Surfaces : Parametric
                                                                           representation of curves: Bezier curves, B-Spline curves.
L       T        P                          Class Work : 50 marks          Parametric representation of surfaces; Interpolation method.
3       -        -                          Exam : 100 marks
                                            Total : 150 marks              Unit-VI: Illuminations, shading, image manipulation:
                                            Duration of Exam: 3 Hrs.       Illumination models, shading models for polygone, shadows,
                                                                           transparency. What is an image? Filtering, image missing,
Unit-I: Introduction to Computer Graphics: What is Computer                geometric transformation of images.
Graphics, Computer Graphics Applications, Computer Graphics
Hardware and software, Two dimensional Graphics Primitives:                Unit-VII :
Points and Lines, Line drawing algorithms: DDA, Bresenham’s;                  · Computer Graphics Principles and Practices second
Circle drawing algorithms: Using polar coordinates, Bresenham’s                   edition by James D. Foley, Andeies van Dam, Stevan K.
circle drawing, mid point circle drawing algorithm; Filled area                   Feiner and Johb F. Hughes, 2000, Addision Wesley.
algorithms: Scanline: Polygon filling algorithm, boundary filled              · Computer Graphics by Donald Hearn and M.Pauline
algorithm.                                                                        Baker, 2nd Edition, 1999, PHI

Unit-II: Two/Three Dimensional Viewing: The 2-D viewing                    Reference Books:
pipeline, windows, viewports, window to view port mapping;                    · Procedural Elements for Computer Graphics – David F.
Clipping: point, clipping line (algorithms):- 4 bit code algorithm,              Rogers, 2001, T.M.H Second Edition
Sutherland-cohen algorithm, parametric line clipping algorithm                · Fundamentals of 3 Dimensional Computer Graphics by
(Cyrus Beck).                                                                    Alan Watt, 1999, Addision Wesley.
                                                                              · Computer Graphics: Secrets and Solutions by Corrign
Polygon clipping algorithm: Sutherland-Hodgeman polygon                          Joh, BPB
clipping algorithm. Two dimensional transformations:                          · Graphics, GUI, Games & Multimedia Projects in C by
transformations, translation, scaling, rotation, reflection,                     Pilania & Mahendra, Standard Publ.
composite transformation.                                                     · Computer Graphics Secrets and solutions by Corrign Joh,
                                                                                 1994, BPV
Three dimensional transformations: Three dimensional                          · Introduction to Computer Graphics By N. Krishanmurthy
graphics concept, Matrix representation of 3-D Transformations,                  T.M.H 2002
Composition of 3-D transformation.
                                                                           Note:         Eight questions will be set in all by the examiners
Unit-III: Viewing in 3D: Projections, types of projections, the                          taking at least one question from each unit.
mathematics of planner geometric projections, coordinate                                 Students will be required to attempt five questions
systems.                                                                                 in all.

Unit-IV: Hidden surface removal: Introduction to hidden surface
removal. The Z- buffer algorithm, scanline algorithm, area sub-
division algorithm.
BE Elective Papers of VII & VIII Semester                           7    8                               Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak

HUM-455-E                 ENTREPRENEURSHIP                                                             Unit-V
                                                                         Problems Faced by small Enterprises
L   T P                               Class Work : 50 Marks
3   1 -                               Theory      : 100 Marks                   Problems connected with marketing, Management of New
                                      Total       : 150 Marks            products; Power; Finance; Raw Material; Under-utilization of
                                      Duration of Exam. : 3 Hours        capacity; Causes of under-utilization; Rehabilitation of Sick Mills.
Promotion of Entrepreneurship
                                                                         Government and Business
         Meaning, definition and functions of an entrepreneur,
qualities of a good entrepreneur; Role of Entrepreneur in economic       (a)    Highlights of Industrial Policy and Licensing Policy.
development; Government measures for the promotion of small              (b)    International Marketing with special reference to export
scale industries with special reference to Haryana; Cultural factors            documentation.
in developing entrepreneurship.                                          Recommended Books :
                                  Unit-II                                1. Entrepreneurship of Small Scale Industries-Deshpande
Ownership and Location of Industrial Units                                  Manohar D. (Asian publishers, New Delhi).
        Different forms of Industrial Organisation.                      2. Environment and Entrepreneur-Tandon B.C. (Asian
        Theories of Industrial location. Process of preparing               Publishers, New Delhi).
project reports.                                                         3. The Industrial Economy of India-Kuchhal S.C. (Chaitanya,
                                 Unit-III                                   Allahabad).

Size of Firm and Pricing                                                 4. Emerging Trends in entrepreneurship Development Theories
                                                                            & Practices-Singh P. Narendra (International)
        Concept of optimum firm, factors determining.
                                                                         5. Entrepreneur, Banker & Small Scale industries-Bhattacharya
       Optimum size. Technical, Managerial, Marketing
Uncertainties and risk. Pricing Methods, Policies and procedures.
                                                                         6. Entrepreneurship & Growth of Enterprise in Industrial Estates-
                                                                            Rao Gangadhara.
Financing of Small Industries
                                                                         Note : Eight questions are to be set atleast one question from
        Importance and need : Commercial Banks and term                         each unit and the students will have to attempt five
lending in India; Banks and under-writing of capital issues; Brief              questions in all.
description about the role of other financial agencies viz; Industrial
Finance corporation of India. State Financial Corporation,
Industrial Development Bank of india; Unit Trust of India.
BE Elective Papers of VII & VIII Semester                             9   10                                Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak

HUM-457-E                 BUSINESS COMMUNICATION                          Suggested Reading :
                                                                          1. Business Communication : Process & Product by Hary Ellen
L   T P                                 Class Work : 50 Marks
4   - -                                 Theory      : 100 Marks              Guffey, IV Edition, South-Western College Publishing,
                                        Total       : 150 Marks              Cincinnati.
                                        Duration of Exam. : 3 Hours
                                                                          2. Business Correspondence and Report Writing by R.C.
         The course proposes to help students develop business               Sharma & Krishna Mohan, Tata Macgraw Hill Publication, New
and technical communication competence. It focuses on writing                Delhi.
skills and strategies for specific purposes. The inevitability of
                                                                          3. Effective Business English and Correspondence by M.S.
introducing this course to Engineering students is embodied in
that it has comparatively a high concentration of certain complex            Ramesh and C.C. Pattanshetti, R. Chand & Co., New Delhi.
writing techniques and procedures.                                        4. Effective Letters in Business by Robert by C. Shruter, Tata
Course Content :                                                             Macgraw Hill, New Delhi.
                                                                          5. English Business Letters by F.W. Wing & D. Anncree, Orient
         Business Correspondence : Characteristics and                       Longman.
formats of Business letter; Quotations, Orders, Tenders, Sales
letters, claim and adjustment letters, Credit and Collection letters,     6. Written Communication in English by Sarah Freeman, Orient
Application Letters for vacant situations with emphasis on                   Longman.
Resumes and Curriculum Vitae; E-mail and Netiquette-format,
style and tone.                                                           7. International Business English by Leo Jones & Richard
                                                                             Alexander, Cambridge University Press.
       Business Reports and Proposals : Importance,                       8. General and Business English by Sweet Stephen, Sir Issac
Function, Pattern and formats of Reports, Typical Business                   Pitman & Sons Ltd., London.
Reports, Report Organisation and Presentation, and Formal
Reports; Proposal Formats, Writing problem-Solving proposals,             9. How to Write and Present Technical Information, Charles H.
Executive Summary Proposals and project Proposals.                           Sides, Cambridge University Press, U.K.
                                 Unit-III                                 10. Strategies for Engineering Communication, Susan Stevenson/
       Meetings : Writing of Memorandum, Notes, Agenda and                    Steve Whitmore, John Wiley and Sons, Inc. Printed in India
Minutes of Meeting.                                                           by Replika Press. Pvt. Ltd., Delhi.
                                 Unit-IV                                  Scheme of Examination
        Public Relations and Advertising Documents : Press                There will be six questions in all, covering all the units. All questions
Releases, Public Service announcements, Advertising Strategy
                                                                          will be compulsory and will have enough internal choice.
and its objective, Designing of Classified and Display Advertising
copies.                                                                                                 Unit-I                         30 Marks
BE Elective Papers of VII & VIII Semester                         11    12                              Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak

        There will be two questions from this unit. One question        IC-403-E               EMBEDDED SYSTEMS DESIGN
will cover the theoretical aspect of business letter writing and will
carry 10 marks. The other question will be on writing the letter in     L    T P                           Class Work : 50 Marks
                                                                        3    1 -                           Theory      : 100 Marks
a proper format on a subject given and will be of 20 marks. There
                                                                                                           Total       : 150 Marks
will be enough choice taking care of the justice to be given to                                            Duration of Exam. : 3 Hours
both the aspects of the letter writing.
                            Unit-II                   35 Marks
         There will be two questions from this unit. One question       Introduction
will cover the theoretical aspect of report/proposal writing and               Different of mic rocontrollers : Embedded
will carry 15 marks. The other question will be on preparing the        microcontrollers, External memory microcontrollers; processor
report/proposal on a topic/subject given and will be of 20 marks.       Architectures: Harvard V/S Pronceton, CISE V/S RISC;
There will be enough choice taking care of the justice to be given      microcontrollers memory types, microcontrollers features :
to both the aspects of the report writing.
                                                                        clocking, i/o pins, interrupts, timers, peripherals.
                             Unit-III               15 Marks                                          Unit-2
       There will be a question on theoretical aspects of the
                                                                        Microcontroller Architecture
various items of this unit or students can be asked to draft a
specimen of any of these from the material given in the exam.                   Introduction to PIC microcontrollers, Architecture and
The question can be split into parts.                                   pipelining, program memory considerations, Addressing modes,
                               Unit-IV                  20 Marks        CPU registers, Instruction set, simple operations.
        There will be one question having two parts. One part will      Interrupts and I/O Ports
be on theory and will be of 5 marks and the other will require the              Interrupt logic, Timer 2 scalar intialization, Int Service
drafting an advertisement copy of a product or service or a public
                                                                        Interrupt service routine, loop time subroutine, External interrupts
announcement and will carry 15 marks.
                                                                        and timers, Synchronous serial port module, Serial pheriphal
                                                                        device, O/p port Expansion, I/p port expansion, UART.
                                                                               Development tools/environments, Assembly language
                                                                        programming style, Interpreters, High level languages, Intel hex
                                                                        format object files, Debugging.
BE Elective Papers of VII & VIII Semester                     13    14                             Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak

                                  Unit-5                                             AL AND EXPERT SYSTEMS
Programming with Microcontrollers
        Arithmetic operations, Bit addressing, Loop control,Stack   L    T P                          Class Work : 50 Marks
operation. Subroutines, RAM direct addressing, state machines,      3    1 -                          Theory      : 100 Marks
                                                                                                      Total       : 150 Marks
Oscillators, Timer Interrupts, Memory mapped I/O.
                                                                                                      Duration of Exam. : 3 Hours
                                  Unit-6                            Contents
Designing using microcontrollers                                    1. Introduction to Artificial intelligence : Scope, history &
       Music box, Mouse wheel turning, PWN motor control,              applications. Al as representation and search the predicate
                                                                       calculus inference rules. Logic based financial advisor,
Aircraft Demonstration, ultra sonic distance measuring,
                                                                       structures and strategies for state space search graph theory,
Temperature Sensor, Pressure Sensor, Magnetic Field Sensor.
                                                                       strategies for spearch, using state space to represent
Text Book                                                              reasoning with the predicate calculus.
1. Design with PIC Microcontrollers by John B. Peatman,             2. Heuristic Search : An algorithm for heuristic search,
   Pearson.                                                            admissibility monotonicity and informed ness heuristics in
Reference Books                                                        games, complexity issues, control and implementation of
                                                                       state space search recursion based search, pattem directed
1. Programming and Customizing the 8051 Microcontroller :
                                                                       search, Production systems, predicate calculus and planning
   Predko : TMH.
                                                                       the black board architecture for problems solving.
2. Designing Embedded Hardware : John Catsoulis; Shroff Pub.        3. LISP and PROLOG : Knowledge representation languages
   & Distr. ND.                                                        issues in knowledge representation, network representation
3. Programming Embedded Systems in C and C++ : Michael                 language, structured representation, introduction to LISP,
   Barr; Shroff Pub & Distr ND.                                        search in LISP : a functional approach to the farmer, Wolf,
                                                                       Goat and cabbage problem, higher order functions &
                                                                       procedural abstraction, search strategies in LIPS.
                                                                    4. Expert systems : Introduction, History basic concepts,
                                                                       structure of expert systems, the human element in ES how
                                                                       ES works, problem areas addressed by ES, ES success
                                                                       factors, types of expert systems, ES and the internet interacts
                                                                       web, knowledge engineering, scope of knowledge, difficulities,
                                                                       in knowledge acquisition methods of knowledge acquisition,
                                                                       machine learning, intelligent agents, selecting an appropriate
BE Elective Papers of VII & VIII Semester                        15    16                              Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak

    knowledge acquisition method, knowledge acquisition form           IT-471-E       MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM
    multiple experts validation and verification of the knowledge
                                                                       L    T P                           Class Work : 50 Marks
    base, analyzing coding, documenting & diagramming.
                                                                       4    - -                           Exam        : 100 Marks
5. Expert systems-II, societal impacts reasoning in artificial                                            Total       : 150 Marks
   intelligence, inference with rules, with frames: model based                                           Duration of Exam. : 3 Hours
   reasoning, case based rezoning, explanation & meta
   knowledge inference with uncertainty representing uncertainty
   probabilities and related approaches, theory of certainty                  Foundation of Information System : Introduction to
   (certainty factors) Qualitative reasoning, the development life     Infromation System and MIS, Decision support and decision
   cycle, phases, I,II,III,IV,V,VI the future of expert system         making systems, systems approach, the systems view of
   development process societal impacts.                               business, MIS organization within company, Management
                                                                       information and the systems approach.
Text Books
1. Efrain Turban and Jay E. Aranson : Decision support systems
   & intelligent systems (5th Edn.) Prentice Hall, 1998.                    Information Technology : A manager's overview,
                                                                       managerial overviews, computer hardware & software, DBMS,
2. Donald A Waterman : A Guide to expert Systems, Addison-
                                                                       RDBMS and Telecommunication.
   Wesley 1995.
3. G.F. Luger & W.A. Stubble Field-Artifical Intelligence Structures
   and Strategies for complex problem solving, 3rd Edn. Addision               Conceptual system design : Define the problems, set
   Wesley, 1998.                                                       systems objects, establish system constraints, determine
                                                                       information needs determine information sources, develop
4. E. Rich and Knight, Artificial Intelligence, Second Edn, Tata
                                                                       alternative conceptual design and select one document the
   Mc. Graw Hill Publishing, 1981.
                                                                       system concept, prepare the conceptual design report.
                                                                               Detailed system design : Inform and involve the
                                                                       organization, aim of detailed design, project management of MIS
                                                                       detailed design, identify dominant and trade of criteria, define the
                                                                       sub systems, sketch the detailed operating sub systems and
                                                                       information flow, determine the degree of automation of each
                                                                       operation, inform and involve the organization again, inputs outputs
                                                                       and processing, early system testing, software, hardware and
                                                                       tools propose an organization to operate the system, document
                                                                       the detailed design revisit the manager user.
BE Elective Papers of VII & VIII Semester                     17    18                             Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak

                                  Unit-5                            PHY-451-E              NANO TECHNOLOGY
        Implementation evaluation and maintenance of the
                                                                    L    T P                          Theory     : 100 Marks
MIS : Plan the implementation, acquire floor space and plan space   4    - -                          Class Work : 50 Marks
layouts, organize for implementation, develop procedures for                                          Total        : 150 Marks
implementation, train the operating personnel, computer related                                       Duration of Exam. : 3 Hours
acquisitions, develop forms for data collection and information
dissemination, develop the files test the system cut-over,                                       Unit-1
document the system, evaluate the MIS control and maintain the      Introduction to Nanotech
system. Pitfalls in MIS development.                                       Crystalline-Non crystalline materials, Fundamental of
                                  Unit-6                            Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials in Metals, other Materials, &
                                                                    Biosystem, Molecular Recognition, Quantum Mechanics and
      Advanced Concepts in Information Systems :
                                                                    Quantum Ideas in Nanotechnology. Semiconductor
Enterprise Resources Management (ERP), Supply Chain                 Nanoparticles.
Management, CRM, Procurement Management System.
Text Books :
                                                                    Preparation and Characterization of Nanoparticles
•   Management Information System by W.S. Jawadekar, 2002,                 Nanoscale Lithography, Dip Pen Lithography, E-Beam
    Tata McGraw Hill.                                               Lithography, Nanosphere Life off, Lithography; Molecular
•   Information System for Modern Management (3rd edition)-         Synthesis, Nanoscale Crystal Growth, Polymerization Nanobricks
    Robert G. Murdick, Loel E. Ross & James R. Claggett. PHI.       and Building blocks :
Reference Books                                                             Tools for Measuring Nanostructures-Scanning Probe
                                                                    Instrument, Spectroscopy, Electrochemistry, Election Microscope
•   Management Information System; O Brian; TMH
                                                                    Tools to Make Nanostructure.
•   Management Information System by Davis Olson Mac Graw                                        Unit-3
                                                                    Properties & Application of Nano Crystalline Materials
•   Management Information System by Stasllings, (Maxwell Mc
                                                                           Application in Sensors, Nanoscale Biostructure
    Millman Publishers).                                            Electronics, Magnets, optics, Fabrication Biomedical Applications,
•   Information System; a Management Perspective; Alter             Smart Materials-Self Healing Structures, Heterogenous
    Addison Wesley.                                                 Nanostructure and composites En capsulation, Carbon
•   Introduction to Information System; McGraw Hill.
Note : Eight questions will be set in all by the examiners taking
       at least one question from each unit. Students will be             Synthesis of semiconductor Nanoclusters, Processing
       required to attempt five questions in all.                   of Nanomaterials Nanobusiness-Boom, Bust and Nano Tech.
BE Elective Papers of VII & VIII Semester                    19    20                             Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak

References                                                         IT-204 - E            MULTIMEDIA TECHNOLOGIES
1. Camarata, R.C. Nanomaterials synthesis, properties and
   application Institute of Physics Publication.                   L      T       P                      Class Work : 50 Marks
2. Madou, Fundamentals of microfabrication, Mcgraw Hill.           4      -       -                      Exam : 100 Marks
                                                                                                         Total : 150 Marks
3. Sibelia, J.P., A Guide to Material characterization, Prentice                                         Duration of Exam: 3 Hrs.
4. Mark Ratner, Daniel Ratner-Nano Technology-A Gentle             Unit-1: Basics of Multimedia Technology: Computers,
   Introduction to the next big idea.                              communication and entertainment; multimedia an introduction;
Note: The question paper will contain 8 questions in all. The      framework for multimedia systems; multimedia devices; CD-
      student will be required to answer any five. At the most     Audio, CD-ROM, CD-I, presentation devices and the user
      one question will be set from each section.                  interface; multimedia presentation and authoring; professional
                                                                   development tools; LANs and multimedia; internet, World Wide
                                                                   Web & multimedia distribution network-ATM & ADSL; multimedia
                                                                   serves & databases; vector graphics; 3D graphics programs;
                                                                   animation techniques; shading; anti aliasing; morphing; video on

                                                                   Unit-2: Image Compression & Standards: Making still images;
                                                                   editing and capturing images; scanning images; computer color
                                                                   models; color palettes; vector drawing; 3D drawing and rendering;
                                                                   JPEG-objectives and architecture; JPEG-DCT encoding and
                                                                   quantization, JPEG statistical coding, JPEG predictive lossless
                                                                   coding; IPEG-DCT encoding and quantization, JPEG statistical
                                                                   coding, JPEG predictive lossless coding; JPEG performance;
                                                                   overview of other image file formats as GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG etc.

                                                                   Unit-3: Audio & Video: Digital representation of sound; time
                                                                   domain sampled representation; method of encoding the analog
                                                                   signals; subband coding; fourier method; transmission of digital
                                                                   sound; digital audio signal processing; stereophonic &
                                                                   quadraphonic signal processing; edition sampled sound; MPEG
                                                                   Audio; audio compression & decompression; brief survey of
                                                                   speech recognition and generation; audio synthesis; musical
BE Elective Papers of VII & VIII Semester                        21    22                              Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak

instrument digital interface; digital video and image compression;
MPEG motion video compression standard; DVI technology; time           IC-455-E          INTELLIGENT INSTRUMENTATION FOR
base media representation and delivery.                                                   ENGINEERS
                                                                       LT P
Unit-4: Virtual Reality: Applications of multimedia, intelligent       4 - -                                  Exam.          :100 Marks
multimedia system, desktop virtual reality, VR operating system,                                              Sessional      : 50 Marks
virtual environment displays and orientation making; visually                                                 Total          : 150 Marks
coupled system requirements; intelligent VR software systems.                                                 Duration of exam. : 3hrs
Applications of environment in various fields.
                                                                       1. Introduction : Intelligence, features characterizing
                                                                          intelligence, intelligent instrumentation system; features of
Text Books:
                                                                          intelligent instrumentation; components of intelligent
   · An introduction, Villamil & Molina, Multimedia Mc Milan,
                                                                          instrumentation system; Block diagram of an intelligent
                                                                          instrumentation system.
   · Multimedia: Sound & Video, Lozano, 1997, PHI, (Que)
                                                                       2. Signal Processing, Manipulation and Transmission :
Reference Books:                                                          Signal amplification & attenuation (OP- AMP based);
   · Multimedia: Production, planning and delivery, Villamil &            Instrumentation Amplifier (circuit diagram, high CMRR& other
      Molina,Que, 1997                                                    features); Signal Linearization (different types such as Diode-
   · Multimedia on the PC, Sinclair,BPB                                   resistor combination, OP-AMP based, etc.); Bias Removal ,
   · Multimedia:    Making it work, Tay Vaughan, fifth edition,           Signal filtering (outputs from ideal filters, outputs from
      1994, TMH.                                                          constant-k filters, matching of filter sections, active analog
   · Multimedia in Action by James E Shuman, 1997,                        filters); OP-AMP based Voltage-to-current converter, Current-
      Wadsworth Publ.,                                                    to-voltage conversion, Signal integration, Voltage follower (pre-
   · Multimedia in Practice by Jeff coate Judith, 1995,PHI.               amplifier), voltage comparator, Phase-locked loop, Signal
   · Multimedia Systems by Koegel, AWL                                    addition, Signal multiplication, Signal Transmission (Signal
   · Multimedia Making it Work by Vaughar, etl.                           amplification, Shielding, Current loop transmission, Voltage-
   · Multimedia Systems by John .F. Koegel, 2001, Buford.                 to-frequency conversion, Fiber optic transmission);
   · Multimedia Communications by Halsall & Fred, 2001,AW.                Description of Spike (software-based).
                                                                       3. Smart Sensors : Primary sensors; Excitation; Compensation
Note:            Eight questions will be set in all by the examiners      (Nonlinearty: look up table method, polygon interpolation,
                 taking at least one question from each unit.             polynomial interpolation, cubic spline interpolation,
                 Students will be required to attempt five questions      Approximation & regression; Noise & interference; Response
                 in all.                                                  time; Drift; Cross-sensitivity); Information Coding/Processing;
                                                                          Data Communication; Standards for smart sensor interface.
BE Elective Papers of VII & VIII Semester                        23    24                            Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak

4. Interfacing Instruments & Computers : Basic issues of               HUM-453-E      HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT
   interfacing; Address decoding; Data transfer control; A/D
   converter; D/A converter; Sample & hold circuit; Other              L    T P                      Class Work : 50 Marks
                                                                       4    - -                      Exam          : 100 Marks
   interface considerations.                                                                         Total         : 150 Marks
5. Recent Trends in Sensor Technologies : Introduction; Film                                         Duration of Exam. : 3 Hours
   sensors (Thick film sensors, Thin f ilm sensors);
   Semiconductor IC technology-standard method s;                                                    Unit-I
   Microelectro-mechanical systems (Micro-machining, some                      Understanding Organisational Behaviour : Definition,
                                                                       Goals of Organisational behaviour. Key forces affecting
   application examples); Nano-sensors.
                                                                       Organisational Behaviour. Funda mental Concepts of
Text Book :                                                            Organisational Behaviour.
1. Barney, G.C., Intelligent Instruments. Hemel Hempstead:                                           Unit-II
                                                                               Motivation : Meaning, Objectives and importance of
   Prentice Hall, 1985.
                                                                       motivation. Theories of Motivation, Maslow's theory, Mc Greger's
2. Alan S. Morris, Principles of Measurement & Instrumentation,        Theory Herzberg's theory.
   N. Delhi: PHI Pvt. Ltd., 1999.                                              Morale : Meaning; Factors affecting morale, types of
Reference Book :                                                       morale morale and productivity, Evaluation of morale, improving
1. D. Patranabis, Sensors & Transducers, N. Delhi: PHI, 2003.                                        Unit-III
2. Roman Kuc, Introduction to Digital Signal Processing. N. York:              Communication : Definition & importance, Nature of
   Mc Graw-Hill Pub. Co.                                               leadership various approaches to leadership styles.
Note : 1.    In the semester exam., the examiner will set 8                    Leadership : Definition & importance, Nature of
             questions in all covering the entire syllabus. Students   leadership various approaches to leadership styles.
             will be required to attempt any five questions.                                         Unit-V
                                                                               Importance of human resources in industry, Definition of
        2. Use of scientific calculator will be allowed in the Exam.
                                                                       human resource management, mechanical approach towards
           However, pager, programmable calculator & cellular          personnel, Paternalism, Social system approach.
           phone etc. will not be allowed.                                                          Unit-VI
                                                                               Need for human resource planning, process of human
                                                                       resource planning, Methods of recruitment, Psychological tests
                                                                       and interviewing meaning and importance of placement Meaning
                                                                       and techniques of induction. Training and development : Concepts
                                                                       of training and development, importance of training and
                                                                       development, Management development its nature, purpose and
BE Elective Papers of VII & VIII Semester                      25    26                               Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak

                              Unit-VII                               CH-453-E                POLLUTION AND CONTROL
        Significant factors affecting compensation, Methods of       L    T P                            Class work : 50 Marks
wage payment, Wage differentials, Causes of difference in Wages,     4    - -                            Exam        : 100 Marks
Types of wage differentials, Wage incentives, Meaning, Objectives,                                       Total       : 150 Marks
types of incentive plans.                                                                                Duration of Exam. : 3 Hours
Recommended Books :
Text Books :                                                         I.   Waster Water & its treatment Processes : Waster-water
1. Human Resource and Personne l Management-K.                            characteristics, effiluent standards, primary treatment,
    Aswathappa-Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Ltd.                   secondary treatment-aerobic (activated sludge, aerated
2. Personnel Management : C.B. Mamoria, Himalaya Publishing               lagoons, trickling filter, roughing filter, rotating biological
    House.                                                                contactor) anaerobic (contact process, UASB).
3. Organisational Behaviour-Dr. L.M. Prasad (Sultan Chand &          II. Air Pollution :
                                                                          Classification of air Pollutants Particulates : Physical
Reference Books :
                                                                          characteristics, mode of formation, setting properties, Control
1. Personnel Management & Industrial Relations : Dr.
                                                                          measures.Hydrocarbons : Nature; sources, control Carbon
    T.N.Bhagoliwal Sahitya Bhawan Agra.                                   Monoxide : Source, harmful effects on human health, control
2. Personnel Management : V.G. Karnik, Jaico Publishing House.            measure.
3. Personnel management & Industrial Relation : Tripathi : Sultan
                                                                          Oxides of Sulphur and Nitrogen Sources, effects on human
    Chand & Sons.
                                                                          health and plants. Control measure.
4. Personnel Management-Arun Monappa & Mirza Saiyadain-
    Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Co. Ltd.                             III. Solid Waste : Types, sources and properties of solid waste,
5. Personnel Management and Industrial Relations-D.C. Sharma              solid waste management-Generation, Collection and
    & R.C. Sharma S.J. Publications.                                      techniques for ultimate disposal, Elementary discussion on
6. Principles of Personnel Management-Edwin B. Flippo                     resource and energy recovery.
    (McGraw Hill).                                                   IV. Elementary treatment of nuclear pollution, metal pollution,
7. Organizational Behaviour-K. Adwathappa.                               noise pollution their effects & control.
8. Organizational Behaviour-John W. Newsstorn & Keith Davis,         Books Suggested
    Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Limited, New Delhi.          1. Environmental Engg. : by Howard S. Peavy & Others, MGH
Note : Eight questions are to be set at least one question from      2. Metacaf-EDDY-Waste-water engineering revised by George
       each unit and the students will have to attempt five             Teholonobus (TMH).
       questions in all.                                             3. Environmental Chemistry by B.K. Sharma, Goel Publishing,
                                                                     4. Environmental Chemistry, A.K. DE, Wiley Eastern.
                                                                     5. Air Pollution : H.C. Perking-McGraw Hill.
                                                                     Note : Eight questions will be set and students will be required to
                                                                            attempt five questions in all.
BE Elective Papers of VII & VIII Semester                         27   28                              Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak

ME-451-E                  MECHATRONIC SYSTEMS                                                        Unit-4
L   T P                                 Class Work : 50 Marks                   Introduction to semiconductor electronics, junction
4   - -                                 Exam        : 100 Marks        diode, bipolar junction transistor, field effect transistors, digital
                                        Total       : 150 Marks        logic. Number systems. Logic gates Boolean algebra. Application
                                        Duration of Exam. : 3 Hours    of logic gates. Combinational and sequential logic.
                                                                              Sequence control, relay ladder diagrams for sequence
        Introduction to Mechatronics. Integrated design issues in      control in processes and machines. Programmable Logic
Mechatronics, Conceptual design. Possible design solutions.            Controllers and applications : PLC structures, PLC languages,
Integrated approach for combining sensors, actuators, computer         programming of PLC using Mnemonics, Interfacing PLC with
and the product. Some examples-like auto focus camers, engine          actuators, Sequencing of cylinders. Timers, internal relays and
combustion control, washing machine, vehicle suspensions,              counters. Open loop and closed loop control using PLC.
electro-mechanical brakes, manufacturing machine, industrial                                         Unit-6
robots, air conditioning systems, etc.
                                                                               Architecture of microprocessors and microcontrollers.
                                  Unit-2                               Use of suitable software languages for micro controllers and their
       Classification of sensors of various type, resistive, strain    applications in meachatronic systems. Real time interfacing
gage, themistor, inductive, capatitive, piezoelectric, optical,        between computers and measurement or control systems.
photodetectors, encoders, ultrasonic types silicon sensors, Micro-     Introduction to modeling and computer control of process and
sensors for various measurements. Consideration for choice of          mechanical systems.
sensors for a given application.                                                                     Unit-7
        Signal conditioning and data acquisition using computers.              Communication systems Protocols, Open systems
AD and DA converters. Use of plus-in-cards and software for            interconnection models. Smart transducers and transmitters.
                                                                       Field buses.
acquiring and from several sensors.
                                                                       Text Books
                                                                       1. Mechatronics-Electronic control in mechanical & electrical
        Mechanical actuation systems-kinematic chains,cams,
                                                                          engineering by W.Bolton, Longman Indian Edn. 1999.
gear trains, beld and chains drive, ratchet and prawl, bearing,
                                                                       2. Mechatronic system design, by D. Shetty and R.A. Kolk-
guideways, ball screw and nut, etc. Electrical actuation
                                                                          Mechatronic system design, PWS Publ. Co., Boston, 1997.
systems : Operational characteristic and application of
electrical actuation components for application like, AC/DC            3. Mechatronics and Measurement Systems by D.G. Alciatore
                                                                          and M.B. Histand, TMH Publ. 2nd Edn. 2003.
motors, stepper motors, relays, push buttons, switches,
solenoids etc.                                                         Note : In the semester examination, the examiner will set 8
                                                                              questions in all, and students will be required to attempt
                                                                              only 5 questions.

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