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          Office of the Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services

Public Hearing on the Mayor’s Proposed FY 2013 Budget Request for the
       Office of the Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services

                            Testimony of
                               BB Otero
              Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services

                         Committee on Health
                      David Catania, Chairperson
                   Council of the District of Columbia

                         Thursday, April 26, 2012
                                3:00 pm

                              Room 123
                        John A. Wilson Building
                     1350 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
                        Washington, D.C. 20004
Good afternoon Chairman Catania, members of the Committee, and members of
the community. My name is BB Otero, and I am Deputy Mayor for Health and
Human Services. Thank you for the opportunity to discuss both FY11
performance and to support the Mayor’s proposed Fiscal Year 2013 budget for the
Office of the Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services. I am pleased to share
highlights and accomplishments from our first year of operation and plans for the
upcoming year.

The Office of the Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services (DMHHS) was
established a little over a year ago and supports the Mayor in coordinating a
comprehensive system of benefits, goods and services across multiple agencies to
ensure children, youth and adults, with and without disabilities, can lead healthy,
meaningful and productive lives.

My office provides leadership for policy and planning; coordination and cross-
collaboration within the cluster and with other Deputy Mayors and the city
Administrator; and communication and community relations for the agencies under
its jurisdiction including:

   1. Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA)
   2. Department of Disability Services (DDS)
   3. Department of Health (DOH)
   4. Department of Health Care Finance (DHCF)
   5. Department of Human Services (DHS)
   6. Department of Mental Health (DMH)
   7. Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR)
   8. Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services (DYRS)
   9. Office of Disability Rights (ODR)
   10.Office on Aging (DCOA)

This office also provides oversight of the Children and Youth Investment Trust
Corporation (CYITC).

DMHHS Testimony April 26, 2012                                                        2
Working alongside the professionals in our city agencies as well as in the
community, my office has identified and prioritized a number of areas where
progress can be meaningful through coordinated interagency and cross-cluster
collaboration; improved policies and programs; and compliance with local and
federal mandates. Staff in this office work diligently on these areas to support the
Mayor’s overall priorities.

My office provides a framework for collaboration to ensure efficient and effective
operations – particularly in the areas where services for District residents overlap.
In doing so, we reduce redundancies, better utilize resources and create economies
of scale. Examples of this include:

    The Homeless Encampment Work Group
    The Service Members, Veterans and their Families Work Group
    The Alzheimer’s Disease Work Group
    The Health and Human Services Integrated Case Management Initiative
    The Interagency Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Task Force

Additionally, we review existing policies, programs and practices – within the
cluster and among providers – and implement needed reforms to make sure that
District residents are receiving the highest quality and delivery of services.

We participate in the Medicaid Billing Task Force, Chaired by DHCF Director
Wayne Turnage and have set revenue targets for CFSA, DCPS and OSSE. We
work closely with each agency to ensure that their operational procedures meet
regulations and ensure their targets are met.

Along with the Deputy Mayor for Education, De’Shawn Wright, we have
developed the Early Success Framework directing all city agencies to align around
four goals and a number of quantitative outcomes aimed at ensuring young
children develop in enriching environments, families are linked to opportunities
and resources, professionals have the needed knowledge, skills and supports, and

DMHHS Testimony April 26, 2012                                                          3
communities are safe places where resources are available to help children and
families thrive.

Working in partnership with Judge Bush and Deputy Mayor Wright, we have
implemented two pilot strategies and a media campaign aimed at addressing
truancy. Again this requires a number of city agencies and partners to align
resources towards a single goal.

We are supporting the DC Office on Aging as they undertake several key
initiatives to ensure the agency is positioned to serve the growing senior population
in the District. These initiatives include addressing food insecurity, in particular
for homebound seniors; an inter-agency transportation work group to address both
the lack of affordable transportation options and fleet management; and to shift the
focus of the agency from being a direct service provider to a research and oversight
body with improved coordination with its provider network.

Over the past year, my office has closely monitored the status and progress of each
of the five lawsuits with settlement agreements or consent decrees that fall within
our cluster. By working with the respective lead agencies and the court monitors,
we hope to move the District out from under these decrees. As you know, earlier
this year, we exited the Dixon consent decree after 30 plus years.

Our proposed FY2013 budget remains almost flat at $701,000. The majority of
this proposed budget is dedicated to staffing the policy, planning and interagency
coordination activities designed to support our priorities. Of the FY13 budget,
$635,000 will support salaries and benefits for five dedicated FTEs. We will
continue to supplement the budgeted personnel with detailed staff, Capital City
Fellows, AmericCorps Members and interns.

The remaining $66,000 will be used for non-personnel expenditures including
office supplies, telecommunication, equipment, a contract for the development of

DMHHS Testimony April 26, 2012                                                         4
the Children’s Budget, and intra-district transfers for OCTO and EOM Support

The purpose of this office is to ensure that every resident of the District of
Columbia is able to lead healthy, meaningful and productive lives. We have
considerable work to do and our office is positioned to play an important role in
facilitating cross-agency efforts to achieve our cluster goals.

This concludes my written testimony. I am happy to answer any questions at this

DMHHS Testimony April 26, 2012                                                      5

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Description: Testimony from BB Otero, Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services in the District of Columbia. She is testifying before the DC Council's Committee on Health (CM David Catania, At-large, chair).