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Saturday, January 8, 2011 - Arrival of 5 Peer Reviewers in Minnesota
                                                      will arrive in:          title/organization/location:
          Team leader             Stan Capela         Minneapolis/St Paul      VP for Quality Mgmt
                                                                               Heartshare Human Services, Brooklyn, NY

          Team member             Lisa Young          Minneapolis/St Paul      Asst Director, Catholic Charities, Fort Wayne, South
                                                                               Bend, IN

          Team member             Ray Anderson        Duluth                   Therapist, Silver Spring School, PA

          Team member             Joan DiLeonardi     Minneapolis/St Paul      PhD, Des Plaines, IL

          Team member             Lorie Thomas        St Cloud                 Training & Compliance Mgr, Lutheran Family Svcs,

Sunday, January 9, 2011 - Case File Review
          Three of the Peer Reviewers will go to the Center for Changing Lives in Minneapolis, while one goes to 722 Wilson, St
          Cloud and the other goes to the Ordean Building in Duluth for Case File Review.

          LSS staff (TBD) will need to be at these locations to allow the Peer Reviewers entry to the building and to stay with them
          for the duration of their case file review.

          The review will be conducted on a random sample of files from all over the state. We will be informed of the
          methodology of selecting the random sample and of the sample size we need to provide and this information will be
          forwarded to you as soon as it is made available. These files will be copied and sent to the LSS location where the Case
          File Review is occurring.

Monday, January 10, 2011 - Site Review/Interviews
          9:00 am - 10:00 am      Entrance Meeting - opportunity for LSS to meet three of five Peer Reviewers in person and two
                                  over the phone. At State Center. All COA Team Leaders (LSS) and Sr Leadership are invited to
                                  "attend" via conference call, or if you are local, you may come to State Center if you wish.

                                  I will need some help reserving conference rooms at other locations where groups of people
                                  (including the Peer Reviewers in St Cloud and Duluth) may participate in the conference call.

          10:00 am - 5:00 pm      The Standards Assignments worksheet below has been sent to the Peer Reviewers and they are
                                  making their travel arrangements based on these assignments.

                                  I have tried my best to line up our COA Team Leaders with the Peer Reviewer coming to each
                                  site, however, because the 5 Peer Reviewers cannot make it to all our locations, there are a few
                                  occurrences where our Team Leaders will not be interviewed. Furthermore, the Peer Reviewer
                                  may make additional requests for additional people to be interviewed. They probably want to
                                  see managers, line staff, perhaps some clients, etc. TEAM LEADERS - please review the Table of
                                  Evidence 4th column in your Service Narrative to determine who all may need to be
                                  I need each of you to review the Standards Assignment worksheet and let me know of any
                                  problems in column E. The reviews in your location may not occur in the order listed.

eeed558c-1c5c-434e-bce6-999faed0eb22.xls                         1 of 6
                                 I will ask Sr Directors to assign someone at each location to be a site captain to help with precise
                                 scheduling of the interviews, lunch breaks, possibly some transportation, etc. Please let your Sr
                                 Director know if you would be willing to be a site captain.

                                 Note: Lorie Thomas will most likely leave St Cloud at the end of this day to head for the metro
                                 area where she will continue reviews and interviews on Tuesday.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011 - Site Review/Interviews
          8:00 am - 5:00 pm      Continuation of Site Reviews and Interviews

Wednesday, January 12, 2011 - Site Review/Interviews
          8:00 - 11:00 am        Peer Reviewers wrap up their reviews, ratings, etc.

          11:00 - 11:30 am       Peer Reviewers meet with Mark Peterson

          11:30 am - 12:30 pm    Exit Meeting - Final meeting with Peer Reviewers and LSS Staff who wish to attend or participate
                                 in a conference call to get Peer Reviewers' overall impressions of LSS.

          12:30 - 2:00 pm        Peer Reviewers' final wrap up their reviews, ratings, etc.

          2:00 pm                Peer Reviewers leave for the airport

eeed558c-1c5c-434e-bce6-999faed0eb22.xls                      2 of 6
Peer Reviewer             Standards to be reviewed
Joan DiLeonardi - metro   CSE - Counseling, Support & Education

Joan DiLeonardi - metro   BSM - Behavior Support & Management

Joan DiLeonardi - metro   OS - Outreach Services

Joan DiLeonardi - metro   RC - Respite Care

Lisa Young - metro        ASE - Administrative & Service Environment

Lisa Young - metro        EAP - Employee Assistance Program

Lisa Young - metro        SCL - Supported Community Living Services

Lisa Young - metro        CR - Client Rights

Lisa Young - metro        AG, EAP, FC, FEC, FPS, MH, SCL, YIL - Which
Lorie Thomas - St Cloud   FPS - Family Preservation & Stabilization

Lorie Thomas - St Cloud   FC - Foster Care

Lorie Thomas - St Cloud   WDS - Workforce Development & Support

Lorie Thomas - St Cloud   IRR - Immigrant & Refugee Resettlement

Lorie Thomas - St Cloud   MH - Mental Health

Ray Anderson - Duluth     TS - Training & Supervision

Ray Anderson - Duluth     FEC - Financial Education & Counseling

Ray Anderson - Duluth     AG - Adult Guardianship

Ray Anderson - Duluth     YIL - Youth Independent Living

Ray Anderson - Duluth     SH - Shelter

Stan Capela - metro       ETH - Ethical Practices

Stan Capela - metro       FIN - Finance
Stan Capela - metro   GOV - Governance

Stan Capela - metro   HR - Human Resources

Stan Capela - metro   PQI - Performance & Quality Improvement

Stan Capela - metro   RPM - Risk Prevention & Mgmt
Interview location/staff member
Mary Anderson
Mary Beth Galey
St Paul - Safe House
Susan Phillips
Mankato office                                Day trip (on Tuesday)
Candi Picka
St Paul State Center
Tom Barrett
Sooze Hickman
Mpls CFCL &/or St Paul - Rezek or Lifehaven
Dawn Horgan & Susan Phillips

Phone conference
Susan Aulie
Willmar office                                Day trip (on Tuesday)
722 Wilson - St Cloud
David Nusbaum
722 Wilson - St Cloud
Jonelle Bollig
722 Wilson - St Cloud / Mpls CFCL             leave for Metro area on Monday
who in St Cloud? who in Mpls?                 or early Tuesday
Kim Dettmer
Debra Martin-Schloer
Duluth - Ordean Bldg                          Mr Anderson has recently had
John Moline                                   shoulder surgery, so cannot
Duluth - Ordean Bldg                          drive. He will need
Susan Aulie & Jody Anderson                   transportation if he goes to any
Duluth - Ordean Bldg/St Paul - 590 Park       other offices besides the Ordean
Beth Mathews/Eric Jonsgaard                   Bldg and will need a ride to State
Duluth - Ordean Bldg                          Center on Tuesday or very early
Angie Skogstad                                Wednesday.
Duluth - Ordean Bldg
Dawn Shykes
St Paul State Center
Joyce Norals
St Paul State Center
Ken Borle/Pat Thueson
St Paul State Center
Jodi Harpstead
St Paul State Center
Joyce Norals/Padma Tamma
St Paul State Center
Rod Brown
St Paul State Center
Ken Borle/Will Mayhew/Tom Barrett

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