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					Retail Counter Top Displays
Counters are present in almost every type of store. Clothing, sporting goods, jewelry and specialty
shops are all in need of displays to use on their counter tops. Counter displays are useful for
merchandising your smaller or more expensive products. They are also very useful for selling the last
minute items that your customer might not have come in for, but are willing to buy once they're at the
register. There are a multitude of display types to choose from.
When selecting your store displays, keep in mind the type of messages that you are sending to your
customers. You can use cardboard easel displays in a convenience store, discount store or a fashion
outlet aimed at younger demographics. They can be great in the right setting and are relatively cheap
to have your own graphics printed on them. They're wonderful for short-term promotions and can be
saved for repeat sales or seasons. You may consider something a little more elegant or sturdy for
high-end stores or to display items that you sell year-round.
Glass display cases are very nice and attractive counter top additions. Displaying jewelry, rare
baseball cards, watches or anything that you don't want easily stolen or touched in a glass display
case is a good solution. This type of display case can be purchased with wooden edges, with locks or
can be made completely of glass. Acrylic boxes are also nice, durable and sometimes less
expensive. You can decide which type of glass display cases you would like to use in your store
based on the style you're projecting and clientele that you're targeting.
Spinner racks are useful for displaying a lot of similar types of items. They get your customers to be
hands-on with the product and have a high sales impact. When they are used on top of the counter,
they are eye level with customers coming to the check out. Sunglasses, jewelry and key chains are
commonly displayed on these types of racks. Acrylic and metal are the most common types available.
They are generally sturdy and can last for many years in your store. Shop for high-quality racks if you
want them to last and you want them to spin smoothly. Consider the weight of what you will be
displaying to ensure that tip-overs aren't going to be a problem. Place heavier objects towards the
bottom to make your spinner rack sturdier.
If you're running out of room on your counter top, you can buy pedestal displays and spinner racks
that are free standing on the floor to merchandise your counter area. Don't forget about displaying gift
cards by the register if your store offers them. This small step can really increase your sales and help
market your store to more customers. Brochures, business cards and promotional flyers should be
displayed, not just stacked on the counter creating a cluttered feel. Keep everything nice and neat,
well lit, and visible to your customers. There are a lot of last minute sales to be made and you can be
sure that your investment in high-quality, high-impact sales materials and counter top displays will
pay off.

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Description: When selecting your store displays, keep in mind the type of messages that you are sending to your