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					                                                  Vampire Story

You lay in bed and have your vampire fantasy of a man in a black cape with a red and black velvet vest appears
before your very eyes. He's mysterious as you imaged he would be and he compels you and wants you, as you
look into his are drawn in like a lamb to the slaughter. He raises a cain with a chrome skull on it with
red glowing demonic looking eyes and you are like holy %@&! You sit up on your bed and you are not dreaming
or are you?...what you see standing next to your closet door is either a vampire or someone dressed up in an
elaborate Halloween costume. Could it be your gay uncle Morty? Nah, it's not him.

At first, you think it's the most well-known Dracula in movie history named Bela Lugosi, but no, that's not him.
You sit back in your bed and the vampire lifts up his hand and says, "ask me to come closer...I want to show you
something." Your hands start to sweat and shake...then your heart starts beating faster. Can it be...your wildest
fantasy is coming true? This vampire does not look entirely evil, but favors a vampire from an Anne Rice, now this vampire is changing shapes on you from a black hound from hell to a huge bat creature.
Could this vampire be reading your mind and trying to conform to whatever image "you" desire?

You blink your eyes for just one moment and the vampire is gone...all you see is a blue and white mist. You crawl
to the end of your bed and look to the floor and see nothing but a rotting corpse. You reach down like an idiot to
touch it, because you're morbid like that and as you grab the decayed looking arm something starts to
happen...all of a sudden, you can't breath and you feel a rush of cold air swirling around your neck and what
feels like a cold knife running down your spine. The next think you know, you're falling into a ......

Hey, how do you like that for a cliffhanger? I just love leaving your imagination hanging on for that next dark tasty

Veronica Mordem writes young adult short stories in the horror genre. She adds a touch of romance and
sensuality to her short stories leaving her readers literally breathless and turning blue. Her latest book of short
stories is called, "Strange Tales of Vampires." She has also written a book called, "Bizarre Zombie Stories." Both
books are currently available on Amazon's Kindle.

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