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									CHAPTER I
A. Background

At the time of the full meaning of Pancasila with this competition as if forgotten by most people of
Indonesia. Though its formulation through a very lengthy process by the founders of this country.
Sacrifice will be in vain if we do not execute the mandate of the founders of the Pancasila state is
enshrined in the preamble to the 1945 Alenia-4.
Pancasila is a series of unity and unanimity is not
integral for every precept in the Pancasila contains four other precepts and position of each of these
precepts can not be exchanged or moved its place. This is consistent with the systematic
arrangement of sila-hierarchical, which means that the five precepts Pancasila shows a series of
sequences of terraced, in which each precept has its own place in the circuit arrangement so that
unity can not be moved.

For Indonesia true nature of Pancasila is a view of life as the state and nation. Both the sense that it
is proper we will ultimately understand it. Apart from that sense, Pancasila has several different
designations, such as:

1) Pancasila as the national psyche,

2) Pancasila as the nation's personality.

3) Pancasila as the source of all sources of law, ........... etc..

However, many designations for Pancasila is not a fault or offense it may serve as a wealth of
meaning of Pancasila Indonesia for the nation. Because the most important thing is it does not
obscure the differences in the mention of the true nature of the Pancasila as the state. But the
understanding of Pancasila not be construed by anyone as it will be put in its meaning and ultimately
undermine the basis of the state, as happened in the past.
For that we as a generation, have a mutual obligation to always preserve the value - the value of
Pancasila, so what ever happened in the past will not be damped in the future.


A. Nature of Pancasila as the State

2. In view of the nature of Pancasila Indonesia Live Nation

3. Maintain efforts Pancasila Noble Values


Our group make this paper so that readers can learn about the basis of Pancasila state ideology
Pancasila and the real Indonesia, and the existence of this paper is also expected to be
menjadipengetahuan for us all.



A. Nature of Pancasila as the State

Every country in the world has become the basic foundation in the country holding the state
government. Such as Indonesia, Pancasila state or serve as the basis for arranging the state ideology
of the state. This is in accordance with the sound of the opening of the 1945 Alenia UUat pand to-4,
which reads:

"So Indonesia's national independence drafted a state constitution in Indonesia in the form of a set
of state

Thus the position of Pancasila as the state's constitutional legally enshrined in the preamble of the
1945 Constitution, which is ideal - ideal laws and legal norms which controls the basic law of the
Republic of Indonesia and set forth in section - section 1945 and stipulated in the legislation.

In addition to constitutional juridical, Pancasila also juridical nationality grammatical meaning
Pancasila as the state, in essence is the source of all sources of law. This means that all legislation
must be materially based and rooted in Pancasila. If there is any regulation (including 1945) as
opposed to the values - noble values Pancasila, it has been duly revoked regulations.

Based on these uaraian Pancasila as the state has the imperative nature or force, that is binding and
force every citizen to submit to the Pancasila and for anyone who commits an offense should be
dealt with according to law in force in Indonesia as well as for offenders subject to sanctions -
sanctions law.

Values - noble values embodied in the Pancasila has the objective nature - subjective. Subjective
nature of meaning Pancasila is the result of reflection and thought of Indonesia, while the mean
value of Pancasila is objective in accordance with reality and is universally accepted by the nation - a
civilized nation. Therefore has the objective - universal truth and believed by the whole nation
Indonesia has always maintained the Pancasila as the state.

So based on the above description it can be concluded that the Pancasila as the state has a very
important role in regulating the life of the nation so that the ideals - ideals our founding fathers
Indonesi can be realized.

B. Nature of Pancasila as the Indonesian way of life

Every nation in the world who want to stand firm and clear about the direction in which the
objectives to be achieved are in need of a way of life. With this worldview of a people will look at
issues that it faces so as to solve it properly. Without having a view of life, a nation will feel tossed -
tossed in the face of problems that arise, whether the issue of their own community and world

According Padmo Wahjono: "The view of life is as a principle or principles that underlie all the
answers to basic questions, to what a person's life".

So based on the understanding that, in view of the nation's life embodied the basic conception of an
idealized life - aiming, also contained basic innermost thoughts and ideas about life that is
considered good form.

Pancasila as a way of life is often also called a way of life, a handle on life, a way of life, world view or
life guidance. Although there are many terms of understanding the view of life but basically has the
same meaning. Further Pancasila as the nation's view of life is used as a guide in daily life - the day
the people of Indonesia in terms of both attitude and behavior must always be animated by the
values - noble values Pancasila.

It is very important because by applying the values - noble values Pancasila in daily life - the day the
order of a harmonious life among the people of Indonesia can be realized. To be able to realize all
that the people of Indonesia can not live alone, they should still make contact with other people.
That way each - their view of life can beradaftasi view of life means an individual / individuals can
adapt to a world view because it is essentially the Pancasila recognizes the individual life and group

In addition to the basic state, is also a way of life Pancasila Indonesia. As pendangan life of Indonesia,
Pancasila means the basic conception of life aspired to by the nation of Indonesia in facing various
challenges in life. Contained in the basic conception of ideas and thoughts about life that are
considered good and right for the people of Indonesia that is plural.

Pancasila as the nation's view of life is actually a manifestation of cultural values Indonesia's own
nation is believed to goodness and truth. Pancasila dug from their own national culture that already
exist, grow, and thrive for centuries. By because it is, is typical of the nation's Pancasila Indonesia
since its existence as a nation. Pancasila summarizes the same values contained in the customs,
cultures, and religions that exist in Indonesia. Thus, Pancasila as a way of life reflects the lives and
personalities of Indonesia.

As the nation's outlook on life, Pancasila also serves as a guide and a guide in the life of society,
nation and state. Thus, it becomes a measure / generally accepted criteria, and applies to all parties
simply, ideology is understood as the ideas and values which are believed to be systematically
arranged for by the people and embodied in real life. These values are reflected in the way of life are
placed systematically into all aspects of life that includes aspects of political, economic, social,
cultural and defense in an effort to realize his ideals. So, in other words, the ideology of a nation
shows a view of life that touches all aspects of national life. Every nation that wants to stand strong
and have a clear direction of where the objectives to be achieved in desperate need of a way of life.
With a clear view of life, a nation will have a handle and guidelines for how they solved the problems
of political, economic, social and cultural movement that arose in the more advanced societies.
Based on the philosophy of life as an ideology, a nation will establish themselves and their country.

View of life which made the nation's ideology contains the basic concepts of life aspired to by a
nation and innermost thoughts and ideas about being a nation that is considered a good life.
Worldview of a nation is the embodiment of the values held by people who believed the truth and
cause determination for the people.

C. Efforts to Maintain Value - the value of Pancasila Luhur

Value - the value contained in Pancasila is a reflection of the lives of the people of Indonesia (our
ancestors) and it still has become part and parcel of the life of the nation of Indonesia. For that we
as the future generation should be able to maintain its value - the value. In order to this it is
necessary that efforts be supported by the entire people of Indonesia.

Efforts - such undertakings include: Ideology is practically defined as a person's basic system of
values and goals as well as the principal means to achieve it. If adopted by the State of the ideology
is defined as unity fundamental ideas arranged in a systematic and thorough examination of human
thought and life, both as an individual, social, and in the life of the state. Etymologically, the ideology
derived from the Greek idea and logia. Idea came from idein which means to see. Idea also mean
something that is in the mind as a result of something thought or plan formulation. Logia word
implies knowledge or theory, is a logical word is derived from the logos of the spoken word legein.
The term ideology was first raised by Antoine Destutt de Tracy (1754 - 1836), when the agitation of
the French Revolution to define the science of ideas. So it can be inferred by the language, ideology
is the pronunciation or terumus explication of something in the mind.

In a review terminology, ideology is the Manner or content of thinking characteristic of an individual
or class (way of life / behavior or thoughts that indicate the specific nature of an individual or a
class). Ideology is the ideas characteristic of a school of thinkers a class of society, a plotitical party
or the like (nature / characteristics of the thinking of the idea of a class in society or political party or
any other). Ideology appears to have several properties, which he should be a fundamental and
rational thought. Second, from this fundamental thought he should be able to emit a system to
manage life. Third, in addition to both of these things, he also must have a practical method of how
ideology can be implemented, maintained and disseminated eksistesinya.

Pancasila as we believe is a soul, personality and outlook on life of Indonesia. Besides, it also has
been proven by historical fact bahawa Pancasila is a source of strength for the struggle for Indonesia
to make the ideology used bersatu.Pancasila dikerenakan, Pancasila has fundamental values and
rational philosophy. Pancasila has proven robust and powerful as a basis to regulate statehood. In
addition, the Pancasila is also a form of national consensus for the Indonesian nation state is a
modern country design is agreed upon by the founders of the Republic of Indonesia and the content
of Pancasila preserved from generation to generation. Pancasila was first floated by Sukarno at the
time of the trial Investigation Agency Business Preparation of Indonesian Independence (BPUPKI).

In the speech, Sukarno stressed the importance of a country basis. The term basic state is then
equated with the fundamental, philosophical, deep thinking and soul and a deep desire, and the
struggle of a nation always has its own character that comes from the personality of the nation. As
we all know that Pancasila yudiris formally included in the 1945 opening of the fourth paragraph. In
addition to the formal understanding of the law or formal yudiris the Pancasila also has the form and
also has the contents and meaning (the elements that make up the Pancasila). Exactly 64 years of
age Pancasila, as a citizen of Indonesia should re-explore the content of these noble values.

a. Godhead (Religiosity)

Religious values is the value associated with an individual connection with something that is
considered to have the power of the sacred, holy, great and noble. Understanding the Godhead as a
way of life is to realize that beketuhanan, which is building a community that Indonesia has a soul
and spirit to achieve ridlo God in every good deed he does. From an ethical point of view of religion,
the state based on Belief in God Almighty it is a country that guarantees freedom of each people to
embrace religion and to practice the religion and beliefs of each. From this basis also, that a
necessity for the citizens of Indonesia into a society that believes in God, and the religious

b. Humanity (Morality)

Just and civilized humanity, the creation of a sense of order, as a principle of life, because every
human being has the potential to be a perfect human being, which is a civilized man. Advanced
human civilization would be more receptive to the truth with sincerity, are more likely to follow
procedures and regular patterns of community life, and know the universal law. Consciousness that
is the spirit of building community life and the universe to achieve happiness with persistent effort,
and can be implemented in the form of a harmony attitudes of tolerance and peace.

c. Unity (Nationality) Indonesia

Unity is a composite consisting of several parts, the presence of Indonesia and the nation on this
earth is not to dispute. Indonesia comes to embody the nation's compassion to all ethnic groups
from Sabang to Marauke. The unity of Indonesia, rather than a dogmatic attitude and outlook and
narrow, but it should be an effort to see yourself more objectively from the outside world. Republic
of Indonesia was formed in the process of a long history of struggle and consists of various ethnic
groups, but the difference is not to be disputed but it is the unity of Indonesia.

d. consultative and representative

As social beings, human beings need to coexist with other people, it usually occurs in the interaction
of the agreement, and mutual respect for one another on the basis of common goals and interests.
Democratic principles that became a primary goal to raise the Indonesian nation, exerting their
potential in the modern world, that democracy is able to control myself, stoic self-control, despite
being in the throes of a great arena to create change and renewal. Wisdom is the wisdom of the
social conditions that show the people think in a higher stage as a nation, and free themselves from
the shackles of thought berazaskan certain groups and narrow stream.
e. Social justice

Value is the value of upholding justice norms based on the lack berpihakkan, balance and equity of a
case. Social justice for all people of Indonesia are the ideals and the nation. It all means to realize the
state of organically unified society, where every member has equal opportunity to grow and develop
and learn to live in their original capabilities. All efforts are directed to the potential of the people, to
cultivate and improve the quality of people's disposition, so that the uniformly well-being achieved.
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