Indians in Ecuador by HC120426141359


									                                                                                                                                                FAU Galleries-Guayasamín-Fall 08
                                        Oswaldo Guayasamín Historical Timeline and Map
Year      Artwork Title                   Topic                                                                        Broader Historical Context
1937      Indians in Ecuador              Indigenous peoples                                                           On going indigenous rights struggle
1940      Dragged                         First version                                                                Hardship
1940      Conquistadors                   The Spanish Invasion of the Americas                                         Invasion
1941      The Accident                    A dead miner, killed while working                                           Dangerous working conditions
1941      Mother and Child                Poverty and hunger                                                           Impoverishment
1941      Execution                       Innocents killed                                                             Political Turmoil
1941      Dragged                         Final Version, pulling an animal                                             Hardship
1942      The Dead Children               Manjarres, the artist's friend, is killed at age 10 in a 4-day civil war     1942 Consolidation of National Workers Party
1943      Machine-gunned man              Undignified death of an impoverished man                                     (1937-1945) Guayasamín Early Period
1968-69   La espera III, VI, and VIII     Mothers and Widows of The Spanish Civil War                                  1936-39 Invasion of Spain by Germany/Italy Guayasamín (1964-1990)
                                                                                                                       Age of Wrath Series
1970      Meeting at the Pentagon I-V     Brutal and corrupt politicians                                               Reference to U.S. sponsored military coups in South America during the
1976      Napalm                          One of the horrors of the Vietnam War                                        Napalm was heavily used during the war in Vietnam
1976-77   Los Torturados                  Victor Jarre's murder by the Pinochet government in Chile                    1973 Pinochet toppled the government of Allende
1983      The Cry I-III                   Argentina "Dirty Wars"                                                       Early 1970s - Early 1980s Military junta persecutes own citizens
1996      Rigoberta Menchú                Indigenous Guatemalan civil-rights activist and Nobel Laureate               1992 Rigoberta Menchú represented her people’s struggle for human
2002      The Chapel of Man               Cultural complex dedicated to Guayasamín work; a posthumous                  A celebration of humanity and dedication to the peoples of Latin America
                                          tribute                                                                      and the world

                    Meeting at the                                                                                   La Espera                      Napalm,
                    Pentagon, I-V                 Los                          The Cry I-III,                        III, VI, &                     1976
                    1970                          Torturados,                  1983                                  VIII,
                                                  1976-77                                                            1968-69

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