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					Affiliate programs in 2011 review
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Affiliate Programs
Hostgator is a good web hosting affiliate program to join if
you are a high-traffic website. The company has
consistent payouts to their Host Gator affiliates who
promote the Host Gator product line by placing affiliate
links on their websites. The average commission for web
hosting affiliate programs is $65 or higher, even with just
a single sale per month volume. However, until you deliver
six or more hosting account sales per month to Host
Gator, you will only earn $50 per sale. Now, once you
deliver more than twenty sales per month through affiliate program you will earn $125 on
each of those sales. Thus, affiliate
program review reveals that this program is best suited for
higher traffic websites that are likely to generate a
significant amount of web hosting leads.
The DreamHost blog has a great little bit on how their
affiliate system works and how successful it has been.
This is a great example of the benefits of affiliate
marketing in the hosting world and how it helps you cut
down on cost by just setting a per customer rate and
working with affiliates to promote you. Payments are made
on the first business day of the month, via PayPal, for
balances of $20 or more. Accounts with less than five
referrals older than 97 days are subject to a 97 day hold
period and 5% fee on PayPal payments. You can
view new offer this Hosting.
Eleven2 is a leading provider of shared, reseller, cloud
and dedicated hosting. Our plans are very low price and
with no contract as well. We have some of the highest
conversion rates in the hosting scene right now as people
are realizing they want to be a more personal hosting
company like Eleven2 Web Hosting. Eleven2 has
customers in over 180 countries world-wide and always
ensures full 24×7 technical supporting. Sign up with
Eleven2 Affiliate you can get 75$ for very time sign up

Thesis Theme has a very good affiliate program and a
good percentage that realy help you to sell, we are
actually earning money by reffering your visitors
to Thesis Themes. Why don’t you start earning with us?
It’s another good way to make money by refering
to Thesis Awesome Skins and our service. Check it out
and let’s make some money together. This program has
some character such as: cookies to tract people who
clicked on your link, 2 tier affiliate refer new member,
notify the commission for every sale, the minimum
commission is 50$.
E-junkie is an affiliate advertising network that links people
and companies who have products and services to sell
online with online publishers who have ad space to fill. It’s
an easier program for advertisers of all sizes to join than
some other affiliate advertising networks and it’s very
popular in the blogging community as a blog monetization
opportunity. If you have such thing to sell you could sign
up an account to sell at E-junkie. If you meet a difficulty
when get code affiliate product you could read more
guideline of Probloger
Commission Junction is another affiliate program that
offers thousands of products from different industries for
you to get commissions from.I’ve used Commission
Junction for a year or so now and have really had much
success with it as many blogger over the world. If you are
interest this program you can sign up an account to
research it.
Woo Theme is a affiliate program attractive many blogger
and publisher . When you join this program, you can earn
20% from any initial sale (on our products or
subscriptions) and then if a user renews their subscription,
you will earn a further 20% every month when they do so.
This is character of this affiliate can be listed as: may tool
help you make affiliate (banner, logo); control panel
contains real-time statistics for your affiliate commissions,
which will track all the unique clicks, sales & commissions
you generate; pay commission through Paypal account,
commissions within 14 days from the end of the month. So
affiliate commissions for June will be paid out by July 14 th.
Get Profits Fast is a company that develops and provides
software       for   online    entrepreneurs.      With  third
product Profits       Theme, Premium          List     Magnet,
Premium Squeeze Page Templatesyou can make the best
affiliate to link your website. You only make affiliate only
one of third product you can get the commission when the
customer buys the other. That‘s a simple for you.
Elegent Theme will be supplied with a range of banners
and textual links that you place within your site. When a
user clicks on one of your links, they will be brought to our
website and their activity will be tracked by our affiliate
software. You will earn a commission based on your
commission type. You can earn 50% commission for all
yerly all renewals.
Genesis Aff Theme is a beautiful theme for me. I very like
this child theme and it’s suitable for me with the strategy
affiliate. However, you can buy the framework Genesis
supplied by Studio Press in advance using this Child
Theme. Moreover you can sign up an account affiliate to
get more commission from your blog.
Magic Affiliate was a program that I earn quite much in 6
months ago. This is a tool special helping the marketer
using effectively affiliate program. I like it very much. This
program has some character specially as: the zone
manage affiliate magic which statistic the amount of sale
or referrals, tool banner or logo help you making affiliate
and paid through Paypal account . if you want to use this
Plugin to make affiliate system, you can choose one
license or 3 license or unlimited license. In case you
choose one license you should to reduce 10 $ off, or if you
buy 3 license you should coupon to pay off 15$. Finally
you can use coupon to pay off 25 $ for unlimited license

Inclusion, Jame shall be continuous update many new
affiliate program by some revise this article if it is

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