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Lee to be a ‘strong
                                                                                                                                                          INSIDE THIS ISSUE:
                                                                                                                  “She has very strong ties to the
                                                                                                                  Filipino community and you             EDITORIAL:

voice’ for Pinoys in                                                                                              can feel her sincerity during the
                                                                                                                  dialog. She might be a famous
                                                                                                                  media personality and a natural-
                                                                                                                                                         MARCH: WOMEN’S MONTH


South Korea: Binay
                                                                                                                                                          JASMINE LEE WINS SEAT IN S.KOREA
                                                                                                                  ized Korean, but she is first and
                                                                                                                  foremost a Filipina,” he said.          PARLIAMENT                    3
                                                                                                                  Philippine Ambassador to South
MANILA, Philippines - Vice President Jejomar C. Binay congratulated                                               Korea Luis Cruz also had high
Filipina-Korean TV host and actress Jasmine Lee for winning a seat in                                             praise for Lee.                         MY KOREA EXPERIENCE
                                                                                                                                                          BY: FORMER WELFARE OFFICER
South Korea's National Assembly.                                                                                  "Ms. Lee has once again made
                                                                                                                                                          ROSARIO ILO                   3
Binay said Lee’s win in the parliamentary elections "will help advance                                            Filipinos in Korea proud in her
the interest and welfare of some 50,000 OFWs, as well as all migrants in                                          latest string of achievements as
South Korea."                                                                                                     a naturalized Korean. She has           LITERARY:
“Jasmine Lee brings pride to every Filipino for her passionate advocacy                                           distinguished herself as an ardent      MESSAGE OF MOTHER TO HER SON
of migrant rights. As a member of Parliament, she will surely be a strong                                         advocate of multiculturalism in                                       4
voice not only for the Filipino community but for all migrants in South                                           Korean society...
Korea," the Vice President said, in a statement.                                                                  We hope that she will continue to
Lee was a proportional representation (similar to party-list) candidate                                           promote the rights and welfare of       SARI-SARI:
for the ruling Saenuri Party (New Frontier Party), which is headed by                                             the 1.2 million growing immi-           Filipino Migrant in Cheonan
leading presidential candidate Park Geun-hye. She is the first naturalized                                        grant community in Korea," Cruz
Korean citizen to win a seat in South Korea's parliament.                                                         said, in a statement.                                                 5
Binay met Lee during a dialogue with Filipino community leaders in
                                                                                                                  Lee, an advocate for multicultural families and the Filipino community
Seoul last March and knew she would win in the elections.
                                                                                                                  in South Korea, met her husband Lee Dong-ho when she was still a
"Nakita ko yan noong nagpunta ako sa Nuclear Summit, and noon pa
                                                                                                                  college student at Ateneo de Davao. She moved to Seoul in 1995 and
man ay kino-congratulate ko na siya. My political sense was saying,
                                                                                                                  became a naturalized Korean citizen in 1998.
“Mananalo yan,” but itong nangyayari ngayon is a confirmation na tama
                                                                                                                  Her husband died in 2010 while saving their daughter from drowning
iyong political sense ko. Dahil sa magaling naman si Jasmine, so the
                                                                                                                  in a mountain stream in Okcheon-dong, Gangwon province.
President came to know about her last night, I told him about it," he said.
                                                                                                                  Lee is secretary general of Waterdrop, a charity formed by foreign
During the dialogue, Binay said Lee took note of all the concerns raised
                                                                                                                  spouses of Koreans and the team manager of the city government's
by Filipino community leaders on employment and family.
                                                                                                                  Seoul Global Center. She also co-starred with Korean heartthrob Yoo
"She has very strong ties to the Filipino community and you can feel her
                                                                                                                  Ah-in in the blockbuster hit "Wandeugi" (Punch) last year.
sincerity during the dialog. She might be a famous media personality and
                                                                                                                  Since 2006, she has appeared on the KBS program "Love in Asia" and a
a naturalized Korean, but she is first and foremost a Filipina," he said.
                                                                                                                  Korean language program on educational channel EBS. In December
Philippine Ambassador to South Korea Luis Cruz also had high praise
                                                                                                                  2011, she was named the first recipient of the Korea Image Millstone
for Lee.
                                                                                                                  Award from the Corea Image Communication Institute. She was cited
                                                                                                                  for her volunteer and charity works for foreign immigrants in Korea.

                                                                                                                  Courtesy of at 04/13/2012 2:07 PM


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Jasmine Lee (right) with Hon. Ambassador Luis Cruz (left) during the presentation of certificate of recognition

Volume 2                    Issue 24                    March 2012                                                                 NOT FOR SALE
- is an annual declared month worldwide that highlights the contributions of women in the society. It valued the role and impor-
tance of women not only in terms of power but the whole aspect of humanity. To better understand the meaning of “women” in
terms of humanity we should better know the position, importance and the reason why women exist.

What is the essence of being a woman in the society?

A Woman

A woman identity is not determined by/in specific situation (career, marital status or sexual preferences). It is not represented by
her ownership of properties, or by shuffling between schools in a people’s career. It is not reflected by the size of her salary or her
power to rule. Not by her position in the society or level of her intellectual capability to lead a country. The true essence of a woman
is found in what she brings to the world, what she offers in any given situation.

The value of woman

Woman is different from man. But the word “different” doesn’t mean that man is better than woman. It just means different.
It means that woman has different contribution in the society, that woman has different methods. There are things woman can do
that man will never be capable of doing, there are things that woman can do which never a man can duplicate. Woman is the
lifeblood of creation, life is given through her and sustain through her. Woman has the power to minimize hatred and increase
love. Woman has the important role in the family, society and world. Woman is the main ingredients of happiness inside the house.
She keeps the good fragrance of love inside the house and she keeps the lights of life on upon the children. Woman is the com-
panion, not the satellite of men “primary existences” whose love and respect must be honor to the woman as the partners in life’s

Woman being aware of the reality

As a woman who should realized the reality of the world which is so full of selfishness and negativity should stand in position to
control the devilish action of the universe overtly or covertly in many aspects of life. Woman should aware of the problems faced by
humanity around the world in terms of curses like manipulation and exploitation, physical abuses and discrimination.
Women should stands in the position to raise the voices of unheard manifestations of womanhood.

Note: Women are not just women who assume to bear child and home maker only. Women are not just born to serve the man.
Women was created for man cannot exist alone.

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                                                                                             member input and involvement. SULYAPI-NOY’s
                                                                                             role is to provide information that permits FEWA
                                                                                             members to develop informed opinions on subjects
                                                                                             that will affect their status as migrant workers and,
                                                                                             in some instances, their personal lives. FEWA does
                                                                                             not hold itself responsible for statements made by
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2                                                                                                       March 2012
MANILA, Philippines - Filipina TV host and actress Jasmine Lee has been             She met her husband Lee Dong-ho when she was still a college student at
elected as a lawmaker in South Korea's parliament.                                  Ateneo de Davao, and moved to Seoul in 1995. She became a naturalized
This makes Lee, a native of Davao, the first naturalized Korean citizen to          Korean citizen in 1998.
win a seat in the National Assembly.                                                Her husband died in 2010 while saving their daughter from
Lee was a candidate for proportional representation for the ruling Saenuri          drowning in a mountain stream in Okcheon-dong, Gangwon
Party, which won a majority of 152 seats in the 300-strong assembly, elec-          province.
tion results on Thursday showed. The conservative                                   Lee is secretary general of Waterdrop, a charity formed by foreign spouses
party is headed by Park Geun-hye, daughter of the late Korean president             of Koreans and the team manager of the city government's Seoul Global
Park Chung-hee and one of the leading candidates in the presidential elec-          Center.
tions in December.                                                                  Last year, Lee co-starred with Korean heartthrob Yoo Ah-in in the block-
The 35-year-old Lee was number 15 in the Saenuri Party's list of                    buster hit "Wandeugi" (Punch), where she played the role of a Filipina
candidates for proportional representation. The party had included                  married to a Korean. Since 2006, she has appeared on the KBS program
 a naturalized citizen high on its list of proportional representatives, to         "Love in Asia" and a Korean language program on educational channel
gain the support of the majority of 110,000 foreigners who are now Korean           EBS.
citizens.                                                                           In December 2011, she was the first recipient of the Korea Image Millstone
South Korea's National Assembly is similar to the Philippine                        Award from the Corea Image Communication Institute. She was cited for
Congress, where most of the members are elected in districts across the             her volunteer and charity works for foreign immigrants in Korea.
country. However, some 54 seats are elected through                                 Earlier, Vice President Jejomar Binay said Lee “gives hope not only for
proportional representation, similar to the Philippines' party-list                 Filipinos but for all migrants and immigrants”.
system. Political parties come up with a slate of candidates for                    "We are all very proud that a full-blooded Filipino is being given the op-
proportional representation.                                                        portunity to be a member of the Korean Parliament," Binay told South
The Filipina-Korean’s rise in politics has not been smooth,                         Korean media. "It shows that Korea is prepared to extend the opportunity
as anti-multicultural groups in Korea have raised criticisms against her.           to become a public servant even to those who were not born here."
Lee is an advocate for multicultural families and the Filipino
community in South Korea.                                                           By Cathy Rose A. Garcia,

My Korea Experience                                                                    “Ang feeling ko ay para din akong nasaPilipinas, being surrounded by
by Former Welfare Officer Rosario S. Ilo
                                                                                   volunteers, under our bayanihan custom.
                                                                                   I also would want to mention with gratitude the assistance provided by Fil-
                                     I arrived in Korea in 2009 at a time when     com leaders of other areas like Kasan, Busan, Maseok, Kimpo, Taegu, Baran,
                                    the breeze was cool and the leaves were        Bucheon, Incheon, Paju, Kyeongnam, Suwon, Kimhae, Jeju, including the
                                    turning red, yellow and gold. It was a         Vizmin Groups.
                                    very wonderful and artistic sight, which
                                                                                    I wish likewise to acknowledge the supportive stance of organizations like
                                    is unfamiliar to me, as there is no autumn
                                                                                   Migrante, KasamaKo, among others.
                                    back home.
                                    It was a feeling of mixed emotions; excited,
                                                                                       Whatever accomplishments I achieved, through the help and assistance of
                                    as it was my first time in Korea; anxious
                                                                                   former Welfare Officer Vangie, Filipino interpreter Cyrus and Ms. Joey Dizon
                                    to meet the officials at the Philippine Em-
                                                                                   I have been able to accomplished all the task given to me. Also to Labor attache
                                    bassy and the Filipino workers; and a little
                                                                                   Atty. felicitas Q. Bay who helped me in forefront.
                                    bit of sadness, as it was nearing Christmas
season and I will be away from family and friends. However, whatever anxiety
                                                                                        On the other hand, I am thankful that the employer-worker relations here is
I had vanished and Ifelt much better with the warm welcome I received from
                                                                                   not troublesome, as the Korean government and our government has an existing
the members of the Embassy family, headed by the Ambassador, His Excel-
                                                                                   MOU that led to the Employment Permit System or EPS. In effect, the Korean
lency Luis T. Cruz and Consul General Sylvia M. Marasigan.
                                                                                   government is protective of the migrant workers. What I found emotionally
My adjustment in my new working environment was made eveneasier with the
                                                                                   draining are my encounters with our kababayans who are either in hospitals,
very strong support I received from our head at the Philippine Overseas Labor
                                                                                   morgue, jails, detention or migrant centers. I felt very sympathetic to OFWs
Office (POLO), Atty. Delmer Cruz.
                                                                                   I visited in hospitals, who were in comatose condition or those who suffered
                                                                                   major injuries due to accidents on worksite. It was very frustrating to be there,
My first real exposure with the Filipino Community here was at Hyewadong
                                                                                   yet you can do nothing to change their situation. So as an unsolicited advice,
Church, when I first attended mass there, together with Ambassador Cruz.
                                                                                   I urge all of you to avoid drinking alcohol too much; be watchful of your diet,
That was the first time I met Fr. Alvin Parantar and some officers of FEWA.
                                                                                   and of course do some exercises. Always look after your personal safety while at
This proved to be the culmination of a lot more interactions that enabled me to
                                                                                   work. There is nothing better than going home in one piece and in the pink of
reach out to so many OFWs here in Korea.
Of course, my work here was not a “walk in the park”, so to speak. There were
a lot more problems and cases compared to my previous assignment in Brunei.
                                                                                    In my tour of duty here in Korea, there were ups and downs. In the same way,
However, the very supportive attitude of the different Filcom organizations and
                                                                                   all of you are not exempted from this phenomenon. What is important is that
volunteers had considerably made my work efficient and effective. And for
                                                                                   we were able to overcome them through our cooperation, unity and support for
these, I sincerely want to thank all those who have given to me their trust and
                                                                                   each other in confronting these problems. And for all these, I commend all of
                                                                                   you. Keep this up and I am certain that everything will turn out right, whether
The very helpful and supportive attitudes of EPS workers, the various organiza-
                                                                                   in good times or in bad times.
tions, even the religious groups headed by Filipino missionary priests, nuns,
and pastors have greatly enhanced the qualities of the true Filipino. All of you
                                                                                   Finally, as the saying goes, and I quote: “All things must come to an end”.My
are really “Modern-day Heroes”. I felt that it was an honor and privilege to
                                                                                   tour of duty here, just like the good things that happened in my life, has come
have served you.
                                                                                   to an end. While I am still very willing to serve you more, my work in OWWA
I find it worthwhile mentioning our networking activities at the Filipino
                                                                                   has its own course that I have to follow and adhere. May I assure you, however,
Lounge at Woori Bank in Hyewadong, when I was regularly assisted by FEWA
                                                                                   that even though I am already at OWWA’s head office, I will always be willing to
officers in my information dissemination and even in my counseling of our
                                                                                   extend assistance to your needs as OFWs and as fellow Filipinos.So this is not
                                                                                   goodbye, “Hanggangsamulingpagkikita”, good luck to all of you and God bless.

                       SPRING RAIN                                          SIKAT ANG PINOY KUNG....
                      By: Bhing Diamzon                                     ni Rodney S. Queman

                                                                            Sikat ang Pinoy kung sa kasikatan
                        Drip, drip, drip...                                 Efren Penaflorida, Charice, at Pacman
                                                                            Hatid sa bansa naiibang karangalan
         The spring rain knocks on my window                                Galing ng Pinoy, sa mundo'y di matatawaran
                from the early morning
            to herald the arrival of spring.                                Sikat ang Pinoy kung may pinag-uusapan
                                                                            Isyu sa gobyerno, mga impeachment trial
        As I draw aside the heavy winter curtain                            Senado at Kongreso walang humpay ang bangayan
                 and open my window,                                        Kanilang napabayaan kapakanan ng taong bayan
               the spring rain wets the earth                               Sikat ang Pinoy kung ipinagmamalaki mo
                         that dried                                         Nangingibang-bansa mga bayaning OFW
                  and calls forth new life.                                 Pagpapa-alila sa dayuhan, lahat isakripisyo
                                                                            Pamilya iahon sa hirap, upang buhay magbago
             On a tree with bare branches
        and on a dandelion that dreams of flying                            Sikat ang Pinoy kung may pagkakaisa
                          up                                                Respeto sa bawat-isa, sa dalamhati'y sama-sama
                 from under the fence,                                      Simpleng utos sundin, mga batas at panukala
                                                                            Pilipinas aasenso kung sarili may disiplina
              the spring rain sprinkles hope.
                                                                            Sikat ang Pinoy kung sa pananampalataya
             And the spring rain from heaven                                Poong Maykapal, sandalan sa tuwi-tuwina
              also sprinkles the hope of life                               Matuwid na landas ay tatahakin, mga mali ay itama
                       on my soul.                                          Buhay bigyang halaga,ipairal ang pagpapakumbaba

Message of Mother to her Son
By: Bhing Diamzon

I have more than 50 text messages saved in my phone. I get more, some of them will be save some of them will be deleted. However, there
is one message which has been save in my mind, not on my phone. It is a short message which my mother sent me a few weeks ago “Son I
love you very much”.
I was surprised when I got the message. Since my mother didn’t usually say that, I felt awkward to hear the word “I love you” said between
mother and son, but I was very touched by the message from my mother.
My mother finds it hard to spell correctly, and when she reads a book she falters over difficult words. All her life she has been engaged
in farming, so she is very oblivious of the world which is changing so quickly. So, when she bought a cell phone a few weeks ago, it was a
surprise to me, she wrote this short message, pushing the buttons on her cell phone which she didn’t even get accustomed to it. It must have
taken her a long time just to write the word “I love you”
I replied to her. I feel ashamed of myself because it was my first time to say
“I love you” to my mother in 30 years. My mother has always loves me even
though she didn’t say she loved me. However, I took her love for granted.
Before I knew the truth, I was arrogant and selfish. Although I said “I love
her” my love was not really expressed in a way it should and when I have
hard time I never thought of calling her and ask for her warm embrace. I
tried to be comforted by other people in the world, rather than my mother.
I was very foolish in that way, but my mother held out her hand to me.
“Son, I love you”
I realized that my mother’s love contains her sacrifice and tears that she had
shed for a long time. She took all the pain instead of me. She never com-
plains, she never gets tired of taking care of me. Her love is pure. That’s why
she is the “Mother of Love”
From now on I will do my best to make her happy and love her more than
she loves me.

4                                                                                                  March 2012
Filipino Migrant in Cheonan Chungcheungnamdo
By: Mario Jessie Bernales
FEWA Vice President

The IMCC International Migrant Community in Chungcheungnamdo was established in 2006 with the initiative of
Fr. Joseph Kang Chaplain for Migrant worker in Cheonan Moyse.
The community is not a civic or a political group. It focuses mainly to the needs of migrant worker in South Korea,
adapting the culture and tradition of foreign land, cooperation among its members and most of all strengthening our faith.

Started with the small numbers of members and eventually grew up after seven years, attendance of Filipinos and other
nationalities every Sunday mark up the total numbers of IMCC.
Sports activities, summer outings and other special celebration like Christmas party, Easter Sunday, Chuseok and Seolnal
were organized with the help of Cheonan Moyse. These activities are given to the migrant workers aiming to relieve
stress and homesickness of all the migrants in South Korea. IMCC officers voluntarily shared their talent and time in the
service to our LORD and the fellowmen.
In February 2007, Father Marcelino Maeng replaced the position of Father Joseph Kang who transferred to Daejon Moyse
for a new mission.
Through the years, the mission of the community has been focused on the propagation of faith by increasing the numbers
of people attending the mass every Sunday, strengthening and renewing our spiritual life. Leaders namely Joel Panlilio,
Mario Jessie Bernales, Mario Galang and Jeng Galang had given their full support, dedication and are good mentors of the

We are encouraging everyone to be part of our ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY "IMCC"

1. To enrich and strength our faith.
2. Solidarity and camaraderie.
3. Strong sense of personal responsibility for Migrants.
4. Capability to contribute in all Community endeavors.
5. Sense of service to all who are in need.

President Mr. Jeng Galang
Vice Pres: Mheldie Dahan
Sec: Leni Libalib
Treasurer: Joahanna Morales
Liturgy coordinator: Myla Sanchez and Mirani Ofracio
Choir coordinator: Erick Gapac Maureen Torres and Jay Silang
Altar Server Coordinator: Jerry Aposaga
Media Coordinator: Freddie Mejares, Melchor Basquinas and Randy Carlos: Maricel Seung Mi

5                                                                               March 2012
6   March 2012
7   March 2012
8   March 2012

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