Nashville Realtor Tosses Out Listing Commissions When Selling Homes

					If you haven’t had luck selling your home, and have lost money in the process, there is good
news for you today. Nashville Realtor Monte Mohr will help you sell your home for FREE! Here
are some questions and answers to help explain…

Martha has a Home For Sale in Brentwood asked…

“We want to sell our big home in Brentwood and size down since all the kids have moved out
and we are not ‘Empty Nesters.’ Can we use your ‘We Sell Homes 4 Free’ program if we are
buying a much smaller, less expensive home than we are selling?”

I hear that question many times because the assumption is that someone will need to buy a home
of equal or greater value in order for me to go to work for free – but that is not true! I have no
stipulations; all I ask is that the home is located in Middle Tennessee, and the other part of that,
of course, is that they are going to buy another home from me shortly after the closing of their
home. I don’t care if you want to sell a million dollar home and buy a $50,000 home. I’m here to
help people save money by reducing their cost to sell, so they can reduce their asking price, so
they are more likely to sell their home in this competitive market.

There really in no catch to it because not only do I work for free to sell their home, but they don’t
pay me on the other end either, since the seller of the home they are buying pays my fee. So you
will get everything – my 25 years of experience and 7 day work weeks – for free.

Jim in Nashville asked…

“We’ve been thinking trying to sell our home as a ‘For Sale by Owner’ without the help of a
realtor as we do not have the equity to pay 6% commission and still have enough money left
over to buy our next home. Some friends said they saw you on Channel 4 offering to sell
homes for free if buying; please explain!”

I appreciate that your friends shared this program with you because quite honestly, as somebody
who is going to be buying another home, there is no reason why you should choose to go “For
Sale by Owner.” Why take on all that responsibility and have to show the home at odd hours and
all those sorts of things? I'm a Nashville Realtor will do it all for you, for free. Again, there are
no stipulations as long as you buy another home here in Middle Tennessee. I will do all the
marketing, all the website promotion, all the negotiations, all the flyers, and I’ll show up at the
closing. I will do everything to handle the sale of your home, and it’s all for FREE.

It doesn’t make any sense for someone to go through all the hassle of trying “For Sale by
Owner.” I understand why they are trying to save the money. If somebody bought their home
since 2006, there probably isn’t any equity, which is why people are trying to do that. But if
you’re going to buy another home, there is no point in going through all the hassle by yourself.
Let’s take a look at some real examples of Happy Customers who have been helped by a
Nashville Realtor using this program…

The Robertson’s in Hermitage saved over $5,000; they had their home on the market for about
6 months with another company, but by hiring me they were able to lower their asking price and
when they lowered the price, they had two full price offers within two weeks. Now they are in
their brand new home; what a wonderful they are! It was such a blessing to help them.

Myra in Antioch saved $4,000. We just closed on Myra’s house last week. She found out about
my program of selling homes for free and she said, “Why would I hire anybody else if he’ll do
everything for free?” We got her home sold in a couple of weeks and she just moved into her
new home a few days ago and she’s one excited lady to be in a beautiful home.

Take a look at this happy couple in Parkside Aspen Grove in Cool Springs.

Frank and Mary Jane in Spring Hill saved $8,800. Frank and Mary Jane are a great example
of the first real estate question that was asked today. They sized down because Frank wanted to
retire and they sold their big, expensive home from their Spring Hill Subdivision using my
services for free. I then helped them buy a much smaller home in Murfreesboro so they could get
closer to their grandkids when Frank retires.

Chad and Renee from Franklin saved $14,000. Chad and Renee had moved to the area and
were not familiar with the neighborhood, then they found out there weren’t a lot of kids in their
neighborhood. They were able to save $14,000 and we sold their home in just a matter of a few

I encourage everyone to check out my website Nashville Real Estate Adviser; it’s really
working. I’ve sold over 35 homes this year already and it’s helped a lot of people, save a lot of

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Description: If you haven’t had luck selling your home, and have lost money in the process, there is good news for you today. Nashville Realtor Monte Mohr will help you sell your home for FREE! Here are some questions and answers to help explain.