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									                          Healthcare Facility Managers Association
                                     of Delaware Valley, Inc.
                                                             ORGANIZED 1949

                                       CHAPTER NEWSLETTER and MINUTES

President                                                                            useful work output and is a good
JOSEPH COLLINS SR.                                                                   indicator of the effect of the load
Retired                                          CALL TO ORDER                       current on the efficiency of the
(856) 456-8478                                                                       supply system. Quite simply,
                                           President Joe Collins Sr. called the
                                           meeting to order on April 4, 2006 at      substandard power factor causes the
                                           6:00PM. We saluted the flag; self-        utility to have to supply more current
Chestnut Hill Rehab Hospital               introductions and introductions of        for a given load causing more line
(215) 233-6290                             the officers were dispensed with.         losses and more expense for the
                                           The minutes of March 7, 2006 were         utility. Whenever the measured
Treasurer                                  accepted.                                 power factor is less than the
RON RICHARDSON                                                                       standard, PECO increases the billed
JEVS, Inc.                                                                           demand by the ratio of the required
(215) 728-4424                              TREASURERS REPORT                        power factor to the actual power
                                           Our Treasurer, Ron Richardson,            factor. If your measured demand is
Secretary                                  stated the Association lost $2,000        between 186 kW and 2500 kW the
TIMOTHY MARCOTTE                           over the first quarter of the fiscal      required power factor is 90%.
Fox Chase Cancer Center
                                           year. The loss was due to increased       Demands over 2500 kW require a
                                           dinner expenses.                          95% power factor. For example, a
Sgt. at Arms                                                                         registered demand of 1000 kW with
JEFF HENNE                                             ENERGY                        an 87% power factor results in a
Fox Chase Cancer Center                    Mark King reported:                       billed demand of 1035 kW
(215)728-2461                                                                        increasing the bill by approximately
                                                                                     $840. If the demand happens to be a
       VOLUME 57                           PECO Energy Billing                       summer peak demand, it may also
                                           Adjustments:                              affect the winter demands from
        ISSUE # 4                                                                    October to May by increasing the
                                                                                     billing ratchet which is 80% of the
                                               When you look at your electric        peak summer demand and acts as a
       April 25, 2006                          bill from PECO Energy, do you         minimum demand during the winter.
                                               know what you are looking at?
                                               Did you know that there are           Power factor is just one example of
           Tim Marcotte                        adjustments applied to many           the billing adjustments possible on
                                               bills that actually increase the      PECO billing. Other adjustments
       Publishing and Mailing                  cost of electricity?
            Joe Rawson                                                               such as exceeding the off peak
                                                                                     demand can have an even more
                                           The PECO Energy Tariff allows for         pronounced affect on billing. For
      “SERVING THROUGH                     adjustments to billing for                these reasons, it is very important
 ENGINEERING” Affiliated with the          substandard power factor, exceeding       that the electric billing be carefully
  American Society for Healthcare          the off peak demand and incorrect         reviewed, any problems identified
 Engineering, we were organized in         contract limits. In most instances,       and immediate corrective action
 1949. Meetings are 6:00 PM every          there is no indication on the bill that   taken.
first Tuesday at Best Western Hotel,       you are being penalized. For
     11580 Roosevelt Boulevard,            instance, lets take substandard power     PECO Billing Changes:
          Philadelphia, PA                 factor. Power factor is the
                                           measure of how effectively the            Don’t forget, PECO will start the
                                           current is being converted to             new billing system for Primary
  www.hfmadv.org                                                                     accounts effective July 15th and for
  2 Healthcare Facility Manager's Association of Delaware Valley, Inc.
secondary accounts in October. Now       send him the information at his           JCAHO will not survey for
is the time to make sure all of your     email, jimgoofy@comcast.net no            compliance with details of USP 797
billing information is correct to        later than May 31.                        (Compounding Sterile Preparation).
avoid any problems when the new                                                    Organizations can decide its
billing starts.                                          EAB                       compliance with USP 797 through a
                                                                                   risk management and legal approach
                                         Joe Collins, Sr. reported the March
PECO has announced that they are                                                   taking into account state laws and
                                         & April EAB reports will be placed
experiencing delays in their billing                                               regulations. If permitted by state
                                         on the web site and available for
system and that some bills are not                                                 law, alternatives to USP 797 may be
going out until just a couple of days                                              considered and implemented.
before the due date. Should this
problem affect you, inform your                        CODES                       The ASHE Healthcare Construction
Accounts Payable Department to                                                     Certificate has a new process for
keep the envelope that the bill came     Tim Marcotte reported:                    renewing your certification.
in to document the short time. The       A recent ASHE Alert asks for data         Detailed information can be found at
envelope is coded to allow PECO to       input concerning NFPA 25                  www.ashe.org/ashe/education/hcc/hc
track the problem and may help get       (Standards for Water-based Fire           crenewal.html. Also, the program
any related late charges cancelled.      Protection Systems). The revised          has been enhanced and is now
Additional information is available      standard is at the public comment         requiring anyone attending the
by contacting your Account               stage and concerns the reduction of       program to complete a self-paced e-
Representative at PECO Energy.           weekly fire pump testing to a             learning course prior to the actual
                                         monthly periodicity. Email                program presentation. More details
Energy Advocates Group offers            information to ASHE at                    can be found at www.ashe.org
assistance with utility billing issues   tadams@aha.org or contact our
and energy cost savings                  HFMADV Advocacy chairman,
                                         Robert Roop to submit information.
opportunities. Contact EAG at (610)
                                                                                   Robert Roop reported:
                                         JCAHO issued, effective March 7,
                                         2006, a clarification on their Alcohol    There is an AHA survey, which has
            EDUCATION                    Based Hand Rub(ABHR) dispensers           been sent to the membership, asking
Simone Woodwell gave a detailed          in egress corridors. The article          for information concerning software
education seminar titled                 specifically distinguishes between        usage that will maintain & track
“Tuberculosis”. She identified           gel & foam products. JCAHO                JCAHO Statements of Conditions
specific areas of concern: the written   allows gel dispensers in corridors        (SOC). The survey is posted in the
TB prevention plan; TB isolation;        provided: the corridor is 6 ft wide or    Advocacy section of the HFMADV
and 2006 Guidelines including            greater and dispensers are at least 4     web site. It contains directions to
Environmental Risk Assessment,           ft apart; dispensers are not installed    respond to Dale Woodlin and also
Environment Controls, and minimum        over or directly adjacent to an           please let Robert know so that he can
requirements. She also provided a        ignition source; and dispensers           prepare a chapter report.
risk assessment guideline for those      installed directly over carpeted
interested in the procedure.             surfaces are only permitted in            Robert is preparing a draft letter
                                         sprinklered smoke compartments.           addressed to the NJ DOH
  ASSOCIATE & SOCIAL                     (See                                      concerning state fire alarm testing
                                         www.ashe.org/ashe/codes/handrub/p         versus NFPA testing requirements.
No report
                                         dfs/alert_abhr-jcaho-persp.pdf for        The NJ state requirements are more
                                         more information).                        stringent but perhaps the two
        NEWSLETTER                                                                 frequencies can be aligned.
Jim Shoemaker reported the April
                                         JCAHO had an imposter try to gain
Newsletter is at the printer and                                                   NFPA 25 (Standards for Water-
                                         access to a CA hospital. They
should be sent by April 15. It                                                     based Fire Protection Systems)
                                         recommend that facilities examine
contains articles about Fluidics, Ron                                              currently requires weekly fire pump
                                         the ID badges presented by the
Richardson, and a maintenance                                                      testing. Just like the fire damper
                                         inspectors at their arrival. If you are
article by Robert Roop. Jim asks any                                               testing issue, if enough data is
                                         still suspicious, please call JCAHO
member who can contribute an                                                       collected to support changing the
                                         and they will verify the inspectors
article on healthcare or related                                                   periodicity of the fire pump testing
                                         sent to the site.
services (including jokes or recipes)                                              to monthly, then NFPA may change
for the next quarterly newsletter,                                                 the standard. This issue is at the
    3 Healthcare Facility Manager's Association of Delaware Valley, Inc.
public stage comment; please send         EDUCATION SEMINAR                      being sent to members for
your data to AHA.                                                                informational purposes.
                                        Joe Rawson announced Gary Slack
                                        will again provide a JCAHO topic
        MEMBERSHIP                                                               Joe Collins Sr. announced due to
                                        for the fall education seminar. Fox
                                                                                 the recent financial losses in the
Roy Mitchell Jr. introduced three       Chase Cancer Center will host the
                                                                                 operating budget, the cost of
new pending social members:             event in September but the exact
                                                                                 dinner will be increased to $25
                                        date is under review.
                                                                                 effective May 2, 2006.
    Alan Tenenbaum
     Vice President of Sales                    GOLF OUTING                           ANNOUNCEMENT
     Diversified Fixture                The HFMADV 2006 Golf Outing
    Nancy Server                       will be held June 1 at Ramblewood
     Sales & Marketing                                                           Members who are two years or more
                                        Country Club in Mt. Laurel, NJ. A
     Valley Forge Security Center                                                in arrears will be dropped from the
                                        great turnout for this event is always
                                                                                          membership rolls.
    Dennis Mulderig                    expected. Jeff Henne displayed &
     Senior Vice President (Sales)      reviewed the web site information on
     Major Medical Hospital Svcs        the home page under Upcoming                   ADJOURNMENT
                                        Events; further information will be      Joe Collins adjourned the meeting at
                                        mailed to the membership. Jeff also      7:55PM.
     GOOD & WELFARE                     asked for any vendors who wish to
No report.                              sponsor a hole to contact Bill
                                                                                  EMPLOYMENT CORNER
                                        Peirce or himself.
                                                                                 DETAILS ON ALL POSITIONS
CHAPTER RECOGNITION                                                              ARE POSTED ON THE HFMADV
Joe Collins has sent the chapter                                                 WEB SITE UNDER “Employment
                                        Roy Mitchell announced next
packet to ASHE. He believes                                                      Opportunities”
                                        month’s dinner will be buffet style.
HFMADV will again receive a gold
award and Joe Rawson will check on
status. The highest level of chapter           OLD BUSINESS
                                        HFMADV prepared & sent a letter
                                                                                 Alfred I duPont Hospital
recognition is now platinum and
                                        to the Philadelphia Fire Marshals        for Children at
HFMADV will strive to attain in the
future.                                 asking for relief on the shelter-in-     Wilmington, DE
                                        place plan. As of this date, there has   Associate Administrator
                                        been no response to this letter.
             WEB SITE                                                            Reporting to the COO, the
Tim Marcotte reported further                                                    Associate Administrator will
enhancements and information have              NEW BUSINESS                      oversee hospital operations.
been added to the web site. He has      A letter of Appreciation from the        Responsibilities include quality,
even received employment requests       MS Society thanking HFMADV for           operations, financial performance
from Holy Redeemer Health               its recent charitable contribution was   and program development of
Systems and other recruiters to post    read to the membership.                  various support departments of
positions they are looking to fill.                                              the hospital: specifically, facility
                                        A Strategic Planning Committee has       management, maintenance &
Tim Marcotte noted that as of           been formed to guide the                 engineering, biomedical
April, the minutes were                 organization over the next three         engineering, campus grounds,
distributed via electronic format,      years. Tim Marcotte explained the        space planning, facility project
ie email; those members who do          four goals as 1) Enhance the             management, real estate
not have email or valid email           Association’s professional reputation    management, environmental
                                        in the region, 2) Broaden the            services, laundry & linen servies,
addresses will still receive a mailed
                                        representation & participation of        environmental safety, security,
paper version.
                                        healthcare professionals in the          communications, parking, and
                                        Association and its governance; 3)       day care center.
             AD BOOK                                                             The candidate must be a strong
                                        Strengthen the Association’s
Rosalie Kerrigan announced that Ad      educational program; and 4) Expand       leader & skilled administrator with
Book updates are finished. The new      & diversify Association’s                at least 7 years of results-
Ad Book is being printed and to be                                               oriented management experience
                                        membership both regular and social.
mailed by April 15, 2006.                                                        in guiding the facilities/support
                                        This effort will entail short surveys
                                                                                 service operations of a hospital
                                                                                 or health system; multiple
  4 Healthcare Facility Manager's Association of Delaware Valley, Inc.
department experience is
mandatory. A proven track record
of at least 2 years of senior                  Coming
responsibility in a complex,
teaching healthcare environment,
including high level oversight of
major construction/renovation            2006
projects and a master's degree is
required. Prior experience in a
pediatric teaching hospital is
preferred.                               May:
Please email resume to                    2- Regular Meeting      Social
cfreedman@tylerandco.com.                  Hour Host: TBN Education:
Cheryl Freedman, associate,
Tyler & Company, (770) 396-                Bio Terrorism (Sgt. Richard
3939.                                      Turzanski) also Art Staerk
                                           will present a brief on
                                           archiving & preserving
NOTE: In order to streamline the
newsletter, only excerpts of the           drawings.
Executive Meeting minutes will be         18- HFMADV Spring Seminar
published. For this month, the             at Best Western beginning
important points were:                     8:30am. Dan Chisolm will
Dan Chisolm will present the 2006
                                           present Gas Fired Gen Sets &
Spring Seminar on May 18 at the            Fuel Cell Technology. (A
Best Western. It will be a half day        short presentation by
seminar with a breakfast. A flyer          TriState HVAC will follow).
will be mailed to the membership
and it will be posted on the web site.
                                          1- HFMADV Golf Outing
Respectfully submitted,                     at Ramblewood Country
                                            Club, Mt Laurel, NJ
Tim Marcotte,                             6- Regular Meeting   Social
Newsletter Editor                           Hour Host: TBN Education:
                                            Wayne Kessler

                                          9-12 ASHE 43rd Annual
                                            Conference at Boston, MA

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