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									Ministry of National Assembly Senate Relations and Inspection          TOR of National Financial Specialist
DFGG- IDA Grant No. H441-KH

                                    TERMS OF REFERENCE FOR
                                        CONSULTING SERVICES

Position Title:        Individual National Financial Consultant

Location:              Ministry of National Assembly-Senate Relations and Inspection-
                       Demand for Good Governance Project (MONASRI-DFGG)
DURATION:              18 Months


Good governance is a critical challenge facing Cambodia in its efforts to sustain economic growth,
reduce poverty and attain the Cambodia Millennium Development Goals. As part of its efforts to
tackle this challenge, the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) has launched Demand for Good
Governance (DFGG) Project.

The DFGG project is a $20 million equivalent, IDA financed grant being given to the RGC for a four
year period with the aim of enhancing the demand for good governance in priority reform areas by
strengthening institutions, supporting partnerships, and sharing lessons. The state and non-state
institutions and partnerships supported will be those that promote, mediate, respond to, or monitor

The four priority reform areas, where DFGG approaches will be supported are those identified in the
Governance Pillar of the Bank-RGC Country Assistance Strategy (CAS), namely:
       (a) private sector development,
       (b) natural resource management,
       (c) public financial management, and
       (d) decentralization and citizens’ partnerships for better governance

The Ministry of National Assembly-Senate Relations & Inspection (MONASRI) has received support
under the DFGG component for Support to State Institutions. The MONASRI project has two main

          Objective 1: MONASRI to promote and mediate DFGG through MONASRI’s own
                       executed programs and through its own partnership with other SI and CSOs
                       aimed at increasing citizen’s awareness of their rights and obligations under the
                       Land Law and helping citizens raise their concerns through an enhanced C.
          Objective 2: To strengthen the capacity of MONASRI at the national and provincial levels
                       to coordinate and manage Law Dissemination and Complaints Handling
                       activities using a combination of its own staff and partnerships.

In this context, MONASRI is seeking a national financial specialist who will provide financial advice
and support financial management during the project implementation.


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Ministry of National Assembly Senate Relations and Inspection           TOR of National Financial Specialist
DFGG- IDA Grant No. H441-KH

The objective of this consulting assignment is to maintain systems for financial management and
disbursement for the DFGG Project, in order to ensure (a) that funds for the Project are used efficiently
and for their intended purposes and, (b) that all financial requirements and obligations of the RGC and
World Bank are complied with (in particular, the Government regulations, rules and guidelines, the
Project Appraisal Document, and the World Bank Financial Management and Disbursement
Guidelines). The Consultant will prepare for and deliver reports on all financial matters arising as part
of the Demand for Good Governance project to Ministry of Economy and Finance and the World Bank


The scope of work will be as follows:
      Analyse and manage the accounting and financial management requirements of the Program
        in accordance with the World Bank and government financial policies
      Develop and provide on the job training to the MONASRI accounting staff on all aspects of
        the Project accounting process, including the Royal Government of Cambodia’s Financial
        Management Manual and the DFGG’s Financial Management and Disbursement Manual
      Maintain the computerised accounting application to the Program’s requirements. This will
        involve, but not be limited to, maintaining the chart of accounts, defining the accounts and
        records to be maintained, establishing appropriate security of system access and monitoring
        back up processes
      Provide support to Project Management in preparing financial plans, project budgets and cash
      Implement and maintain operating internal controls within the Project’s financial operations
      Establish appropriate documentation retention and storage relating to financial transactions
      Monitoring project funds and ensuring timely funds flows and project liquidity at all times
      Ensure that all transactions are properly authorised, supported by proper documentation and
        done in accordance with the agreed procedures and recorded in the system on a timely basis
      Monitor audit results, management response and resolution of issues arising from audits
      Manage the preparation of regular financial management reports for the Program in formats
        acceptable to management and the World Bank and distributed to the authorised users on a
        timely basis
      Train, supervise and assist in the following transactions:
                      i. Recording the Program budgets and reporting progress against budget
                     ii. Recording receipt of funds from donors and the government
                    iii. Recording and reconciling bank accounts
                    iv.  Recording purchase, contract information and producing contract registers
                     v.  Recording and report expenditure payments for general goods and services
                         against contracts and supplier
                     vi. Recording payroll entitlements by employee
                    vii. Recording expenditures by both source of funds and program expense categories
                         to support the preparation of Statements of Expenditures in formats acceptable
                         to the World Bank
                   viii. Recording and reporting for fixed asset

       Assist MONASRI/DFGG in the preparation of the financial information to support the
        project’s review and evaluation and IDA supervision missions;
       Prepare and advise MONASRI/DFGG the required government budget associated with the
        annual work plan;

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Ministry of National Assembly Senate Relations and Inspection                                        TOR of National Financial Specialist
DFGG- IDA Grant No. H441-KH

           To assist preparing the Withdrawal Applications in accordance with the Disbursement Letter
            of IDA for withdrawal of funds from the IDA Grant. In this regard, the Chief of Finance
            Officer shall prepare supporting Statement of Expenditures and other documents for
            submission with the Withdrawal Applications.
           Perform other tasks as directed by the Project Manager and Project Director


For the duration of the assignment the Consultant will work alongside the unit of Finance and
Administration staff and other key MONASRI units. The Consultant will be required to develop and
deliver training on the Project’s financial procedures, and train staff in the operation, administration
and maintenance of the computerised accounting systems. Furthermore, a test of success is not just the
technical delivery of the improvements targeted, but also the personal development of counterparts and
other staff so that they are able to sustain the improvements.

The Consultant will also provide training in financial management to MONASRI/DFGG and
MONASRI's staff at the national and provincial levels. Training and mentoring time is expected to be
not lest than 30% of the working time of the consultant1.


The Consultant will be contracted for a period of 18 months to work at the MONASRI/DFGG office.
The consultant will report directly to Project Director of MONASRI.

The Consultant will be expected to deliver the following outputs:
      Monthly and Quarterly budgets and financial management reports as required by the DFGG
        project, and on demand as required by management to meet its operating requirements.
      An up-to-date, accurate asset management system in accordance with the DFGG Financial
        Management and Disbursement Manual
      Annual reports and Annual work Plan detailing the consultant’s performance and Unit of
        Finance and Administration’s financial management and internal control environment.


MONSARI will provide the Consultant with administrative support including technical and
communications facilities, and assistance in making appointments and travel arrangements, organising
meetings and workshops, distributing documents.
MONSARI will provide official transportation for the field trip and for any other official travel
necessary during the course of assignment.

MONSARI will provide office space in Phnom Penh, and use of office furniture, desk Computer,
printer, photocopier, Fax/phone, email, air conditioning, restrooms and office supply.


              A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in finance and Accounting, or other relevant disciplines

    This point is indicated the goals of the training program of the consultant, skills to be transferred, number of trainees, and results to be

MONASRI/DFGG01/CS-07                                                                                                                Page 3 of 4
Ministry of National Assembly Senate Relations and Inspection          TOR of National Financial Specialist
DFGG- IDA Grant No. H441-KH

         Studying, or intending to commence studies, towards ACCA qualifications or other related
          postgraduate qualifications
         At least seven years professional experience in the field of financial management, accounting
          and disbursement, including three year work in internationally-funded projects or an
          international business. The Consultant must be familiar with Government and World Bank
          procedures, documents and requirements.
         Relevant knowledge of public and project financial management in Cambodia, including
          familiarity of the Financial Management Manual for ODA assisted projects and the World
          Bank’s financial management policies and procedures
         Ability to mentor staff with limited background and facilitate on-the-job training
         Advanced knowledge and experience with accounting and financial management software as
          proficiency working with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, QuickBooks and/ or Peachtree
          and outlook.
         High level written and oral communication skills in both Khmer and English

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