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									                 E ES IONS*
               AR R S
             RF E FAXCUR
        E UIS RE E
      E R
    FR -1 C SHO
  2-F L

                      Luxury Cruise

            Vancouver • Ketchikan • Juneau • Skagway
                Sitka • Hubbard Glacier • Seward

  Special Price Reduction
    $2,000 OFF PER
         IF BOOKED BY
       DECEMBER 31, 2009

                  Sponsored By
                  The University of Washington
                  Alumni Association
                August 25 - September 1, 2010
                      From       3,680
                                        Indulge yourself with an Alaskan Luxury Cruise including FREE AIRFARE!

                                                  FREE AIRFARE
                                              2-FOR-1 CRUISE FARES

                                               Take advantage of the
                                               Special Price Reduction
                                              $2,000 OFF PER SUITE                           WORLD’S TOP-RATED
                                                   IF BOOKED BY                             SMALL-SHIP CRUISE LINE

                                                 DECEMBER 31, 2009

                                                        University of Washington Alumni Association                    PRSRT STD
                                                        UW Tower – Box 359508                                         U.S. POSTAGE
                                                        Seattle, WA 98195                                                PAID
                                                                                                                      PERMIT #32322
                                                                                                                     MINNEAPOLIS, MN

206 Alaskan Adventures UW
                            Hubbard Glacier
                             Cover Image:
Dear UW Alumni and Friends,
Embark on an adventure to America's last frontier, where mountain peaks meet icy blue
waters, and dense, primordial forests surround historic towns. Welcome to Alaska, a land
of rugged, unspoiled beauty and an abundance of amazing wildlife. This northern voyage
sails through the Seymour Narrows and on to Ketchikan, Skagway, the Tracy Arm fjord,
Juneau, Sitka, and the Hubbard Glacier. This is a cruise of breathtaking beauty that you
won't soon forget.
Go exploring in comfortable luxury while cruising aboard the award-winning Seven Seas
Navigator. This cruise will exceed your expectations, onboard or ashore, with unparalleled
service and accommodations, leaving you free to relax and fully enjoy your voyage. The
streamlined size of this ship allows for a feeling of elegant intimacy, and with only 490 guests
and an attentive crew, all your wants and needs will be catered to. Choose from two
stunning restaurants, as well as a casual pool grill, and enjoy the finest in culinary arts at sea.
Each suite is an oasis of comfort, featuring breathtaking ocean views, a vast majority with
lovely balconies, guaranteeing the most memorable stay. Every amenity you could dream of
awaits you, and when you go ashore you’ll be well equipped with knowledge from guest
lecturers, providing more thoughtful insight than any guidebook. Seven Seas Navigator
offers the perfect blend of luxury and exploration.
This 2010 cruise has already elicited unprecedented excitement and interest, so we
encourage you to sign up now for your choice of suite and the incredible offer of FREE
AIRFARE and free unlimited shore excursions*. Also, there is a Special Price Reduction of
$2,000 OFF per suite if booked by December 31, 2009.
Welcome aboard!

Pauline Ranieri
Director, UW Alumni Tours

                  BOOK NOW!
                          For additional information:
             Call: 952-918-8950 Toll Free: 800-842-9023
                          Fax: 952-918-8975

Bald eagle
                                                               TRAVEL INSURANCE

We strongly suggest purchasing travel insurance. Travel insurance information will be sent
to you by the University of Washington Alumni Association with your confirmation letter.

                                              OPERATOR/PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT

    Go Next, Inc. (hereinafter GN), located at 8000 West 78th Street,                 NOTICES: Any complaints or claims against GN must be made in
Suite 345, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55439-2538, in return for full                   writing and received by GN within 90 days after scheduled termination
payment by you of the amount specified, is responsible to arrange for              of the trip. Any action or suit against GN must be commenced within 1
the transportation, accommodations and other services specified as                 (one) year after scheduled termination of the trip or be forever barred.
included in this brochure as and to the extent you have selected them,                The rights and remedies relating to cancellations and major changes
and subject to the following terms and conditions. Unless expressly                prior to departure, made available under this agreement are in addition
specified as included by this brochure, services, taxes and fees are not           to any other rights or remedies available under applicable law.
included.                                                                          However, we offer any refunds under this agreement with the express
    RESPONSIBILITY: GN is responsible to you for arranging all                     understanding that the receipt of that refund by you waives all other
included transportation, accommodations and other services. However,               remedies.
in the absence of negligence on its part, GN is not responsible for                   INSURANCE: Trip insurance is available and may cover you against
personal injury, property damage, or any other loss, claim or damage               unforeseen covered reasons. See above for details.
arising out of or related to goods or services offered or included. GN is             INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS ONLY: International travel involves
not responsible for personal injury, property damage or any other loss,            stringent identification and documentation requirements. Be sure you
claim or damage related to or arising out of, in whole or in part, the acts        are familiar with them sufficiently in advance and early in your
or omissions of any direct air carrier, cruise line, hotel, ground operator,       planning.
or other person not its direct employee or not under its exclusive                    ADVISORY: When you are traveling outside of the United States,
control supplying any services or providing any goods offered or                   please be aware that significantly different health, safety and legal
included. GN is not responsible for personal injury, property damage or            standards may prevail. You should plan and act accordingly and
any other loss, claim or damage arising out of, either in whole or in              exercise good personal judgment for your own health and safety at all
part, acts of God, weather, labor strife, government actions, mechanical           times when abroad. If you have special medical or physical
breakdowns, war-like acts, terroristic activities or other causes                  requirements, you should investigate your destination(s) beforehand
reasonably beyond the respective control of GN. GN is not responsible              and ensure the care and conditions you need will be available.
for incidental or consequential losses or damages.                                    IF YOU CHANGE PLANS OR CANCEL, YOUR RIGHTS TO A REFUND
    Neither GN nor Regent Seven Seas Cruises are responsible for any               ARE LIMITED: The following charges will be assessed for cancellations.
penalty, loss or inconvenience resulting from air or land arrangements                If you cancel or change plans more than 120 days in advance of
made independently by travelers, including non-refundable conditions,              initial flight, a full refund less a $100.00 administrative fee plus any
restricted travel or frequent flyer tickets.                                       applicable pre- and/or post-cruise program cancellation fees, is
    PAYMENT: A deposit in the amount shown on the reservation form                 provided. Any refunds are provided only in accordance with the
and a signed agreement for each person is required to secure                       following schedule. Any requests for cancellation must be
reservations. Final payment is due as shown on the reservation form.               communicated to GN in writing. Applicable refunds, if any, will be made
If the cruise or flight is fully booked, your payment will be returned or,         within 14 days after the cancellation.
with your authorization, your name placed on a waiting list. ALL                      CANCELLATIONS: Upon receipt of written cancellation from you,
CHECKS AND MONEY ORDERS ARE TO BE MADE PAYABLE AS                                  the following fees will apply:
INDICATED ON THE RESERVATION FORM. CONFIRMATION IS SUBJECT                            Cruise Program cancellations received 121 days or more before
TO RECEIPT BY GN OF DEPOSIT AND A SIGNED AGREEMENT.                                initial flight departure, $100.00 per person; 120-91 days before
    PRICES: GN RESERVES THE RIGHT TO INCREASE PRICES IN THE                        departure, $200.00 per person; 90-60 days before departure, 10% of
EVENT OF ANY INCREASED SECURITY OR FUEL RELATED                                    fare per person; 59-30 days before departure, 25% of fare per person;
SURCHARGES, OR FARE INCREASES IMPOSED BY THE AIRLINE OR                            29-15 days before departure, 50% of fare per person; 14-0 days
CRUISE LINE THAT MAY BE IN PLACE AT THE TIME OF TICKETING OR                       before departure, 100% of fare per person.
TRAVEL, FOREIGN OR DOMESTIC TAX INCREASES, OR ADVERSE                                 HEALTH: Any physical or mental condition requiring special medical
CURRENCY EXCHANGE FLUCTUATIONS, AFTER JUNE 01, 2009. GN                            attention or equipment must be disclosed in writing to GN at the time
RESERVES THE RIGHT, IF NECESSARY OR ADVISABLE, TO SUBSTITUTE                       the participant makes a reservation. GN may reject the reservation of
HOTELS BUT IS NOT OBLIGED TO DO SO.                                                any person who, in the opinion of GN is unfit for travel or might be a
    The price is based on tariffs in effect for estimated 2010 prices as           danger to themselves or incompatible with others on the trip.
of June 01, 2009. Prices increase every year, and it is therefore                  Participants requiring special assistance, including without limitation
possible that increases could occur after the printing of this brochure            those who permanently or periodically use a wheelchair, must be
and in advance of your departure.                                                  accompanied by someone who agrees to provide the required
    BAGGAGE: GN CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR LUGGAGE                             assistance. GN reserves the right to terminate the participation of any
LOST OR DAMAGED. YOU SHOULD GIVE IMMEDIATE NOTICE OF ANY                           participant whose conduct or condition materially inconveniences other
LOST OR DAMAGED LUGGAGE TO THE INVOLVED AIR CARRIER,                               participants.
    AIRCRAFT AND CRUISE LINE BOARDING: GN CANNOT BE HELD                           EXCEPTIONS) TO THESE POLICIES. No refunds will be made for any
RESPONSIBLE FOR AIRLINE OR CRUISE LINE DELAYS.                                     portion of the arrangements we have made for you that are not actually
    Aircraft and cruise line boarding privileges are limited to persons            utilized by you. There is no variance from these policies for the services
whose full payment and signed agreement have been received by GN                   we arrange as described in this brochure.
and whose names are on the manifest given to the carrier before
                                                                                   California Seller of Travel Registration No. 2077280-40, Washington
departure. All persons must also present a passport with at least six
                                                                                   Seller of Travel Registration No. 602-900-725, Iowa Seller of Travel
months validity and positive proof of identity when boarding. Improper
                                                                                   Registration No. 477
documentation, inadequate proof of identity, inadequate proof of age
for children under 2, or any other reason may result in denial of
boarding privileges. The air carrier and cruise line reserve the right to
decline, accept or retain any person on the flight or cruise at any time
within their sole discretion. If you are denied boarding privileges, you
forfeit all monies paid and will be assessed any non-recoverable costs.
    REGENT SEVEN SEAS CRUISES’ LAND PACKAGES/SHORE                                          Please Note: Membership in the
EXCURSIONS: Tours are operated in the various ports of call by local                    UW Alumni Association is a requirement
tourist service companies contracted by the cruise line. They are not
under the control of GN. Cancellation penalties may differ from the
                                                                                        for participation – one membership per
cruise program related penalties. Regent Seven Seas Cruises may                          reservation. Membership is open to all
modify the cruise itinerary up to and during the voyage.                                     friends and alumni of the UW.

  The UWAA is making the opportunity to participate in this Go Next arranged trip. The UWAA has no connection or responsibility with regard to the
  transportation or other facilities offered by the travel agency making arrangements for the trip and is not a contracting party with regard to any of the
  arrangements made, or to be made. I understand that I must contract directly with the travel agency arranging the trip and that, contractual responsibilities,
  if any, are directly between the travel agency and me. I am fully cognizant of the risks of travel and arrangement for trips of this nature, and fully disclaim,
  waive, and discharge the UWAA from any and all liability, claims or responsibilities with regard to the proposed trip and arrangements made with respect
  thereto, even if caused by the negligence or purported negligence of the UWAA.
                    Reserve Your Alaskan Adventures Cruise Today
                                                                          UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON
Send To:
                                                                          ALUMNI ASSOCIATION (206)
8000 West 78th Street, Suite 345                                          August 25 - September 1, 2010
Minneapolis, MN 55439-2538
952-918-8950 • 800-842-9023

  Please indicate preferred departure city:
Suite category requested: 1st choice ________ 2nd choice ________
Bed request: ❐ Twin (2 beds) ❐ King
Single and Triple accommodations are subject to availability, at an additional cost.
Request: ❐ Single ❐ Triple

Name ___________________________________________________________________________________________
      (as it appears on your passport, last, first)                     ❐ Mr ❐ Mrs ❐ Ms ❐ Dr
Name ___________________________________________________________________________________________
      (as it appears on your passport, last, first)                     ❐ Mr ❐ Mrs ❐ Ms ❐ Dr
E-mail Address __________________________________________________________________________________
Home Address ___________________________________________________________________________________
State                       ZIP
Home Phone                        /
Office Phone                      /
Roommate ______________________________________________________________________________________
            (if different than above)
Adjacency Request_______________________________________________________________________________

Deposit and Final Payment: A deposit of $850.00 per person is due with your reservation application. Make
your check payable to Go Next. Full payment is required 100 days prior to group departure. Any bookings
received within 100 days of group departure are subject to availability and must be accompanied with full
Please reserve _______ space(s) and enclosed is my/our deposit for $ __________________ .
Deposits may also be made by credit card; however, all FINAL payments are required to be made by
check or cash.

I/We authorize Go Next, Inc. to charge my/our deposit for $                to: ❐ Visa ❐ MasterCard

Card No. _______________________________________________________________________________________

Exp. Date            /

Name as it appears on credit card

SIGN HERE X___________________________________________________________________________________

CHILDREN: I/We have read, received a copy of, understand and accept the terms and conditions stated in
the operator/participant agreement.

SIGN HERE X ___________________________________________________________________________________

SIGN HERE X ___________________________________________________________________________________
Making a deposit or acceptance or use of any vouchers, tickets, goods, or services shall be deemed
consent to and acceptance of the terms and conditions stated in the applicable Operator/Participant
Agreement including limitations on responsibility and liability.

All passengers must have a valid passport with at least 6 months validity remaining at time of travel.
A voyage uniquely your own,
The Ambiance                                         The Flavor
Enriching, indelible and even transformational       Experience the finest cuisine the world has
define The Regent ExperienceSM. Carefully            to offer. Sample international favorites in
crafted for each and every guest, the overall        The Compass Rose, enjoy a classic American
experience will leave you with a feeling of          steakhouse, Prime 7, or relax at the casual
utter contentment that begins the moment             pool grill. From grand restaurants to lively
you arrive and lingers long after you leave.         eateries, the tantalizing array of international
Radiating a sense of warmth and                      food, a flexible dinner hour and open seating
sophistication, Seven Seas Navigator offers          allow you to fully enjoy your dining
countless all-inclusive amenities, including         experience.
free unlimited shore excursions, creating a
seamless cruise experience with more                 The Inspiration
opportunities to explore.                            Each day onboard, your biggest decision to
                                                     make will be what to do – or not to do! Your
The Nuance                                           day can be as relaxing or action-packed as you
When you journey with Regent Seven Seas              desire. Choose from an exciting array of free
Cruises, you will experience uncompromising          shore excursions that provide unique
excellence in the service and attention              opportunities to experience the world in a
provided by their unsurpassed staff to guest         more intimate way. Or spend the day
ratio. You will notice the difference as soon as     renewing body and mind onboard the ship.
you step aboard with the fresh fruit and             Revitalize at the Canyon Ranch SpaClub®,
chilled champagne that greets you in your            strengthen your inner core with a Pilates class,
suite. Your floating sanctuary is casually           jog around the deck or enjoy a few laps in the
elegant and exceptionally spacious, a haven of       pool. Perhaps practice your golf swing as you
comfort with luxurious European bed linens,          look out into spectacular scenery. Choose a
walk-in closets and marble bathrooms. Enjoy          book from the library and escape into another
ever-changing views from your own private            world as you lounge by the pool. Hone your
balcony found in most of the suites and, in          skills in contract bridge, explore your interest
the Penthouse suite categories, a Butler to
address your every need.

         We are dedicated to providing
       our travelers the opportunity of
                                            Exclusive Benefits
                                            •   FREE AIRFARE from select cities
   traveling well at an affordable price.
                                            •   Free unlimited shore excursions*
      We develop programs that appeal
                                            •   Private Welcome Reception
        to all age groups with the right
                                            •   Go Next program manager onboard to assist
       balance between seeing and just          with every need
        being in new and exotic places.     •   Exceptional value
                                            •   Convenient departure cities
                                            •   Exclusive program, not offered to the general public
                                            •   Optional Denali Park Post-Cruise Program
full of new discoveries.
in history, art or antiques with the onboard     Ship Distinctions
lecturers, or take a computer class. You can     • Smaller, more intimate ship, with only
even learn the art of French cooking with          490 guests.
Le Cordon Bleu® workshops.
                                                 • All oceanview suites, 90% with private
Save some energy for your evenings                 balconies.
onboard, as your voyage transforms itself
                                                 • Guest to staff ratio is 1.4 to 1.
from daytime discoveries to twilight
entertainment! Catch a musical revue in the      • Impeccable service.
show lounge, try your luck at the mini-craps     • Open seating restaurants.
table or take a spin on the moon-shaped
                                                 • Elegant casual attire.
dance floor overlooking the ocean. Perhaps
take in an impromptu Karaoke performance         • Enriching activities, workshops, and
at the nightclub or spend a quieter evening        guest lecturers.
visiting with friends in the lounge as the       • Panoramic fitness center and separate
grand piano plays softly in the background.        aerobics room.
The Regent Experience is to find pleasure,       • Outdoor pool and whirlpools.
relaxation and fulfillment in whatever you
choose to do.                                    • Complimentary beverages including fine
                                                   wines and premium spirits, soft drinks,
                                                   bottled water, coffee and tea.

 All Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ suites feature
 a European king-size bed (which can be
 converted to a twin bed configuration),
 walk-in closet, marble-appointed bathroom,
 luxury European slippers, hair dryer,
 interactive flat-screen TV with extensive
 media selection, safe, bottle of Regent
 champagne, and a mini-bar replenished daily
 with soft drinks, beer and bottled water.

                                  Cruise Program Includes
• FREE ROUND-TRIP AIRFARE FROM                                • $200 per person shipboard credit
  SELECT CITIES                                               • Complimentary bottle of Regent champagne
• 7 nights suite accommodations onboard                       • Transfers and luggage handling for air/cruise
  Seven Seas Navigator to historic and scenic                   passengers
  ports of call                                               • Private Go Next reception
• All meals, entertainment and use of the                     • Captain’s Welcome reception
  ship’s facilities
                                                              • Attentive service from an experienced
• Free unlimited shore excursions*                              Go Next program manager
• Complimentary beverages, including fine                     • Comprehensive pre-departure information
  wines and premium spirits
                                                              • Government taxes and fees
• All shipboard gratuities

                             Alaskan Adventures Itinerary
AUG 25 Wednesday Depart the U.S.A., arrive in Vancouver, B.C. and
                 transfer to Seven Seas Navigator.
             DAY                PORT                                                      ARRIVE             DEPART
AUG 25 Wednesday                Vancouver, B.C., Canada                      Embark 3:00 p.m.               5:00 p.m.
AUG 26 Thursday                 Cruise the Seymour Narrows                                  —-----              —-----
AUG 27 Friday                   Ketchikan, Alaska                                        7:00 a.m.          3:00 p.m.
AUG 28 Saturday                 Cruise the Tracy Arm                                        —-----              —-----
                                Juneau, Alaska                                          1:00 p.m.         11:00 p.m.
AUG 29 Sunday                   Skagway, Alaska                                          7:00 a.m.          5:00 p.m.
AUG 30 Monday                   Sitka, Alaska                                            8:30 a.m.          3:00 p.m.
AUG 31 Tuesday                  Cruise the Hubbard Glacier                                  —-----              —-----
SEP 01 Wednesday                Seward (Anchorage), Alaska                Disembark 8:00 a.m.
             After disembarking, transfer to the airport for your return flight home.
* Unlimited shore excursions are capacity controlled and subject to availability. Regent Choice excursions will require a
Regent Seven Seas Cruises may modify the cruise itinerary up to and during the voyage.
All air, cruise and land accommodations, local transportation and optional shore excursions are arranged by
Regent Seven Seas Cruises, who may use other suppliers or providers to render the services.

Cruise Program Pricing                                                              FREE AIRFARE
                                                                        REGULAR SPECIAL REDUCED
                                                                          PRICE    ALUMNI PRICE**
SUITE CATEGORY/DESCRIPTION                                            (PER PERSON) (PER PERSON)
H        Window Suite - Deck 5                                            $9,195                 $3,680
G        Window Suite - Deck 6                                            $9,795                 $3,980
         Features a seating area and plenty of storage space in 301 sq. ft. overall.

F        Deluxe Balcony Suite - Decks 6, 8 & 9                          $10,795                  $4,480
E        Deluxe Balcony Suite - Decks 6 & 7                             $11,395                  $4,780
D        Deluxe Balcony Suite - Decks 6 & 8                             $11,995                  $5,080
         Features a private balcony and spacious separate seating area. Suites are 356 sq. ft.,
         including balcony.

C        Penthouse Suite - Deck 9                                       $12,595                  $5,380
B        Penthouse Suite - Deck 10                                      $13,195                  $5,680
A        Penthouse Suite - Deck 11                                      $13,795                  $5,980
         Features a private balcony, spacious separate seating area, in-suite bar setup, SoundDock®
         for iPod®, and Butler service. Suites are 356 sq. ft., including balcony.

All suite locations and prices are subject to availability. Additional suite categories may be available.
** The Special Reduced Alumni Price shown above reflects the $2,000 per suite Early Booking Price
   Reduction when booked by December 31, 2009. Prices are per person, double occupancy. Advertised
   prices INCLUDE all surcharges, airline fees, government taxes and round-trip airport transfers.
   (Round-trip airport transfers are not included for cruise-only passengers.)
Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ FREE AIRFARE cities are Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte (NC), Chicago, Cleveland,
Dallas/Ft. Worth, Denver, Des Moines, Detroit, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Louisville, Madison,
Memphis, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis/St. Paul, New York City (JFK and LGA), Newark, Orlando,
Philadelphia, Phoenix, Raleigh-Durham, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Spokane, Tampa and
Washington D.C. (Dulles).
Other departure cities may be available for an additional fee of $199.
All airfare is in coach class. Airline-imposed baggage charges may apply.

The agreement in this brochure is the exclusive and entire statement of the agreement between you and Go Next, Inc.
It should be read carefully.

Mendenhall Glacier
                                                                                           Creekside houses

Ports of Call
KETCHIKAN Also known as the First City, Ketchikan has a population of almost 14,000 and is
only 90 miles from Prince Rupert. The town grew around sawmills and salmon canneries and was
once proclaimed the “Salmon Capital of the World,” a title that reappeared in 1996 with a new
welcome arch. Experience the Alaskan wilderness firsthand with a fishing excursion aboard a private
skiff or perhaps explore the surrounding forests rich with wildlife. Visitors flock to Ketchikan for their
first look at the North Country, and are rarely disappointed.
TRACY ARM Tracy Arm is a fjord in the southeast that features tidewater glaciers and 2,000-foot
granite walls that rise straight out of the water. This steep-sided fjord, 50 miles southeast of Juneau,
is highlighted by a pair of tidewater glaciers and a gallery of icebergs that float down the length of it.
Calm water is the norm here due to the protection the sheer, narrow fjord wall provides on the
30-mile arm. Seals and whales are often spotted while cruising here.
JUNEAU In 1880, Joe Juneau and Richard Harris were searching for gold with the help of native
guides, when they found nuggets “as large as beans.” Out of their discoveries came three of the
largest gold mines in the world where more than $150 million in gold was mined. Eventually the
mines closed, but the town Joe Juneau founded became the capital of Alaska. Discover Juneau's
scenic natural beauty, stroll the city's downtown waterfront, or visit the famous Mendenhall Glacier.
SKAGWAY A place of many names and much history, Skagway is the northern terminus of the Alaska
Marine Highway and gateway to the famed Klondike gold fields. Skagway retains the flavor of the gold
rush era, especially on Broadway, with its false-front buildings, and in the Trail of '98 Museum, with its
outstanding collection of memorabilia. Learn the art of gold panning on the shores of the Skagway
River. Or enjoy a breathtaking panorama of mountains, glaciers, gorges, and waterfalls while riding a
vintage parlor car on a historic steam-engine train – an adventure in the true spirit of the gold rush!
SITKA Formerly the Russian capital of North America, the Russian flag was replaced by the Stars and
Stripes in Sitka when the U.S. purchased Alaska. Today, picturesque Sitka is known for its fishing
industry and its many historic visitor attractions. The only city in Southeast Alaska that actually fronts
the Pacific Ocean, Sitka rivals Juneau for the sheer beauty of its surroundings. Experience this beauty
aboard a catamaran cruise through the wildlife-rich waters of Sitka Sound. Or visit the Sitka National
Historical Park, home to totem-lined forest trails and native Alaskan artisan exhibits.
HUBBARD GLACIER Hubbard Glacier is the longest tidewater glacier in Alaska, with an open
calving face over six miles wide. The ice at the foot of Hubbard Glacier is about 400 years old; it
takes that long for ice to traverse the length of the glacier. Where the glacier meets the shore, most of
the ice is below the waterline, and newly calved icebergs can shoot up quite dramatically. Due to
this, ships must keep their distance as they ply their way up and down the coast.
You will have the opportunity to select from a variety of free unlimited shore excursions* that have been
designed to acquaint you with the highlights of each port of call.

            A Denali Park Post-Cruise Program is available. Call for details.

                                                                                 Brown bear with cubs

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