Replacing a FUHR Automatic Roundbolt-Style Multipoint Lock

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             Replacing a FUHR Automatic Roundbolt-Style Multipoint Lock
                                           By Jessica Kinkade

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FUHR no longer ships its products to the United States, and direct replacements for FUHR products are
not readily available. All About Doors & Windows can help you find a replacement for your FUHR
multipoint lock.

This article will guide you in replacing your FUHR automatic multipoint lock with roundbolts. This
article specifically details the replacement of parts #499014599 and #499014799 with new HOPPE

The specs of both locks are listed below. The specs of their HOPPE replacement locks are in

   499014599 → Replaced by: 4990246                     499014799→ Replaced by: 4990247
Backset: 45mm (45mm)                                 Backset: 45mm (45mm)
Overall Length: 77" (72-1/4" – 78-3/4")              Overall Length: 80" (72-1/4" – 85-5/8")
PZ: 92mm (92mm)                                      PZ: 92mm (92mm)
Top Roundbolt Position: 31-3/8" (32-1/8")            Top Roundbolt Position: 32-1/8" (32-1/8")
Bottom Roundbolt Position: 26-1/4" (26-5/16")        Bottom Roundbolt Position: 26-1/4" (26-5/16")
Handle Height: 36" (36")                             Handle Height: 39" (lock bottom to handle: 36")

The replacement process for both of these locks is the same, with a few minor details, which will be
pointed out in the instructions.

*Note: The HOPPE replacement locks are not automatic. They will not automatically lock when
door is closed. Handle must be cocked up and thumbturn engaged to secure door.

              All About Doors & Windows    |   1901 Cherry St. Kansas City, MO 64108-1714                                                     Published 04/24/2012

             All About Doors & Windows   |   1901 Cherry St. Kansas City, MO 64108-1714                                                        Published 04/24/2012

Summary of Replacement Process (Detailed Steps Follow)
   1. Remove existing lock

   2. Trim new lock to fit door panel

   3. Install lock

   4. For lock #499014599:

          ◦ Move top strike up about ¾", or as needed to line up with top roundbolt

          ◦ Modify or replace deadbolt strike

   5. For lock #499014799:

          ◦ Fill gap of exposed mortise at bottom of lock with approximately 3" of extra faceplate
            trimmed off top of lock in step 2

Detailed Steps of Replacement Process
   1. Use a pencil to mark height of handle
      and alignment line on edge of door
      panel before removing lock. New lock
      has to be at same handle height for
      roundbolts to line up with jamb-side

   2. Loosen set screws on base of handles,
      and remove handles.

   3. Remove interior/exterior escutcheon

   4. Unscrew cylinder screw on door edge
      (where latch is located), and remove

   5. Lock runs entire length of vertical
      edge of door. Remove all screws.

   6. Remove the multipoint lock from the

             All About Doors & Windows      |   1901 Cherry St. Kansas City, MO 64108-1714                                                      Published 04/24/2012

       door edge.

   7. Connect the top extension of the new HOPPE lock to the bottom gear.

   8. Place new lock into mortise in door edge, making sure handle alignment line matches up to line
      drawn in step 1. *Note: Depending on the year your FUHR lock was made and the exact
      dimensions of the roundbolt boxes, you may need to chisel the mortises for the roundbolt
      boxes to slightly enlarge them to fit the new HOPPE lock.

   9. Measure from handle alignment line to top of door panel, and mark with permanent marker on
      the lock where it needs to be trimmed to fit in the door.

   10. Remove door, lay lock on table, and double-check measurement from handle alignment line
       before you trim it.

   11. Using a hacksaw, carefully trim top of lock where needed. **This step requires caution and
       knowledge of safety procedures. Have another person help hold the extension or use a
       clamp and pliers to hold extension while trimming. Extension will be hot during and after

   12. Use a file or sandpaper to smooth cut edge of trimmed extension piece.

   13. Place HOPPE lock back into mortise in door, being careful to align lock with handle-alignment
       mark. Screw loosely in place – install a few screws up and down the length of the lock.

   14. Insert a handle and spindle into the handle hole to check lock operation while door is open.
       **Note: new lock has a mishandling device (between deadbolt and spring latch) which
       must be pushed down in order to engage locking points. While door is open, push down
       with fingers.

   15. If door functions properly, unlock lock and install and tighten all screws running up and down

             All About Doors & Windows    |   1901 Cherry St. Kansas City, MO 64108-1714                                                            Published 04/24/2012

       length of faceplate.

   16. With door closed, gently engage locks. Check that strike plates match up with locking points.

          ◦ If your original lock was #499014599:

              ▪ Top roundbolt strike plate will likely need to be moved up about ¾" within the door
                jamb. Unscrew the strike plate, and gently engage the locks so it makes a light mark
                on the door jamb. Mortise out the door jamb where the mark is, and reinstall strike

              ▪ Original deadbolt strike will likely not work for new HOPPE lock due to a different
                deadbolt location. You can use a rotozip or hacksaw to carefully enlarge the deadbolt
                hole to modify the original strike to work; alternatively, you can replace the strike
                with a new HOPPE strike (available on our website as part #8784699).

          ◦ If your original lock was #499014799:

              ▪ Original strike plates should not need to be replaced or removed.

              ▪ Due to the new HOPPE lock being shorter on the bottom than the original FUHR
                lock, there will be about 3" of exposed mortise at the bottom of the door edge.
                Measure this exposed gap and trim to length the excess faceplate trimmed off the top
                of the lock. Screw or glue this extra piece of faceplate into door edge to cover the

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