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If you've been diagnosed with Leaky Gut Syndrome, you may be wondering, "What is a Leaky Gut, and how can I have one?"

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									 What Is a Leaky Gut?

      Dr. Albert Snow
Holistic Gastroenterologist
  If you've been diagnosed with Leaky Gut
Syndrome, you may be wondering, "What is a
    Leaky Gut, and how can I have one?"
There is much debate in the traditional
medical community about the causes for
         Leaky Gut Syndrome.
However, there is one thing can't be denied --
our digestive systems no longer work the way
     that nature intended them to work.
Why? Because our diets and our
lifestyles have merged in a way
      that's not healthy.
    The result? A diagnosis of Leaky Gut
   Syndrome or one of many other bowel
disorders like colitis, Irritable Bowel Disease,
      diverticulitis, or Crohn's Disease.
But what exactly is Leaky Gut Syndrome and
      what's the best way to treat it?
The small intestine, the largest organ in your
 body, is where two-thirds of your immune
                 system lies.
The small intestine is continuously activated
when it samples molecules passing through
            the intestinal lining.
  Leaky Gut Syndrome refers to "holes" that
have developed in the intestinal lining. These
holes make the intestine more permeable than
                it should be.
  Consequently, toxins, waste
materials, and other substances
can "leak" out into the rest of the
This breakdown of the mucosal lining is
caused by taking certain medications, like
   antibiotics, that destroy the lining.
Once the lining is destroyed, that leaves the
tender skin, fat and muscle that comprise the
 intestinal wall exposed to digestive acids.
  These digestive acids cause
inflammation and create "holes"
       in the intestines.
This will then trigger gastrointestinal and other
  problems that present with symptoms like
   abdominal bloating, fatigue, skin rashes,
excessive gas and cramps, joint pain, and food
 Once it has started, the "eating" of your GI
tract does not stop, nor does it go away on its
If left untreated, the acids will eventually
destroy the whole colon, and then you will
  then have Crohn's Disease, where you
   essentially have no remaining colon.
 If you seek traditional medical treatment at
this stage, your physician will more than likely
 recommend surgery to remove your colon.
Fortunately, Leaky Gut Syndrome and related
irritable bowel diseases can all be reversed
    and fixed without drugs or surgery.
   A Naturopath experienced in treating
Inflammatory Bowel Disease will use natural
 medicines to "patch up" those "holes" and
        rebuild the mucosal lining.
 Once you're cured, you will have no ongoing
     maintenance such as drugs, therapy,
nutritional supplements, or dietary or lifestyle
Don't let Leaky Gut Syndrome destroy your
           colon and your life.
 No longer ask, "What is a Leaky Gut?" but
instead ask, "How can I cure Leaky Gut?", and
 you'll discover the answer in naturopathy.
           Discover the Truth About Irritable Bowel Disease!
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