LIVING AND DYING WELL a national action plan for palliative and by pptfiles


									National Advisory Group 22-04-09 (Annex B to PAPER 1)

                     LIVING AND DYING WELL: a national action plan for palliative and end of life care in Scotland
                                      IMPLEMENTATION AND GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE

                                                                SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT
                                                       Directorate of Healthcare Policy and Strategy
                                          Director – Mr Derek Feeley, Policy Lead – Colin Brown & Richard Dimelow

                                                  Living and Dying Well: National Advisory Group
              Co Chairs: Robbie Pearson, Head of Planning, NHS Borders & Jennifer Armstrong, Senior Medical Officer, Scottish Government

                                                                Related work programmes
                                                                     Better Together
      Scottish Patient
                                      Better Cancer Care            Scotland’s Patient        Improvement Support Team      Shifting the Balance of Care
     Safety Programme
                                                                 Experience Programme

     Palliative Care eHealth
                                             NHS Education Scotland:                                                            NHS Boards
        Advisory Group
                                             Education Steering Group                NHS QIS – Standards Group             Executive Lead Group:
     Chair: Elizabeth Ireland
                                               Chair: Maggie Grundy                       To be determined                 Chair: Robbie Pearson,
National Clinical Lead Palliative &
                                              NHS Education Scotland                                                            NHS Borders
         End of Life Care

                                                                                                                                  NHS Boards
                                                                                                                         Delivery Plan Working Groups

                                                                 Short Life Working Groups
                         2. Guideline and       3. Assessment       4. Information for     5. Acute Setting     6. Adolescents      7. Public Health /
  1. Standards
                         Referral Criteria           Tools         Patient and Carers          Co chairs:      and Young Adults     Health Promotion
                              Chair:           Chair: John Welsh    Chair: Maria McGill     Pam Levack &             Chair:         Chair: Kate Lennon
 Elizabeth Ireland
                         David Oxenham        through WOS MCN        through FV MCN           Stan Wright        Pat Carragher        through SPPC

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